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Author has written 5 stories for Neverwinter Nights, Stargate: Atlantis, Dungeons and Dragons, and Baldur's Gate.

Mistress Elysia is a dual-purpose entity; one half is vaguely literate and artistic, the other, a drooling, giggling fangirl with a penchant for big, manly warrior types being big, manly and warrior-ly (what? It's a word...).

When she is not getting caught up in ridiculously long plotlines and beating her muse with various items of cutlery for trying to turn everything she writes into smutty filth / reminding her after she's published a new chapter of the glaring plotholes she oh-so intended to address / for failing to realise that 'S' is quite close to 'D' on the keyboard, thus making it look like she can't sort her tenses out, she likes to draw inappropriate pictures of various characters (usually wearing completely unfeasably skimpy armour. She can't help it. It's habit now.), roleplay and generally procrastinate until she realises that, oh crap, she is supposed to be an English teacher and therefore should get some marking done (yes, you read that right. English teachers can write appallingly fangirlish fanfic too, you know. Just hope she's not that weird teacher from your school...)

She is also responsible for the Fade NPC mod for Baldur's Gate: SoA. One day, when she isn't sick of the sight of dialogue blocks, feisty redheaded fey'ri rogues or ex-gods called Bhaal, she might even finish it...

For 'Where Darkness Resides' artwork, visit her DeviantART page.

Just want to add a note of big old slobbery thanks to those people who have been reading and reviewing, especially for Where Darkness Resides - it's a real incentive to keep writing, knowing that people are reading - THANK YOU!! (big grin). I totally appreciate every single one of your comments (and if anyone ever does have any questions, feel free to PM me / post questions up on the forum at any time).

10/2/08 - Have added a forum here (mainly for Fickle Muse Updates); feel free to join me so I don't look like the sad old woman who mutters in the corner to herself...

25/3/08 - I need your opinions, folks - Should I split the first book of WDR? I'm in two minds about it right now. Thread in my forum ;)

15/4/08 - Disaster Strikes - my laptop died on Saturday night, with chapter 38 of WDR trapped inside. Depending upon how long it will take to fix / get the files recovered will depend on whether I wait or am forced to re-write... must admit, I'm not too motivated to re-write the chapter at the moment, but if it looks like it's going to take ages to fix (I'm hoping something has come loose and it'll take 2 secs!), then I will bite the bullet and re write (obviously). If that is this week or next depends on my motivation (and if I can sublimate my irritation at losing the first draft!)

21/4/08 - Still supremely pee'd off at laptop - chapter 38 of WDR still trapped. To motivate myself, I have started writing up an old idea I had for a D&D based story, called The Prisoner. It's not as epic in scope as WDR, and WDR remains my principle fic, but it is fun to get away from the Underdark for a while (but not deliciously wicked drow, or so it seems...)

11/12/18 - Whoa! It's been a while! But I do have a pretty good excuse... I'm about to become someone's mother (in approximately 5 weeks, to be precise). This hasn't been the easiest of pregnancies (I've basically vomited my way through it. Niiice...), which has seriously curtailed any kind of artistic endeavour (I've not drawn much, either - it's kind of hard to concentrate and be inspired when it feels like you've had a 7 month hangover!), and to top it all off, I'm having my house renovated, so things haven't been hugely easy over the last few months - I have been writing a few notes and scenarios, though, so I've not abandoned things (especially WDR) and the face of impending motherhood for good. Here's hoping little Tummy Monster is a nice, quiet, agreeable baby... (yeah... riiiiiiiiiight... like that's going to happen!).

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