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DISCLAIMER: I might be coming back to Resurrections! Awesome.

For those of you that actually read this...

I'm Mike. I'm a straight guy, and I write fanfiction. I think that makes me a minority here.

I'm a Christian.

I love music and writing. Naturally I write music reviews which can be found at You can find some of my angsty song lyrics (for some reason I find it very difficult to write songs when I'm actually enjoying life...) and videogame reviews there also. If you want to see my lyrics and the site won't let you (apparently only members can view lyrics, but I've heard this is easy to bypass), try for some of the better ones. Yes, I still have a xanga. I just don't use it.

I'm a band geek. I march alto sax in marching band and bass drum in indoor drumline (or, I did last year and will this year, because last year I decided to take AP Chemistry which basically consumed my life--BUT I SURVIVED). I play alto sax in jazz band also.

If the fact that I took AP Chemistry didn't give it away, I am a NERD. But I'll almost always take English and history over math and science. Math and science have one right answer; English and history let you assume you're always right and prove it. Guess which one I like better.

My penname: project=a reference to Project 86, one of my favorite bands. freq= reference to the infinitely fantastic game Amplitude. 91 is a cool number.

School is winding down (HIGH SCHOOL, I WANT TO LEAVE YOU NOW), so there's a chance that I'll actually update this once in a while.

Current Stories:

Omega Dawn: COMPLETE at last!

Final Night: COMPLETE!

Resurrections: Sequel to Omega Dawn. Sora's back, Ruxik's gone--good news, right? Unfortunately the Keybladers forgot something rather important in their quest to destroy Ruxik. Reunions, rebellions and betrayals all fight for center stage as Sora, Kairi and Riku fight for their lives. Sora/Kairi. In progress

Weight of the World (Final Fantasy XII): I'd seen two kingdoms, mine and hers, collapse. I'd been falsely imprisoned for killing her father. I'd sworn to my dying brother to protect Lord Larsa. Why would I possibly leave Archadia for Dalmasca, a land full of such terrible memories? For her, of course. Basch/Ashe oneshot, based on Anberlin's "Heavier Things Remain (Graviora Manent)". On hiatus

Stories I will maybe have in the near future:

Omega Dawn Chronicles: SPOILERS FOR OMEGA DAWN WITHIN. So what exactly happened when Namine freed Roxas? What happened to Sora after his death? This will either be a two-shot or two separate one-shots detailing these crucial events that run parallel to Omega Dawn's plotline.


Kingdom Hearts: Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Namine, Hayner/Olette, Sora/Namine (because after playing through Re:Chain of Memories, I can totally see how it would work. I still prefer S/K though.)

The World Ends With You: Neku/Shiki (isn't it obvious?)

Final Fantasy XII: Basch/Ashe (although I don't object to most other non-yaoi/yuri pairings. FFXII canon seems to be pretty vague on this topic. But Basch/Ashe is definitely my favorite.)

General Writing/Reading Stuff:

Don't be offended if I don't read your story after you added me to your alerts/favorites--I'm lazy and focus more on writing than reading. If you REALLY want me to read your stuff, send me a message and I'll do my best to check it out.

I love it when I get reviews (yet I never read anyone's stories much...I'm a jerk, aren't I?), but please, actually say something in the review. Please do NOT just summarize what I just wrote (as in "GASP! That character just killed the other character! Wow! That means x and y might happen, and what about z?")--I'm well aware of how my stories' plots go. I would rather have you say 'this chapter sucked, here's how to fix it' than 'update soon!' I actually enjoy honest criticism (even flames--I find them hilarious). Feel free to point out anything I say that explicitly disagrees with series canon (although I often expand the Kingdom Hearts universe with OCs and by adding more weight to certain characters, I have no desire to say something opposed to what actually happened in the games).

Once in a while I do review other stories...if that happens, congratulations on writing a chapter good enough to keep my attention the whole way through. However I am EXTREMELY picky about grammar. I'm not perfect by any means, but if you're making tons of errors even Spell Check won't miss, it detracts SO MUCH from the piece. Honestly if I'm reading something with bad grammar/spelling, my opinion of the story decreases automatically, and your content has to be that much better for me to enjoy it. So please, proofread...pointing out my mistakes is cool too.

Also, do not preface your story with "I suck at summaries" or anything of that ilk. At least pretend to have confidence in your work--if you don't, reviews can help you out. Besides, if your summary is that bad, THEN REWRITE IT. I've done it probably ten times with Omega Dawn, and believe me, nobody arrests you when you rewrite your summary.

I'm also typically not a fan of yaoi, especially in Kingdom Hearts; it is possible for guys to be friends without being boyfriends (Soriku and Akuroku fans, I'm looking at you). Also please do not write stories only about Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts category--half of the games in FF canon have their own category; they don't need to take over the KH category too.

My OCs are available for anyone who asks me. However please do not plagiarize. It's been done to me before, and no, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery--it gets me very angry very quickly. But if you ask, you'll almost certainly be allowed to borrow Ruxik or any my other OCs--I'm honored to think I'm that good at making up a character that other people want to use him/her.

And now I will step off of my soapbox. God bless!


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