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Author has written 4 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

To an author, her story isn't about her life - her story is her life.

Hello! I'm Luci Ferre! Nice to meet you.

.:.:Short Bio:.:.

For now, I am back to being a reviewer. But after the mess called homework and school has lifted somewhat, I will begin writing and posting fan fictions again. I can't believe I left my first-ever multi-chaptered fic after the prologue due to work overload. Argh.

I currently write for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Here are some updates you might like to look out for (after a few months, that is.)

Baby, oh, Baby! chapter 2.

.:.:KHR numbers info:.:.

I had some problems (okay, a lot of problems) trying to understand the numerical system used in the KHR fandom to denote I'll just list them here for everyone's convenience. Thanks (in no particular order) to Yuzuki Koneko, Anfu, kye-09 and Jaaku-san for helping out!

3 Xanxus

18 Hibari Kyouya (Hi= 1 and ba = 8)

27 Tsuna (Because 'Tsu' sounds like 2 and 7 is pronounced 'NA'na)

38 Spanner (used by the Japanese fandom)

39 Squalo

48 Spanner (used by the American fandom)

51 Irie Shouichi

56 Colonello

59 Hayato Gokudera (Because 5 is pronounced as 'go' and 9 can be pronounced as 'ku')

69 Rokudou Mukuro

80 Yamamoto Takeshi

84 Basil

86 Haru

87 Hana

96 Dokuro Chrome

100 Byakuran

193 Chikusa

493 Chikusa

594 Kokuyo (?)

D/Boss - Dino

L - Lambo

R - Reborn or Ryohei

S - Squalo

S - Shamal

X - Xanxus

--Ten Years Later--

1027 = TYL Tsuna
1059 = TYL Goku
1080 = TYL Yamamoto
1069 = TYL Mukuro
1018 = TYL Hibari

Hehe, interesting meanings behind the numbers...


School has started, and I find that - much to my chagrin - this year is a lot worse than the last despite my dropping several important posts, so...I will seldom visit anymore.

But fear not! I'm in the middle of brewing more fics even as we speak, so expect to see several multi-chaptered fan fictions sometime in the future! Yes, multi-chaptered...though I still think one-shots are easier to write. Haha.

.;:Upcoming Fan Fictions:;.


Description: A multi-chaptered fic that comprises almost everything I've not tried before - mpreg, M-rated, slight descriptions of...that..., etc.

Rating: M

Summary: Will be posted when I post the fan fiction itself.


Description: Another multi-chaptered fic that may or may not come to fruition

Rating (tentative): T

Summary: Will be posted when I post the fan fiction itself.


Summary: Will be posted when I post the fan fiction itself.

Rating: T

Status: Maybe multi-chaptered. Maybe oneshot.

What else have I to say? Have FUN!

Oh yes, and you seniors out there (and newbies like me alike), I wouldn't mind if you will lend a helping hand, and certainly will welcome some juicy reviews. Even better, ConCrit (constructive criticism)!

Luci Ferre signing out...

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