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I feel honoured that you'd be interested enough to view my profile, but there isn't really much to tell about me, I'm pretty boring. However, I could just introduce you to my poor writing and give you some updates, because for reasons I don't understand some people actually seemed interested...

At the moment I'm working on some "Everwood"-fanfiction... I have new ideas weekly, unfortunately most of the time I find myself hating them before I have even finished the first chapter... so they're all still in the early stages, not even sure to be ever published (not that I think anyone would want them to be)...
Anyway. I'm not a writer. I'm never going to be one. I write 'cause it's fun and I'm probably missing some action in my life. I'm not saying I'm good, or that my stories are, I don't even think so, but I'm pouring everything I have into them, trying to be descriptive, failing big time, trying to get the characters right, ending up changing them. :) But I'm learning, I'm trying and usually, if I really want to do something well, then one day I will.
Sad as it is, what you're reading of my writing is likely the best I can. Which is why!...
...I will never do this for a living. :D And therefore am working hard in school to get a good job one day. Thus I don't have time for writing much. I don't think you'd mind.
Seeing as there is no other way to thank my anonymous reviewers, I'm just going thank them here: Thank you! Thank you all so much, you build me up so much!
One thing left to be said: I'm not a native speaker. My English isn't perfect, how could it be? Sorry for the mistakes. I'd be grateful if you told me what I do wrong, so that I can do better. Just write a private message or something. Thank you.

March 9th 2008: Hello to everyone who reads this. I know that it has been a while since I posted the first chapter of "Turning Back Time", but I just thought that I'd let you know that I'm still here. I really want to write that story on. The problem is right now, that school's been keeping me very busy. School is more important, obviously, than a story that isn't even good. Still I want you to know, that this story will be finished and that I'll be working again as soon as I can. I haven't forgotten about it. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day and check back in a few weeks, because I'm getting a few days off soon and I'm intending to write on. :)

July 21st 2008: Still here, still working on it, but unfortunately still not very successfully. I guess that's what they're calling writer's block, you wouldn't want to read my writing nowadays, it's... confused.

August 25th 2008: Trying again today, but I'm not very positive about the outcome.

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All Right With Me by BehrBeMine reviews
A certain song brings memories back to Ephram that cause him to act funny.
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At 26, Ephram Brown gets a chance he never knew he had. But old hurts still ache, forgiveness has a price, and love is rarely enough. "If you could only see what love has made of me..." - Sheryl Crow
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One special day Andy remembers and marvels at the wonder of life in which he has taken and is taking part little by raising his son, but in watching him as he grew to be the man that he has become... Andy/Julia, Ephram/Amy. I love reviews. Please feed me.
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Returning home for the holidays can be harder than imagined. Especially if everybody else is retuning, too. Sappy romance story... I can't even summarize it. Uh... I suppose this is AU.
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She Was a Liar reviews
At the age of 21 Amy's already living her idea of a perfect life... and then runs it down letting lies become a habit until her castle of lies crashes almost six years later and her life and her heart with it.
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