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Author has written 3 stories for Fruits Basket, and Harry Potter.


1/3/09- Okay, so I started working on a new story callled It All Seemed Like A Faery Tale. Here's the actual summary. Please check it out!

Hermione Granger watched as her parents were tortured and murdered right before her eyes and now she’s been losing her grip on reality. Voldemort has sunk into her mind and controlled her, pulling away at her subconscious until she’ll break. But she refuses to go down without fight. In an attempt to prevent everything from ever happening, she goes back to 1947, Tom Riddle’s seventh year in Hogwarts. With every intention to kill him in mind, she engages in a battle of whether to sink to his level and take on these actions or whether to just succumb to Voldemort’s whims. But when a misdirected spell sends the two into Hermione’s faery tale book, they must work together in order to escape, less they fall prey to the Wicked Witch of the West, the Evil Queen of Snow White and the ever so infamous Wicked Stepmother.

1/2/09- Anyone here like to write their own stories? I mean, original stories? Well, there be a great site for posting them which can be called Freewebs.com. It is a very handy site and I find it to be very simple to use. The site is completely safe as you can easily sat a copyright at the bottom of each page.

If anyone saw this and is planning on creating such an account, please inform so that I may read all your wonderful work! Here's a link to my account: My Freewebs

Reviews are greatly appreciated!

12/29/08- Wow, sorry. I've just been so busy. But the stories are starting to be worked on again. I'm getting there. Sorry, once more.

8/21/08- Okay, so I've been out of the hospital for six days and the progress on my stories is slow. I'll be starting a new story so I can hopefully get used to writing again. But no worries, I will work on my stories all weekend long! :)

4/26/08- Wow. I am so sorry for not updating. Things have just been crazy. In and out of hospital. But I have started to work on the chapters once more and they will hopefully be up by Monday.

3/16/08- I apologize for the slow updates but there was a slight crisis that prevented me from getting to a computer for about two weeks. I have continued to work on the next chapters to stories again and appreciate your patience.

2/23/08- Had to change my profile once more. I can't stand things being the same for too long. Well anyway, an update on all my current stories:

Morsmorda: Based on a challenge. A love triangle between Tom/ Draco/ Hermione. Above is a poll to vote with whom she goes with in the end, it will close by March 25 and no more votes will be accepted.

Tom Riddle's Diary: I will most likely rewrite the last posted chapter. Either way, the updating for that will be slow.

I have also started working on a Sweeney Todd story. I couldn't resist. Johnny Depp! -yum- It was very interesting to work on actually, because I tried to write a song for every chapter, so that it was true to the musical. Like Tim Burton said, the songs softened things up. Without it the movie would've been very harsh.

About the Author

Name: Elizabeth, but I have so many nickames. My personal favorite one being Ellie.

Age: 15

Looks: Think Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. I look almost exactly like her, with the exception of her bangs. I was even nicknamed Shrieking Shirley...(shakes head sadly)

Myspace: myspace.com/ellie112792

Stories I plan on working on/ rewriting

Tom Riddle's Diary: Don't worry my dear Chaos Theory fans, I have not forgotten this story. Once I'm nearing the end of my current stories (with the exception of It All Seemed Like A Faery Tale as I believe that that one shall run on for some time) I will take up rewriting that story.

Summary: Twenty-five years after Tom and Hermione first ‘met’ at the graduation party, they are now married with three kids. Now that all of them have entered Hogwarts, they encounter hard courses, interesting friends and secrets that no one was meant to know. When one stumbles upon the old and tattered diary of Tom Riddle and begins to write with the unknown soul, bad things start to happen. Tom may not become Lord Voldemort but the part of his soul that he locked away in the diary has other plans

The Chaos Theory: Yes, I do intend on rewriting this. Atleast some chapters. Some mentioned that it didn't flow so well in the beginning and I plan on changing that.

Summary: Hermione has a plan to stop Voldemort and if it works, Voldemort would have never existed. But her plan involves her, Ginny and Harry to go to 1944. But as they change Tom Riddle's life, they also change Lord Voldemort's memory.

Now, Morsmordre is up for debate. I feel as though I could be doing on better on that story, so I might rewrite it. If so, I will be sending a note out to everyone.


Harry Potter-

Hermione/ Tom Riddle Jr.

Hermione/ Draco

Hermione/ Fred

Hermione/ Sirius

Hermione/ Lupin

Hermione/ Snape

(I absolutely hate Hermione/ Ron. I just honestly can't see them together for very long)

Luna/ Ron (dreamy and ditsy- no guessing who's who)


Kagome/ Sesshomaru

Kagome/ Koga

Kagome/ Bankotsu (there aren't enough of those)

Inuyasha/ Ayame

Miroku/ Sango

Fruits Basket-

Tohru/ Hatori

Tohru/ Kyo

Sweeney Todd-

Benjamin Barker (before he became murderous)/ Lucy Sweeney

Todd/ Lovett (This is actually ironic because at the moment I'm working on a Todd/ Lucy story...)


Movies: Sweeney Todd, Interview with a Vampire, Titanic, Psycho (the original), Hide and Seek

Books: Cirque du Freak, Of Mice and Men, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

TV shows: Friends, House, Psych, Law and Order SVU, Family Guy, I Love Lucy

Actors: Johnny Depp (-yum-), Jim Carrey, Alan Rickman

Actresses: Helena Bonham Carter, Lucille Ball, Jennifer Aniston

Music: Jimi Hendrix, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Lee Soo Young, Ayabie, t.A.T.u, Evanescence, Hinder, Eighteen Visions, My Chemical Romance, Puffy Ami Yumi, Flyleaf, Linkin Park...so much more


Hold it together/ Birds of a feather/ Nothing but lies and crooked wings/ I have the answer/ Spreading the cancer/ You are the faith inside me/ No, Don't, leave me to die here/ Help me survive here, alone/ Don't Remember!/ Remember!/ Put me to sleep, Evil Angel/ Open your wings, Evil Angel/ (Ahhh)/ I'm a believer/ Nothing could be worse/ All these imaginary friends/ Hiding betrayal/ Driving the nail/ Hoping to find a savior/ No, don't, leave me to die here/ Help me survive here, alone/ Don't Surrender!/ Surrender!/ Put me to sleep, Evil Angel/ Open your wings, Evil Angel/ (oohh)/ Fly over me, Evil Angel/ Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?/ Put me to sleep, Evil Angel/ Open your wings, Evil Angel/ (oohh)/ Fly over me, Evil Angel/ Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?/

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