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Author has written 16 stories for Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Fruits Basket, Covenant, Beyblade, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, and South Park.

Name: Cynthia

Nickname: Ixcythan/ Ixi

Age: 15

Location: Indiana

Gender: Female

Likes: Kingdom Hearts, Sky High, Srange Days at Black Hole High, Anime, Comics, South Park, Funny Gay Guys

Dislikes: People who think they're better then others, people who pick fights with smaller people, posers


Hazel Robyn: Hazel is a 23 year old teacher at Spenser Academy. She teaches trig, and fears for being caught by the law. She would be considered a pedophile, if she decided to start dating Reid, and thats one thing she can't have on her record. She has short black hair, along with pale grey eyes. During school, she wears her glasses, but hanging out with her friends, she slips on some Tripp Pants, and black cami, and some contacts, before making a complete fool out of herself. Lets just say alcohol isn't her friend.

Tabitha Inasnum: Tabitha, usually called Tabby, is Hazel's best friend. She owns a bar, which everyone goes to at night, or on the weekends to calm down and have a good time. She's crazy, and always acts before thinking, not to mention, she's considerably loud. Her appearence consists of medium length brown hair, with green streaks to match her eyes.

Scarlette Bellus: She's known as Scar by most of her friends. She has chopped blonde hair, and always seems to have excessive amounts of eyeliner on. Her eyes are a light green. She, herself, is very kind, but she experienced terrible heartache at a young age, thanks to Seth. Because of that incident, she started to do drugs. At the age of 15, she changed her name.

Meretrix Ferocity: Meretrix, is the name Scarlette changed too, after being under the influence. She works as a prostitute, and gets more then enough money doing so. Her hair color is a feirce red, that makes her light green eyes seem more intense. She has a drug problem, and an unbarable sex addiction.

Rein Mentis: Rein is a 22 year old therapist, who helps Hazel and Seth through their remaining problems. She sometimes goes to Tabby's Bar, when her head feels like its going to burst, and needs some calming down. She has a strong fear that she might become mentally ill, from all the problems her clients put on her. She has wavy, light brown hair, with carmel streaks. Her eyes are a dark brown, that could be considered black from afar.

Seth Parr: Seth is a science teacher at Spenser Academy. Her had a few problems of the past that still haunt him, like the fact Scarlette left him. He still chases her, no matter how much he gets ignored. He's well tanned, and has Pouge-length brown hair, with soft brown eyes.

Cynthia Roberts: Is the age of 12 with shoulder length brown hair and warm brown eyes. She is very hyperactive. She wields the keyblade. Her favorite one to use was the bond of flames. Her past has not yet been revielded.

Kody Whittaker: Is the age of 12 with short red hair. She is always a hyperactive person, therefore, she gets bored often. She has vivid blue eyes, that she will protest saying that they are green. Her weapon is a giant buster sword that she can barely lift. She is also able to make things explode with her mind.

Alyssa Robbins: A Hyperactive blonde at the age of 12. Sounds like typical person that you want to stay away from. Unless your able to take random outbursts, you should. Alyssa yells constantly, though she is a good fighter. Emaleigh, her best friend, use to be the calm, quiet type, until Alyssa rubbed some of her hyperness on her. Alyssa has 100 percent accuracy, and she needs it, because she is an archer. After summoning her bow, she can make arrows with the light from the room. Her weapon is useless, if a room is dark though.

Emaliegh Rivell: The quiet, and calm 12 year old who has a hyperactive, and very loud, best friend. She has long, light brown hair, with brown eyes. She's able to heal, and she wields a black scythe. She also prefers to be called Emmie.

Michelle Gerbec: Michelle's real name is Laura. Though she prefers to be called Michelle, her middle name. Her friends call her Michi sometimes. (Why they made a nickname for her nickname is beyond her) She has brown hair, with red streaks, and hazel eyes. Her weapons are daggers. She also uses black magic. In the story, she is our prisonor.

Christine Goodaire Lord: her nickname is Crisi/ Crizi no matter how many times she disagrees with it. Her wepons are two katanas, but she usually only summons one at a time.She is an aerokinetic, which means she can control air.

Halle Wood: Someone who decided to give her heart to organization XIII. Age was 12.

Hellax: Halle's nobody. She controls fire, therefore, Axel is her master. She is part of Oraganization XIII, but Xemnas didn't feel like changing the name. He didn't even give her her own throne. She couldn't be any less important, the only reason they wanted her, was so they had one less person to defend Cynthia, the keyblade mistress.

Xkiyu: The newest member of Organization XIII. Her element is water, and she has a crush on Demyx. Though her heart was taken, a peice of the moon filled her empty space, letting her to be able to have feelings. She is on the side of evil, but she doesn't have a choice, she'd rather be good.

Aiko: A girl who recently moved to Konoha. She's very sweet, and doesn't talk to much. She has a close relationship with her dad, and a mysterious past.

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