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Hey I am Andy. Not really that is my pen name. I am a girl just making sure you all know.

My real name is Annie and I am going to college next fall.

Favorite Books

Twilight, New Moon, and I am guessing Eclipse will make it on this list when it comes out and I have read it, anything pertaining to Jane Austen, Time travellers wife, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Heart of darkness (don't knock it until you read and understand it), and Waiting for Godot.

Favorite Movies

Pride and Prejudice, Garden state, The Village and Lady in the Water.

Favorite Music

THE SHINS, Panic at the disco, and classical music like Bach and Mozart. I play the violin so what did you expect.

So those are somethings that I like. I am in the process of writing a story for the Twilight fans it is called Equinox. I hope you all enjoy it.

Disclaimer: If you have read my works yet then you know that I forgot to add a disclaimer. Obviously I don't own twilight and never will.

I have the first four chapters up and I really hope you all enjoy it and if you don't that is ok too. But at least review, because it will help me tremendously. Especially if you comment on the way I write and my style. I want to be a writer/publisher so this will help me in the long run. Be as critical as possible. Thanks.

By the way if you do review critically I will reply and attempt to explain my reasoning. Sorry I always feel like I should explain myself before someone judges me. But trust me when I tell you all that I love when I am challenged, like Edward (Bella challenges him all the time especially in Twilight), with something that is wrong in my story. If you guys are right then I will own up to it. But when you point something out I will always consider how to make my story more believable too. That is why I love reviews!

Some concerns about Chapter 7 of Equinox : (this was part of a respose to a review of theis chapter so I thought I would add it to explain a little bit of what I was thinking)

I wanted Bella to be much louder but I held back. Why? B/c it is already out of character for her to be this loud so I didn't want to over do it. I did want the audience to realize at what lengths Bella would go to save Edward and Jacob, at what lengths she would do to preserve the people she loves. I know Jacob broke the treaty first...but I find the Cullens to be a little more easy going. Yes he broke the treaty but Carlisle is alot wiser and wouldn't get the entire family involved for something so trite. The pack is made up of younger men, they don't understand how insignificant this ordeal is and how dangerous it could be. They are just kids even Sam. Edward too b/c he is blided by a combination of sins and above all the power and turbulance of love. That is all I can tell you thus far. I intend to go in detail about why all the Cullens aren't fighting and why Edward would dare enter into such a fight. Hold on! Thanks and I hope you will send me more reviews.

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