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Poll: In my story, Soul of the Seal, who would you like to see paired with Naruto? Only top three voted girls will be CONSIDERED. Harem is unlikely. Choices hint at direction of story down the line. NO PROMISES. Poll is for story development. Vote Now!
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In the vast electro-waves of cyberspace, there is a place... A place of righteousness and ridiculousness... A place of horror and happy ever afters. A place where time is subjective and space is relative. In this place, where all of reality ceases to exist unless perceived by a single mind, you can find all possible lives determined by whim, and all randomness of nature turned to absolute law. Dare you enter this place of infinite singularity? The place of chaotic uniformity? Do you dare to enter...

The Fictionalized Zone

(Do Do Do do Do Do Do do)

Ok, sorry about that. Couldn't resist.

Ah, The place for all creativity. We are the imagineers. The builders of worlds. We are the ones who decide who's who and what's what. It's a lot of fun isn't it? We are the hobbyists, the free-timers, the casual writers. The ones who look to add a bit of interest into the spare minutes of our day. For whatever reason we choose, we acknowledge our obsession. We are plagued. We suffer from eternal restlessness. Our brains are assaulted by every sensory input we can handle. We are forever teased, tantalized, and tortured, day in and day out, every second of every waking moment by those two terrible, tiny words.

What if?

Some people say that 'why?' is the ultimate question. You know what I say to that? 'What if' it's not? Yep, that's how it works.

I've got stories on the roll, I'm past the 'noob' status, so here's some of my stats.

Name: Well, that's what usernames are for, aren't they?

Age: To old to know, to young to care, and exactly right to enjoy what free time I can manage to write this imaginative whatnot.

Appearance: With my size and looks, most people would be glad I'm nice, and if we met in a dark ally, I'd offer you a flashlight.

Job: Hey, when all of life is a chore, does it really matter to you what I do on top of it?

Hobbies: The same as everyone else - the things that I enjoy doing.

Favorite Anime/Cartoons: (In no particular order): Naruto, DBZ, DBGT, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Big-O, Teen Titans, Justice Leauge/Unlimited, Kim Possible, Totally Spies, Megas XLR, TMNT (the new series), Gargoyles, Batman/Beyond, Ghost in the Shell, Inuyasha, Samurai Jack, X-Men (90's and Evalution), GI-Joe, Transformers (original), Thundercats (old and new), Pokemon (yes, I admit it), Yu-Gi-Oh/GX (though on the decline of late), He-Man (the most recent), Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece (wish I had the time to see more of it), Escaflowne (the short-lived series).

Favorite Movies: To numerous to mention, but a lot of Pixar and Dreamworks movies fall into this catagory. Also a fan of some older 80's and 90's animated movies.

Favorite Videogames: ???

Well... That was informative wasn't it?

OK, since a profile is normally supposed to include opinions, I will now share my individual views on some characteristics of I'm not forcing these on anyone, everyone can think what they want, I'm just saying what's me, ok?


Realists - Honestly, I don't know how these people can even bring themselves to write for this site. These are the people who write their stories, then compare what they write... to real life! How wacky is that!? These are the people who say, 'I didn't mention any cool sounds for my character's laser, because in real life, lasers don't make sounds.' Isn't that sad? They say, 'Monsoons don't strike that kind of terrain, because it requires certain conditions and blah blah blah!' I believe these kind of people are in need of lessons to explain the concept of fan fiction. As in not real. If you want to write something, just write it. It's not always necessary to explain everything you do, or don't, put into your stuff.

Cannon Fanatics - Again, another group that I'm confused that can ever manage to get out even half-decent writing for this site. These are the people, when writing for whatever source they like, (as an example I'll use Naruto,) they're constantly paralleling everything they do to the original magna or anime. They're the people who say, 'That character can't have that weapon because in the original manga, it was retrieved by such & such ten years before.' Or they say, 'That character can't know that because they're not that smart in the original manga and had no time or opportunity to learn because they were busy doing this, that, or the other.' They seem to forget that this is fan fiction. Of course people write things differently than the original source. If we wrote everything according to the original source, we wouldn't be fan writers, we'd be the paid official writers. And we wouldn't be writing fan fiction, would we? We need to exercise the quality of 'what if' (see above) in our imagination.

Clichés - Some call them cliché, I say it's just another word for 'classic'. Some people accuse others of writing stories whose idea or concept has already been done before, as unimaginative. People are always saying, 'Do something new for a change!' Well, I see clichés, not as brutally overdone ideas that need to be stopped, but rather, as an idea that is so good that it's still in use. I see them as a safe way for new writers to get started, using an established concept to work on until they find their own style and preferences. And even if the same conceptual idea is used as a base over and over, each person does it just a teensy bit differently. The wording, or the attitude, or the sequence of events. This is especially true for character pairings. Sure, some are used more than others, but everyone has their own reason, and each time, the way of bringing those characters together will be different. Clichés really aren't so bad, once you stop and think about it.

Flame Reviewers - If I'm wrong, I'm sorry and I'll change this later. From what I know, flames are people who review a story they hate, and say bad things for no other reason than to be mean about it. I think, if you don't like a story, why bother wasting time to say you don't like it? Just stop reading that story, and go look for one you do like. Seems pretty simple to me.

Yaoi - Don't like it, don't write it, don't read it. That's for me anyway. If you like it, enjoy yourself.

Yuri - Don't typically write it, will occasionally read it, but it has to be done tastefully. There aren't many out there that I've found so far that are to my liking.

Well, I think that covers the basic of the basics. As I think of other things, I'll add them to 'the list'.

(holder space)

And by the way.

General Disclaimer by MrDust

This notice is to apply to all my fanfics to avoid having to re-write it every time, and just so it doesn't mess up my nice neat typing formats of my fics.

Whatever fictional setting, be it book, cartoon, anime, videogame, etc., was originally thought up by their respective creators.

My fanfics that include the settings, characters, ideas, concepts and personalities from copyrighted material are written knowing that I don't have any claim to the copyrights, and are only selected out of appreciation of the quality of the original creator's imagination.

The fics are written for non-profit amusement of readers.

Although I will take ideas from sources, I don't take credit for their initial creation, and always endeavor to write my own stories with plots of my design, regardless of what ideas I might include within the story. I am a bit better at mix-matching sourced ideas than some, but if you see an idea that you know is from somewhere else, it is there with no intent of harm or plagiarism. It just means I really liked that idea for that story.

I do not steal other peoples stories or claim other people's works as mine, and I seriously hope that no-one will steal my fics and claim them as theirs, since I put so much effort into what I write to make it properly laid out.

Even if some of my stories may so very closely mimic other authors' stories, such occurrences are completely coincidental and accidental, as I have not read every one of the thousands and thousands of stories out there, and would have no idea what exists. It's just chance that different people have their own versions of similar ideas.

Imagination Rocks!

Thank you for your time.

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