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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy: Tactics, Warriors, and Neopets.

Hi! I'm pretty new here, but my collection is growing. Check out my bio, more coming soon! Oh yah, and go read the stories!

Name: DiamondBack Panthon (Panthon). Or Dwarfstar. Whichever you prefer.

Age: Certainly not telling

Gender: Female

Description(Panthon): Human proportions, black body fur, adder's diamond markings on back, muddy yellow-green cat's-eyes, long, prehensile tail that looks a bit like a cross between a snake's and a panther's, large, serrated barb on tailtip, dragon wings with adder's markings on membranes and backs, long, poisonous fangs, slightly long panther's ears, black fur-covered dragon claws. Wears glasses.

Description(Dwarfstar): Dark brown tabby cat with weird orange eyes and a mischeivous disposition. Wears glasses, oddly enough.

Interests: Drawing, reading (especially fan fiction- duh), Neopets (somewhat), Invader Zim, Spyro, just about anything Final Fantasy, playing videogames, DDR, laughing/making other people laugh, 'idiotic genius'.

Favorite Quotes:

"There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness." -Po, from Kung Fu Panda

"Alright, I was wrong. There is now a level zero." -Master Shifu, from Kung Fu Panda

"Wow... you're all much bigger than your action figures, well, except for Mantis, he's about the same size." -Po, from Kung Fu Panda

"gasp It's got chicken legs!" -Gir, from Invader Zim

"I had no id-ee-a." -Gir, from Invader Zim

"Why was there ham in my pocket?..." -Dib, from Invader Zim, on finding out that he just paid for cookies with ham

"THE HALLOWEENIES!!" -Zim, from Invader Zim

"No, you're thinking of kirins, which have wings, hence the ability to fly. Dark lords just kind of, plummet." -Tanis, from the awesome and much-recommended-by-me random humor Harry Potter fic, Blarg

"Lesson Number One in Chemistry: Never lick the spoon." -I Have No Idea Who Thought of This

"When life gives you lemons, flame them for all you're worth." -My Demented Mind

"We're friends. You cry, I cry. You laugh, I laugh. You jump off a bridge, I laugh even harder." -Buddy Icon

"Y HELLO THAR!" -Another Hilarious Buddy Icon


Current Fics:

Huh?, a Neopets fic

Summary: What would happen if you DIDN'T magically change back from whatever color you became in Petaria on returing to Neopia? The ending to Wand of Wishing, tweaked a little. R&R! Flames will be used to bake cookies for those that deserve them.

Status: Finished for now, although if I have any other crazy Neopets ideas that don't turn out so well, I'll probably put 'em here.

Thoughts: I typed this up in about 20 minutes, and absolutely hated it as many seconds after I published it. I know it's crap, but it's going to stay up as a reminder to me to think before I publish, and possibly as an outlet for other random Neopets ideas that didn't turn out so well. Otherwise, it's history.

Spoof of the Lions, a Final Fantasy: Tactics fic

Summary: Ever notice the lack of humor in Tactics? Well all that's about to change! Step right up for the first of a series of hilarious spoofs from teh greatest spoof author EVER! well, not really

Status: Floating between continuation, hiatus, and abandonment, although the latter-est is unlikely.

Thoughts: I loved it when I first put it up, nearly a year ago. Now, the summary makes me cringe, and the humor is dangerously close to the kind that plagues the Warriors Fandom. However, it's my fanfiction firstborn, and I'm hesitant to give up on it. I'm almost definitely not going to abandon it completely; my brother, as well as a couple reviewers, have expressed a strong desire to see more, and either way I wouldn't want to call it quits. I don't think I'll try to change the humor completely; instead, I think I'll try to write it with the same basic style, only not as retarded and with less grammar errors. That said, it's still probably not going to be updated for a while.

Not ANOTHER Truth or Dare!!, a Warriors fic

Summary:Hey y'all, I've been seeing tons of Warriors Truth or Dares up lately, so I thought I might as well put one up myself! Check it out, yo!

Status: As active as any story of mine is ever going to be.

Thoughts: It's two o'clock in the morning, and I'm tired. I'll finish this tomorrow.

Coming Soon...

Neopets Stuff Will Include:

1. A series of GarooxYlana oneshots. This is an awesome pairing, and I'm amazed no one has thought of it yet. Or thought to put Garoo in a fic at all. OK, well, Child-dragon gave him at least a reasonable mention in her story the Sloth Series, and The Water Daemon gave a teensy li'l mention of him, but FINALLY he will be a main character! XP

2. Birthday Wish- When a crazy user is granted 50 wishes by a genie, everythings starts out innocently. But after a while, things really go nuts! Can our insane heroine, along with the help of her neopets, return the Multiverse to normal? Crossover list inside, but since there is no inside yet... NeopetsInvaderZimCrashBandicootFFIXHerculesnightmareBeforeChristmasWingfeatherHoodwinkedGreatMouseDetective RedwallNarniaWarriorsDragonlanceWheelofTime Crossover. First in Blumaraniac series. Genre:Humor/General.

3. Maybe a plot spoof or two, although that's mainly Return of Itsy's area... Oh well!

Invader Zim Stuff Will Include:

1. Gir and the Homicidal Maniac- A serial killer tries to kidnap Zim, thinking he's just a normal child. What he didn't reckon with, however, was Gir. Shnooky is back, Zim experiments with napalm, and a murderous kidnapper is finally brought to justice. Oneshot. Slight ShnookyxOC.Genre: Humor/Crime

2. Kidnap the Tallest- Three Irken girls are quite ticked off at Tallest Red and Purple. Their solution? Kidnap the Tallest, of course. Originally a oneshot spoof songfic of Kidnap the Sandy Claws from Nightmare Before Christmas, now a full blown musical! Genre: Humor/Friendship

3. Never Come Back- Tak and Mimi have crash-landed back on Earth. Tak is badly injured; Mimi goes for help, and finds it in the most unexpected of places... DATR, MADGR (MimixDuty Gir) Genre: Romance/Adventure

4. Return to Hobo 13- A few canon friends have decided to try out Hobo 13. Unfortunately, Mesa has stowed away in their ship! Add a cast of crazy OCs, a ticked off Sergeant Hobo, and a new, deadlier Hobo 13, and bad things will happen. DATR, MADGR, ShnookyxOC, and slight ZAGR. Genre: Adventure/Humor

Final Fantasy IX Stuff Will Include:

1. The Quest for Cuteness- "If fangirls we will have, cute we must become." When a jab from Eiko gives Zorn and Thorn the idea that they'd have fangirls if only they were cute, they go to Doctor Tot for some old maps. Thus begins the quest for the dreaded Forest of Cute! Major AU. Genre:Humor/Adventure

2. A Final Carol- Kuja is visited during the night by the ghost of his old master, Garland, who warns him that he has a second chance at not going to You-Know-Where for all eternity, and he'd darn well better not screw it up. Major AU.
Genre: Humor/Adventure

3. High Heels- Some people say high heels are a pain in the butt. I disagree, partly because it's your feet, not your heiney, that get blistered and sore, and partly because they're responsible for my boyfriend being my boyfriend. Viveiko oneshot, major AU.

Wheel of Time Stuff Will Include:

I Gots Me a Myrddraal- When a certain fangirl enters in a WoT sweepstakes, she thinks it's just a joke. Little does she know just how wrong she is... First in Ocean Everlasting series.

Never Poke a Fade- Mesaana learns the hard way that Myrddraal aren't meant to be teased, especially not Shaidar Haran. Slight SHxMesaana and SHxSemirhage.

And Then My Processor Screamed in Agony-Ocean and Co. are hanging out in the WoT Fandom, when they're separated by sudden insane fluctuations in Canon, which are somehow tied to a very strange Fade. Can our heroes escape, and maybe save Canon along the way? Sequel to I Gots Me A Myrddraal.

Crossover Stuff Will Include:

1. Impending Fantasy- Through a strange turn of events, characters from Invader Zim are sucked into the world of Final Fantasy IX, and vice versa. Can our heroes (and villians) survive each other's worlds long enough to find out what happened? Invader ZimFFIX crossover.

2.And Then the Fish Went 'Zeeeeee Kerplat'!- When a ton of Fandoms have been mashed together without warning, chaos ensues as script format is on the rise, OOC is lurking around every corner, and randomness and stupidity threaten to overwhelm the Universe! Only our known-and-loved fictional friends can save the day! Crossover list inside. BUT, since this is on my profile, Invader Zim FFIX Dragon Rider Zelda Crash Bandicoot Redwall Narnia Dragonlance Nightmare Before Christmas Hoodwinked Neopets Monsters Inc. Spyro Great Mouse Detective Hercules Inkheart Igraine the Brave Wingfeather FF Tactics Warriors Wheel of Time Gunnerkrigg Order of the Stick Erfworld Star Trek TNG Crossover. Whew!

3. Valentine's Doom- The Multiverse unites once again! People from a few Fandoms have come together to enjoy The Day. Food, games, pairings- pure goodness, or so it seems. Join us as they try to survive this newest insanity and celebrate Valentine's Day! Crossover list inside.

Mary Sue Wars Stuff Will Include:

A Tale of Two Mary Sues: How It All Began- A horde of rabid Suethors keen on the destruction of their Fandoms. Five Writers keen on the protection of said Fandoms. Two Mary Sues. One redeeming journey. And a lame, lame summary to boot.

Anatomy of a Mary Sue: A Study- Kang and Panthon, reformed Mary Sues, a.k.a. reformed perversions of nature, have captured one of said perversions of nature, and have decided to run a few tests to see just how resilient and invincible a Mary Sue really is...

Reformed- Kang and Panthon have decided that other Sues and Stus should have a chance at reformation. From this comes the brilliant idea of a gameshow. Join the captured Sues and Stus as they head down the path of the Reformed! Genre:Humor/Parody

List of OCs:

My Invader Zim OCs:

Mauve: An Irken and a reformed Mary Sue to boot with reddish-yellow eyes, spiked iron knuckles (instead of brass knuckles), spiked iron plates strapped onto her feet, and tiny spiked metal rings around her antennae. Created as a parody Sue, and made as a ripoff of Tak. Is best friends with Kir and Min. Is also a member of the Reformed, an aptly named group of reformed Sues and Stus. Appears in: Kidnap the Tallest, Return to Hobo 13, Reformed, and has a minor appearance in Valentine's doom along with Kir and Min.

Min: Mauve's best friend and a reformed Demi-Sue. Female Irken with pale purple eyes, one of which is always closed, a large head, and a slightly emo personality. Was created as Mauve's sidekick and Dib's love interest before her reformation. Is best friends with Kir as well Mauve. A member of the Reformed. Appears in: Kidnap the Tallest, Reformed, and in a minor appearance in Valentine's Doom along with Mauve and Kir.

Kir: A little girl Irken with pale red, just barely yellow-tinted eyes, she is one of the legitimite OC trainers for Mauve, Min, and Raz, along with Kel and Nin. Is the tag-along-little-sister figure in her little group of friends, and is also Raz's little sister. She is actually the same character as Mauve; their author had gone back to an early stage in the character's development after realizing the error of her ways and altered her significantly, creating Kir. Pronounced Keer. A Sue/Stu Reformer, one who is not a Sue/Stu, but helps reform Sues/Stus. Appears in: Kidnap the Tallest, Reformed, and has a cameo in Valentine's Doom along with her two friends.

Raz: EXTREMELY tall Irken, taller than the Tallests themselves. Reformed Gary Stu, which is the obvious reason for his tallness. Glowing yellow eyes, no PAK, wears a really, really, REALLY long trench coat. Carries a gun at all times. Kir's big brother, by some Stuish force. One of the surprisingly not-so-few former Stu members of the Reformed. Appears in: Reformed, Kidnap the Tallest(a little), and has a cameo in Valentine's Doom, along with all my other OCs.

Well, I'm too lazy to list all my Ocs right now, but I'll list more later!

OK, time for the copy and paste list, so here goes...

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~98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile. ~

I have a one-time gift. A beautiful gift that many people are ridiculed for in today's culture. A precious gift that many people throw away. It's called "virginity", and I plan to not waste it on some jerk of a boyfriend who's just gonna dump me later. I choose to be faithful to my future husband, the man who will love me for the rest of my life, and to wait for the wedding day!! If you have chosen to save your one-time gift and are PROUD of your purity, paste this into your profile and add your name to the list: Dearheart, Dwarfstar

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I really need to clean out my inbox. :P

Well, that about does it for bio! like I said, more coming soon. Encouragements to get off my butt and write are welcomed, WITHOUT profanity, that is. :P Seeya!


~IMPORTANT UPDATE~ My interwebs have been out of commission for quite awhile now, and they will probably be out of it for a while longer. I won't be posting any stories until then(I'm using the library chompie), but most of them should be mostly finished when I come back. If you're really that interested(which is unlikely, but humor me, will ya?), check beck in about a month or so. Hopefully, I'll be back by then. Toodles!


~UPDATE~ My first story is out! Go check out the first chapter of Spoof of the Lions! Man, that was a short entry...


~UPDATE~ Second story is out, yet another Warriors truth or dare in the rapidly growing group. Check it out now, and join in if you want to! Ciao(man, I love that word)!


Hey everybody! The second chapter of the Truth or Dare fic is almost finished, and believe me, don't drink anything while you're reading it! Spoof of the Lions has been put on hiatus, I'll continue it when I don't have such a monstrous amount of fanfiction to write. If you see any 'Coming Soons' that you especially want to see anytime soon, PM me to say so, and I'll put it on my high priority list. Otherwise, I'll just work mainly on Not ANOTHER Truth Or Dare, and a little bit on my oneshots. Which, by the way, High Heels, a Final Fantasy IX (FFIX) oneshot, is almost done, so be on the lookout for the next week or so! Peace out,


To quote one of my favorite Icons of all time, "Y HELLO THAR!" Okeeday, here's the news: Thanks to Me-and-my-alter-egos' review, Spoof of the Lions is OFF HIATUS! WAAHOOOO!! -clears throat- High Heels has been delayed, due to certain issues, a.k.a. a pop-up from some stupid pr0n site or something (shudders) came up, because now I'm on probation as far as the internet, and I had to stay off the chompie for a couple days. NATOD (Not ANOTHER Truth Or Dare) is THIS CLOSE to being finished! Well, the second chapter anyway. The actual fic is nowhere NEAR being finished. :) Also, I'm going to be doing the Mary Sue Wars series, where the main characters are Bat Kangaroo, or Kang, and Diamond Back Panthon, or Panthon, who are two of my alter egos. Mary Sue Wars is somewhat inspired by the Sue Slayers of Redwall Fandom fame, mainly Kelaiah and LittlePsychoWolf. No, that doesn't mean I plagiarised my butt off, it just means I got the idea to write about Mary Sues and Gary Stus. Anyhoo, time's up gotta go BYE!


OK, I've been cut off from the One Power-- I mean, the internet for like two weeks, and I kind of lost my will to even try to get past my extremely bad case of writer's block and work on my fics, but the webs be's back, I've been reading WAY too much Wheel of Time, and I have been inspired to get off my lazy butt and WRITE by Eternity's rather rude and somewhat nonsensical review. I mean honestly, if it's a topic that's been written about 40-something times already in different Fandoms, and 11 times in that Fandom, it's NOT plagiarism if you don't ask someone for permission to write one. It's kind of like if there's a particular non-canonical pairing that you want to write that's quite popular (examples Yuffentine from FF7 and ZAGR from Invader Zim), you don't have to ask someone for permission to write it. -takes deep breath- Now that I'm finished ranting about that, I think I'm pretty much done. Oh yeah,I'm planning on writing a spoof of the Redwall book Legend of Luke, so be on the lookout for that. To quote Kellysquared, bye bye bye!


Hello chillinks. OK. I admit it. My Neopets fic, Huh? sucks horribly. I typed it up in about twenty minutes to help me get rid of my writer's block/apathy, and an idea that had been floating around in my head for however-long, and I was idiot enough to actually publish it. -headdesk- although, I did get a rather hilarious flame to laugh at, from an idiot called Flame Rising. If you need a laugh, and you aren't eating anything or planning to in the next hour or so, I suggest you read it. Of course, the sheer lameness of the actual fic is worth a laugh, too, so... Anyway, peace out! Ciao,


Hey everybuddeh! Whassup? I just decided to update my little 'journal', and let everyone who cares to know that I will also soon be updating my fics as well. Check above for the news. Anyhoo, nothin' much else to say, except that I found a few kickin' awesome webcomics, and that I have the ENTIRE FRIGGIN' TNG SERIES ON THE COMPUTER IN MY ROOM!! -flails arms- Well, with a few exceptions... Anyhoo, I now have the Ficstatus section up on my bio, so check it out! Ciao,


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Not ANOTHER Truth or Dare! reviews
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