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The Amazing life of wandhappy!!!!

Hi my name is jessica I am a fanfiction addict... I love Harry Potter all the way!!

These are the ships I sail











Basically if it has to do with harry potter i will read it because i have nop life...if i did i would be out and not on here...DUH

Oh and thankies to my B.F.F Hannah and our trip to paris courtesy o albus dumbledpre!!! love ya !!!

Freakyfanfictioners are awesome they shouled add some stuff soon so be on the lookout!!!!

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All the Right Mistakes by performanceaddict reviews
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Living Hell reviews
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Sarah and Smantha are in their last year at Hogwarts. Sarah keeps her heart to her self, samantha dates anything with a pulse and a penis, Nevlle is sooo unlucky. And what does snape find in his cauldron? Summary sux story is awesome PLZ R&R! Funny!
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