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Looks around and gasps) I..I'm back!! Oh wow its so good to be back on line I've been gone so long I can't even remember how to use this sight -_- Ok so...I am SO sorry for being gone so long ( not that anyone missed me or will even read this but...yeah anyway) I know some of you are expecting stories from me and I promis they are comming and will be posted as will the second chapter of End of the story. if any of you are wondering why I have been gone its quite simple...I went on vacation at the begining of the school year and some low down good for nothin slimy...ugh! JERK tool my laptop and its taken me this long to get a new one (sigh) whatever its water under teh bridge I'm back and thats all there is to it!

Side note: for those who wanted me to stay gone...too bad so sad _ I'm back and have a nice day! (whoa preppy moment sorry..)

Hay quick update( sorry for errors, but my computer is overheating and I'm writing this at super speed) I have once again deleated Conciquenses of a is an over used plot and I have decided to turn it into a prologue to something else i'm working on. I have been working like mad on my fan fics that havent been posted yet and they should be seeing light as soon as I can get them corected...on that note Mac's story for Cats will be updated within the next few days...manny thanks to my editor Mystic Lighthouse who should be having some Potter fiction comming someday common ML you can do it get crackin on your work_ Ok thats all for know.

NOTE: Ok for the most part this is all a bunch of random garble...sigh I love random stuff...cough Anyway please let nothing in this profile lead you to judge me, I have nothing to do over the summer and really not many people to talk to (yes my life is sad woe is me and all that self pity stuff) so this profile will consist of: Sarcasm, rambling, likes/dislikes, public apologies for the many mistakes I'm bound to make while I'm here, and a lot of other random/insane/stupid stuff that probably will never get taken down because I'm weird like that. Thank you for reading this little note and please remember that my stories will be more interesting than this profile...I hope (well it should be considering this profile is basically my summer and a rock is more interesting than my summer is, I mean all the colors, and minerals and FYI this is supposed to be an inner thought so why am I typing this...?) you see random. _~;

Tepm. Note: So most of my stories...ugh...wait that right I have two going now...Ok never mind are being put on hold for editing and because my life is beginning to get busy, we’re getting in new carpet( I actually thought of a funny oneshot for this that I might post_~) and so I have to take up the current carpet and move furniture and a bunch of other crud like that by my self( ~All by my self, all by my self...don't wanna be all by my self~...ummm...sorry people, you didn't need to hear that...~_~;) breaking into random song...oooboy I need help...( Note to self, consider calling that therapist back after all...Another Note to self...look up the lyrics to that song) Ok anyway I'm the only able-bodied person in the house as of now but I don't really care most of the stuff is already done but there is still more to be done and...whatever I'm losing my line of thought. Also I'm waiting for my editor( heee I sound so important when I say it like that!) who is actually my BFF In San Fran. to look over my stuff and help me fix it, another also is that I have like three other things I'm working on getting ready to post and they just seem more interesting to me right know. So anyway if anyone cares that’s why I'm not updating anytime very soon but I will not forget I promise_ Oh one more thing I will usually update this profile thing for situations like this and just for fun just so you know_

Hi so I am known as and only as the CrystalArcher, (Ooooooooo mysterious waves arms in circles above head) and yes I am very weird and I have a, shall we say, odd sense of humor. Anyway I will probably hang around the Labyrinth fanfic area most of the time seeing as I am a huge fan of the movie and I hope that when I do get around to posting my work, which is currently in paper and thought form(HA!! not any more!!), it will do this sight proud. Everyone here seems really talented and kind and I hope that you all will welcome me into the ranks; I 'll do my utmost to earn your respect and be respectful of you. As of now I am nothing more than a critic seeing as I have nothing to post at this time but that will soon change...hopefully..… So I guess I can tell you a little about myself. My real name is not to be posted on the Internet at any date, I am a true blue mountain girl and currently enrolled in a prestigious high school sits striate up and looks distinguishably at everyone around ha! Yah right it’s the cruddiest thing on the face of the earth but I still love it in a hateful sort of way. Yah incase anyone can't tell I have no clue what to say in these profile things so I just say the first thing that comes to mind... not always the smartest thing to do... so that’s about all I have to say. As I heard someone say today actions speak louder than words so I’ll let my critiques and righting speak for me. One quick warning about my righting... Ok for lack of better words a cat has better punctuation, and in some...actually most... cases spelling, than I do although I will try to hide it; if I fail to do so, however, a beg your forgiveness and hope that you won't judge me for it. One last thing if anyone wants to e-mail me for anything at all then feel free to do so I don’t care, whether it be flames, criticism (of the constructive or otherwise (what ever else it can be) variety), or anything at all, by all means go on ahead...and that’s all I have to really this is the end... I 'm serious!...Ok I’m done...(for now..._)

Hahahaha! Today is the day, the long awaited day that I post me very first Fan Fic ever! (Ok it may not be a big deal to you people but it is to me so there!) Clears throat and continues on semi maniacal rant As I was saying on this day on calendar and tries to remember when her last assignment was due Oh um Saturday the 16 at what ever time it is I have posted a fan fic...Go Me! ok sense I have absolutely succeeded in making a fool of my self I will now end this silly rant and ask that you read and review my work, sense the time that I started my account I have also started about 10-12 labyrinth stories so there is plenty of my work coming although it may be slow please bear with me and trust that I will complete every story that I make or at the very least take it off if completion seems non-existents. And that’s about it for today... as my Uncle would say Hasta Luago (sorry if that’s spelled wrong_;) and good night( I added the good night my uncle's not that talkshowie…ei…y…whatever… )

Ok well I'm going to try to make this profile a little more...well I So I’ll go on ahead tell you a little more about my self. First and foremost, I am a total looser...I really can't believe what I did It is really sad for any one to do let alone a fan...I spelled Jareth's name wrong. Hides head in shame then begs forgiveness from the Goblin King and his loyal Fans.Sees torture and perhaps the Bog of Eternal Stench looming in the near future...Crud!!... So to any one who noticed this mistake I am truly sorry and I plead, in my defense, that I was very tired and stressed with finals, still that is no excuse for not properly checking my work. I have fixed the problem...mostly any way...and will try my hardest not to let any more mistakes like that get by me.

Incase any one cares, I'm treating my profile sort of like a journal, adding new entries under the old ones...sorry if this bugs anyone but hay its my profile so 'neah' ~ besides I have this...well...'vice' I guess you could call it or just plain 'mental issue' where I can't erase anything that I have all...I still have a three sentence story I came up with in the first grade...(somewhere...) anyway I have know expanded my fan fic writing to include Cats, the best Broadway musical ever...(just my opinion...don't yell at me if you don't like it. be happy! It’s your life! That’s my motto_ its like 2 in the morning so I guess I'm a little weird...OK allot weird and I just spelled wired wrong like four times (and I spelled times wrong once…that’s just sad…) so I must be tired too. Oh yeah that stuff on the bottom, likes and dislikes and all that crap will stay at the bottom and not be subject to the...'chapters' profile...just thought I’d throw that in I'd doing this (...) a lot arnt I...don’t care. OK well this is out of my system know so I'm gonna watch XFiles...It comes on at two on Sci-Fi yay! Oh and anyone feel free to send me an e-mail even if its just to tell me that I'm insane, or to talk about my writing whatever.

Wow I’m truly surprised no one has pulled out the pitchforks yet...honestly first Jareth know Munkustrap...why do I always get names wrong? Slaps her face and bangs head on desk. Its official I really need to pay more attention to what I write and maybe stop writing until the wee hours of the morning...I am so very sorry to all Cats and Labyrinth fans alike, not that I'm so important that every one cares what I do or anything... but it may bug some people (seeing as Jareth and Munkustrap are the most popular characters from both movies) I'm just trying to show that I really do care and I really will try to pay more attention...what was I saying? Ok just kidding that time but yeah be patient with me people, I do have good ideas, at least I think there good, and I am trying to get better; that’s a promise!_~; oh and by the way most of the name errors have been corrected.

Ok that part over with I will know tell you more about myself, I am a High School sophomore at the age of 16, no I do not drive seeing as I am so spacey that is probably a VERY good thing. My favorite subject is English, second fave is Science, yah I know its a weird combo.My favorite movies are as follows: Labyrinth (duh), Cats the musical (which I have a few fan fics for but have yet to post them), Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

Favorite Books: Green Rider, Ranger's Apprentice, and most things having to do with dragons or fantasy and more recently horror...very VERY scary horror.

Fave Music: Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Within Temptation, David Bowie, Queen, anything rock, goth, or fast paced

Fave pastime: writing, reading, watching TV, and currently doing a 500 piece, round, primarily black puzzle featuring several masquerade masks. Your right I have no life so you need not worry about me not completing my fan fics.

Hay every one seems to do this so I will too. Fave Parings: Labyrinth: Jareth/Sarah (they are meant to be and there so cute together!) Cats: Munks/Demi( its traditional ) Alonzo/Demi( older version)Munks/OOC( the Munks and Demi thing can get old )Tugger/Bomba(they bring out the best in each other) Mungo/Rumple( mostly as siblings but they are cute as mates too, not as both at the same time)Mac/Bomba( it just works)Ok I’m done for tonight yawns and falls over snoring Night...whoever

More about me (as if you really want to know) I am currently a Girl Scout, don't know why I'm telling you but hay what ever. I am a very sarcastic person at times, please note that I will NEVER be sarcastic while reviewing that is just way too mean for me. I mostly write happy sappy endings because...well...its nearly imposable for me to write sad endings. When I really get into something I may go off on descriptive tangents to the point where you will say 'Why won’t she just get to the point?!' so if I do do that sorry -_-; I will almost never use a cuss word in my righting, only mild crude language at worst. And that’s about all I have to say at present; if you've actually read all this then you deserve a slap on the back and a round of applause YAY YOU!! Claps hands and smiles thank you for trying to understand my insanity.

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