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Hey, If your reading this then either A. I'v gotten off my lazy ass and acturally written something, Or B. you did a auther search and ended up here by accident.

Anyway, to go over somethings, im curenttly 20, have brown eyes that turn black when pissed, were contacts, and single. I got started reading and writing fanfiction about... um, lets just say before i was leagly alowd to read anything higher the M. My loves started with Zoids, went to ranma, took a turn to inuyasha, got side tracked with Evangelion, was shot by Full metel panic, and has sence been stabed, punched, poked, and dismbowaled by anko from Naruto...and i liked it. Iv read nearly all the classics, can name off some good up and comers, really wished warpwizard would get off his ass and post something new, and was sadned when one of my favorite authors retired from fanfiction due to finance trobles.

As you can no doubt see my spelling is bad and i have a tendincy to ramble. so if i do post anything and people feel like betaing i would appriciate it.

So long and watch out for falling robots. =)