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Ok my name is the great Kasaru-chan

Age: I shall not tell

Eye color: green, blue, and grey with specks of yellow (it changes depending on lighting and what I'm wearing) (Note...this isn't my real eye color I just enjoy messing with you)

Hair color: brown

Country: USA

State: NJ

I love D.GreyMan, SkipBeat, Soul eater, KH, YuGiOh, Saiyuki, StormHawks, eyesheild 21, hitman reborn.

For each new fandom, I need an new icon, which is annoying as hell but I kinda like this one Kid is so huggable.

Favorite pairings are...



Allen/Lenali (the only female character that has not pissed me off)


Kingdom Hearts:









Kyoko/Ren (ok scratch what I said before Lenali isn't the only one)

Storm Hawks:







Yu-Gi-Oh Gx:

Chazz/Jaden (this one is my current fav)

I think that's all I may add more


Al: Did you know that for every curse word you use, you lose one braincell.

Me: Are you fucking serious that shit is fucking sick. Damn I'm never fucking cursing again...Shit

Al: That was six right there shit head

(we actually planned that but it was still funny)

When life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemon into life's eyes and say "Thanks, it wouldn't have worked if you had given me an apple" (made it up)

Cid: Thanks to you, my organs turned to chocolate cookies, my blood is cream! What do you have to say for yourself?

Zexion: I say that if you slit your wrist it would be the tastiest suicide EVER. (Ansem Retort #218)

Riku: It's true what they say "if you stare at the abyss long enough, the abyss begins to stare back"

Sora: Hi Riku!

Riku: Dammit Sora! Get out of the fucking abyss! (ansem Retort #94)

Zexion: Riku, thanks for the 500 I got for my birthday

Riku: I didn't get you a present...

Zexion: No, but you did forget to log off your account (ansem Retort #166)

If I could write a story that would please everybody, it wouldn't be a very good story (made it up)

Check out my newest story:

Frost bite


to anyone who has added my story to their favs list, or story alert list my computer deleted the story so I had to start it up all over again please add the replacement story I put on there. It's exactly the same but it will register when I've updated.

Updates: I'm on chapter 6 people. Party time!

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