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Greetings, I am Hufflepuff with a TARDIS. Obviously I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who and generally fanboy out about them, I will be posting Harry Potter fics when the mood strikes and I have inspiration. I generally take my inspiration from books I’ve read or other fanfictions. I do not consider it stealing, because imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’ll give credit where do, and generally I do my best to change it from the original idea that the work itself becomes totally my own.

I am one of those lucky people who have completely over thought Harry Potter to the point where I still enjoy the books but much prefer the fanfiction. A lot of the stories just make so much more sense and actually have character development.

My thoughts on Harry Potter:

Albus Dumbledore:

I am really conflicted about his character, I realize that he is a good guy and not evil, but he has steamrolled over people, and ruined countless lives for “the greater good”. He was the head of the wizarding courts; he very well should have over ruled the Barty Crouch and given Sirius a trial. I do not care that it looked like Sirius had done it and all the evidence was against him, he was a loyal fighter for the Order and Dumbledore owed him a fair trial as such. He also left Harry with the Dursley’s, now we do not know what was in the Potter’s will or if Lily wanted Harry with Petunia. Chances are that she did NOT want him going near the Dursley’s, based on the letter and memories of Lily and Petunia, Petunia hated magic and had a strained relationship with her sister, why would Dumbledore force her to take in a child? There is a lot more to say about him, but I’ll leave it there.

Severus Snape:

There are very few characters I loathe more than Severus Snape. I do realize that he had an abused childhood and was bullied by the marauders, yet that does not excuse his actions as an adult. Even his bullied past is suspect, we only see a few instances of it from his memories and that is about it. From what we hear he and James had a vendetta against each other, each gave as good as they got, so there goes that argument! I can’t even see his relationship with Lily as pure; it may have been good and honest as children, yet Snape slowly but surely went down the dark path. Lily defended him and tried to pull him out of it. If he truly loved her he would have left the Death Eaters long before it was too late. He ended up calling her a mudblood, and while he tried to pretend he was sorry he did not try to hide he actually disliked muggle-born’s, why was Lily different? He ended up joining the Death Eaters and did not leave for a noble reason, he only left because the woman he allegedly loved was in danger, he didn’t even care about Harry or James, which to me shows the darkness in his heart. He did not want to save Lily because it would make her happy he wanted so save Lily for himself! He loved her selfishly and selfish love is NOT love at all. Then he went and taught at Hogwarts, showing insane bias and treating Neville and Harry awfully. According to Rowling he treated Neville terribly because Neville might have been the boy who lived and then Lily would have survived. How is that the actions of an honorable man? If he had truly left the forces of the Death Eaters he should have tried to guide and mentor their offspring to the path of the light and what it truly meant to be a Slytherin.

Minerva McGonagall:

She is the HBIC and my favorite character; that is all.

I am a total Harry and Hermione shipper (I sail with the good ship Harmony). I do not ship it because of the movies, I ship them because I am die hard romantic. They to me have the best relationship in the entire series. They both clearly understand each other and never want to hurt the other. Whenever Ron has walked out on either of them, the other always stays by their side. They have a connection that most married people barely achieve. Also whenever they fight they fight over things that are actually of consequence, and not stupid things.

I am not overly fond of Ron or Ginny. Ron is an immature jerk who is constantly trying to hurt the people around him because of his insecurities. You would think Harry would be more insecure because he had a horrible childhood and Ron had been loved. Yet you almost always see Harry as a caring person and Ron hardly is portrayed as such. Yet I do read fics where he is nice, I also read them where he is made out to be a total tool. It all depends on the story.

My dislike of Ginny is not fully fair, but that is JK Rowlings fault. She gave her barely any text so she has no character to begin with. But from what I read is that she is nothing more than a fangirl who got to date and then marry the guy she had dreamed of since she was little. I do not think that love is what she had of Harry because it was obsessive and love is not obsessive. Also she clearly does not understand Harry the way Hermione does. The biggest give away was at the end of Half-Blood Prince, when she said “I always knew you would never be happy unless you were chasing him.” Seriously?! Harry is not happy at all that he has to do this, Dumbledore forced it upon him and he had no choice because of Dumbledore’s secrets. Go along Ginny back to being with all those other guys and leave Harry for Hermione. Oh and one more thought, the mere fact she dated other guys and tried to get Harry to be jealous is even more immature than Ron doing it. The two siblings did it to hurt and cause jealousy, not a good start for a relationship.

The horcruxes were an interesting idea on JK’s part but without being fully explained they just seemed like a cheap rip off of The One Ring, which was truly evil and rather than splitting his soul Sauron poured a bit of himself into it which is an old medieval idea about the best craft works. But it wasn’t always used for evil, that art I mean. Feanor created the Silmarils by pouring a bit of himself into it.

Wand loyalty could have had a much better theme if better explored. I really liked it at first, but she introduced it late and did not explain it! Wandlore is interesting and the readers wanted more but since she did not properly explain it or make it a part of the story it fell flat.

The Deathly Hallows were also an interesting idea, one that wasn’t explored nicely either. Again I blame it on the fact that it was introduced so late into the game. It could have been so much more, like into the realm of Faerie. Yet again she did nothing good with it, it was pretty much a red herring.
~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My thoughts on the Death Eaters:

I view them as I view the KKK, Nazi's, Gangs, and White Supremacists, there are things you have to do to join each club that are nearly unforgivable. I say nearly because of the human aspect, whereas I believe TRUE repentance achieves forgiveness from God, but that is not the point I am making here.

I don't think Voldemort would give anyone the Dark Mark if they were under the Imperious, why would he do it to someone who could eventually turn on him? Anyways, Like those gangs there are probably things you have to do to earn that Mark. I know for some U.S gangs at least there are some tattoo's you get after doing certain acts.

Now what is the requirement for the Mark? I've no idea, I assume it is along the line of Rape, Murder, or Torture, possibly all three. Voldemort would want to know the depravity and dedication of his followers, and what better way to show how evil they are than performing an act that require the ultimate evil. Remember what Bellatrix said to Harry in OOTP? "You have to actually mean it!' The plain old desire to hurt or kill someone wont kill or hurt them. Your heart has to be black with hate to commit those crimes! So because of these I believe that all Death Eaters should have gone to prison, whether or not they claimed imperious or "repentance". Sure they might have repented but they still have to be given justice!

That brings me to my next point. If by that logic that you actually have to mean it to cast a spell, especially for wordless casting, why was Harry forced to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament?! He never signed anything, and his guardian sure did not. Why was he forced to compete? What sort of Legal program was that? Also if Dumbledore was such good friends with Crouch and Moody, how did he not see what was up with them? I mean if you were best friends with someone you would notice if something was awry with them.

We have seen evidence that Dumbledore has nothing against using his Legilimency on students. If Barty was behaving oddly surely a quick scan would show something was up?


Daddy Mooney: My first fic that I am currently working on expanding in a believable way. It is about Remus taking Harry from the Dursley's at a young age and raising him as his own. I added Tonks into the mix because I love Remus and Tonks relationship.

I work at my own pace and don't plan out my stories ahead of time. Wherever inspiration strikes is where I will be writing. I've got two other's in the works and once I have enough written I will begin publishing.

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