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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Zatch Bell, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Pokémon.

Edited: 3/13/12

Yaaaay! I'm a beta reader now! :D

Edited: 8-20-10

I haven't updated this since a year ago two days ago... which happens to be when I returned.

Hello all my wonderful lovely loves. I have returned. As you can see my I've made a new story in commemoration of this event. For those of you wanting to see a new chapter of my Zeon-esque story, I'm already working on the next chapter, so that should be out by the end of the day.

Also, I've finally thought of a proper ending to my other Zatch Bell story and hope to have that finished soon. I can already see now that there will be a bit of unhappiness with the ending, so I'm planning on making another story to complete that one. A bit of an AU-ish thing, like "what if...", you know. If you happen to come to my page often enough to notice that a lot of my old information from when I was still starting out is gone. I like to think I'm a little more professional now, maybe?

In any case, if you've read thus far in my updates then I'd like to do some advertising for Blighter. Well... it's advertising for me too. He's done the awesomest thing and made a story connected to the world that I've created with Loyalty: A Bond Between Friends. It's called Loyalty: Tyrannical Dubious Feelings. I'm convinced that all my stories thusly related to the world and characters I've created should be Loyalty: title here. Yes, I am tooting my own horn.

Uh... is there anything else I need to tell you? Oh yes. Loyalty: The Movie. Unfortunately I've scrapped this project as a "movie", mostly because I couldn't follow Anime Law and make it so nothing important happens in the movie and the characters can move on from that point. Therefore, the "movie" has been scrapped, but the movie plot/idea has not. In fact--and I feel I can tell you this without giving any major spoilers--the idea that had been the movie is now serving as the official end to Loyalty: A Bond Between Friends. All and all, I have to say it was a great run. Thanks for your patronage! I will put all my updates and important info here.

In case you didn't know, all Zatch Bell stories have been updated now.





Lee and gaara: WHAT?!

Sasuke: I just wated to see your reaction

There's no use crying over spilled milk.(note to self: get new milk)

Sprinkle Spinkle in a a bar what I wonder is a cat.

You said 'we'. We can mean alot of thigs. We us, We the people, and my favorite one, WEEEEEEEEEE!-Cosmo

LSD! LSD! LSD! LSD! -Me and my friend Ina

Max: I hate you brittish people!

Chirstian: For the last time, I'm AUSTRAILIAN! -Max and Christian

How do you say 'douche bag' in French?-Me

Me: Hey Alex, got your nose!

Alex: (grabs my hand) GIMME BACK MY NOSE YOU BITCH! -Me and Alex.

Whazzup mah home cheese doodle-Asia

Oh my god, your eating cheese doodles?!-Asia

I'm gonna have you tested for ADHD...and retardation-Joey (to me)

You're mean when you're sober-Joey (to me)


I have a cat named Cat-Sassyton

Wrong of the most wrong I've ever seen before in my life. Wrong wrong, man-Travis

There are sexual predators at my house-Devon

Camels have tumors-Sassyton.

I can't read with this loudness! -bangs pencil on the desk and lead breaks- Oh. So that's where all my lead's been going.-Sassyton.

Alejandro: It looks okay to me.

Me: And what, exactly, is your definition of 'okay'?

Alejandro: Not. On. Fire -Me and Alejandro

The little squares of doom on the waffles cut the roof of your mouth.-Sassyton

Stop throwing the pumpkins! -Me

In order to form a more perfect union, I order you to shut the hell up. -Me

I was watching a documentary on Gwen Stephoni. I don't know what a 'Hollaback Girl' is, all I know is, I want her dead. -brian (Family guy)

Go back to Russia! -Me

Everyone in the Candy land game is a child rapist.-trey

Sam: My cat has a hidden chocolate factory!


Trey: Yeah, except this chocolate comes out his ass.

Me: Oh... LIKE WILLY WONKA?!-Me Trey And Sam


If you're a pyro maniac, raise your hand (raises hand)-Aislinn

Sassyton: Did you know turtle breathe out their butts?

Me: Then what do the fart out of?

Sassyton: Wouldn't you like to know. -Me and Sassyton

I'm 20 percent good, 20 percent evil, 20 percent neutral, and 40 percent waffles. -Me going to kick...your...ass... -Stewie (family guy)

6 out of 5 people have trouble with fractions -shirt

It's all fun and games 'til the cops show up -shirt

Stop crying and I'll let you go -Hakeem

Burn the Warlock! -Me

We can play something in the dark -Sassyton

OMIGOD, who died? -Me

Nayo: I just realized--this says "Columbus received tobacco as a gift from the Native Americans in 1942." WWII was in 1942.

Ellen: Hey, I tried hard not to plagiarize!

Nayo: By changing the date?!

Me: Maddie!

Jojo: What did she do this time?

Me: She's cheating off me and the test hasn't even started yet!

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