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Author has written 3 stories for South Park, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Greetings, I am just a computer engineer who enjoys writing in his spare time. Currently I write for Sonic and South Park.

Current Works:

Two Tails on Mobius: A story of friendship, bravery and family. Tails believes himself to be an orphan, due to a tragedy that happened over 5 years ago. But his recent action on Angel island with Sonic have brought him new fame which is discovered by his lost sister who is commited to finding him. All while Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik uses a new invention and deadly scheme to finally conquer Mobius. Can Sonic stop him in time? Can Mobians and Humans finally find peace between themselves on the world they share?

Status: 100 written, just doing the final edit and posting the chapters as I finish with them.

Two Tails is my first fiction written in the Sonic universe that i call "Ando-Mobius". It is primarily based on the Sonic games(excluding Sonic Unleashed and the story book games). You will find borrowed ideas from the comics and the Sonic X universe, but I try to stay true to the games. At heart, I am a SatAM fan since that I grew up watching the show and reading the Archie Comics. But in the end, my goal was to come up with a universe rich in history and characters, free from the plotholes of the games and not too wierd for the average Sonic fan to enjoy. So let me give you an overview.

My stories take place on the planet Mobius located in the Adromeda galaxy, roughly five hundred years in the future.The planet is earthlike, though it only has a single, massive continent. It was orginally barren and devoid of life until men from the planet earth seeded it with plant life roughly 300 years prior to TwoTails. They shortly established a small colony on the world, bringing animals on earth with them in hopes of creating a new home for themselves, free from the industrialized rock that earth has become. But the colonists all die due to a strange alien virus, only the animals survive. These 100 animals were not killed by the virus, but enhanced by it, giving them human characteristics.The animals learn and develop their own civilization, learning from the many artifacts left by the humans.

This peaceful bliss is interrupted a century later when the humans return to Mobius. Though these humans were different then their predecessors. They are exiles, criminals who attempted to rebel against the peaceful human confederacy in the neighbouring galaxy. These men, xenophobic and eager to dominate attempted to enslave the Mobians. This was met with fierce resistance and a war soon ensues. Atrocities are committed on both sides and neither human nor mobian is capable of gaining an advantage over the other. So a truce is declared and an uneasy peace follows. It is in the pax Mobiana that a mad scientist, previously in the service of one of the seven ruling human families disappears and later resurfaces as Dr. Robotnik. The events of the Sonic 1-3 and Sonic CD ensue.Though Robotnik is a threat primarily to Mobians, The Mobian Republic still treats the humans as their greatest threat. It is in this climate that Two Tails on Mobius takes place.

I do plan to release a book. Composed of short stories and encyclopaedic information on Ando Mobius, though I want to allow my readers to discover the history of Mobius, its geography and the people who dwell their through my books. I am working now on the second book which has a working title of "Seven gems of fire"

The Missing Stotch: My south park works have taken a bit of a back seat to Sonic. But don't worry, I actually have two unedited chapters of The Missing Stotch written, though unedited. I do plan to continue work on this story this fall, hopefully finishing by next Summer.

Anyways, enjoy my work and feel free to drop me a line.

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