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Age: Immortal

Appearance: I have auburn hair that get more red the more sun I its usually dark brown since the sun is evil. It fluctuates between short and shaggy since I'm too lazy to cut it as often as I should. Im like 6 foot and I have a runners body for those of you who get that. I think I'm pretty sexy when I can be bothered to try.

Gender: Male

Fav Color: Purple, but like dark, evil, miasmatic purple...or gray...the battle rages on

Fav Bands: Modest Mouse, The Prodigy, From First To Last, Moxy Fruvous, Ben Folds (Five), Fall Out Boy, Lit, Lostprophets, White Zombie, The White Stripes, Escape the Fate, Franz Ferdinand, Maroon 5, Moxy Fruvous, Daft Punk, Stone Temple Pilots, The Hoosiers, Gogol Bordello, Matchbook Romance The Academy Is..., Arctic Monkeys, Armor For Sleep, Astral Projection, The Ataris, Atreyu, The Clash, Daft Punk, The Fall Of Troy, Family Force 5, Jimmy Eat World, Lunaractive, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, Saves The Day, Say Anything, She Wants Revenge, The Sleeping, Taking Back Sunday, The Ting Tings, Syx, Disturbed, The Fratellis, Sublime, Zircon, Lit, White Zombie, Smash Mouth, Alien Ant Farm, Ludo, Emarosa, The Rocket Summer, Dance Gavin Dance, Mayday Parade, Brand New, Portugal. The Man, Circa Survive and many more. I listen to almost everything.

Special Props To: Say Anything (My all time favorite band of all time)

Fav Movies: Moulin Rouge, Anything by Tim Burton, Anything by Hayao Miyazaki, Anything by Guillermo Del Toro, Serenity, and Asian Martial arts movies like house of flying daggers, kung fu hustle and Hero...oh and Monty Python and the Quest for The Holy Grail, Pitch Black, The Orphanage, 300, Speed Racer (yea I said it), Hot Fuzz, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Shawn of the Dead, Rock n Rolla, The Gamers 1 and 2, Tron 1 and 2, Scott Pilgrim vs The World (of course)

Special Props To: The Crow (My all time favorite movie of all time)

A little about me: Im pretty opinionated and I prefer my reality to the widely accepted version. Im a little morbid and my sense of humor is seriously off kilter. I find humor in unusual places, enjoy the little things, and get really excited about some really stupid stuff. It's all about enjoying the little things in life. I really hate a lot. I find them selfish, predictable, and far less impressive then they seem to think they are. But that's a generalization. There are a few truly awesome folks out there and since they are so rare I tend to keep my friends close and treat them well. I admit that I also automatically like anyone who reviews my stories by default, probably because I don't bother to get to know them so the one good deed tips the cosmic scales in their favor. I am a home body at heart, but now and then i can be talked into going out for a wild night. I prefer to be informed of things well in advance so I have mental prep time. I also am not a big fan of surprises. Man when I write this all out I don't sound like much fun lol

My all time fav book: Is "The Shadow of The Wind" It is the only book I have ever read to this day that actually effected me on an emotional and mental level. And that's saying a lot considering how much I've read. I recommend it to! One favorite book series has got to be the Chronicles of the Black company by Glen Cook. So large, so epic, so mind boggling you will finish reading and say to yourself "Why yes I do believe my mind has been sufficiently boggled." And the only series more fantastic then that is the "Night Angel Trilogy" by brent weeks. Do yourself a favor and pick it up and then feel free to thank me. I am also a hardcore H.P. Lovecraft fan. Cthulhu for president! If you do not read these things you will die unfulfilled.

Ahem...I'll just handle this here and now.

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to any of the things I write fan fictions about or anything else mentioned on this page(except for the part where I mentioned my 2 other stories, I do own those). Unless someday some of my stuff gets published. Since I wrote this disclaimer before I wrote any of the stories I posted on the site I'm using it as a universal tell all. its not mine, it likely never will be, now excuse my while I go cry in a corner.

Sora x Kairi

Namine x Roxas

Cloud x Tifa--I was converted

Max x Fang

Fayt x Nel

Rand x Elayne x Avienda x Min (The lucky bastard)

Haru x Ellie

Daisuke x Riku

Squall x Rinoa

Vincent x Lucrecia

Zidane x Dagger

Croaker x Lady

Apollo x Starbuck

Chuck x Sara

Richard x Kahlan

Mal x Inara

Kylar x Veridiana (Elaine was a wimp)

Freddie x Sam (Yea it's iCarly let's all be adults and move on)

And more I cant think of now


1. Video Games!

2. Reading...a lot

3. Writing

4. Surfing the web for hidden goodies (thats not as pervers as it sounds...usually)

5. Listening to my music...all the time

6. Coffee!! Im not an addict, I could quit anytime I want...I just dont want to

7. Sushi. Been eating it since I was 3 and im not stopping now

8. People who think like me

9. MavsGirl and The Lionheartless, and their fics "Saving Me" and "Those without Hearts" If you haven't read them, do.

10. I like to over use the ellipse. For those of you who are confused that's the three dot thingy "..."

11. Creepy stuff. H.P. Lovecraft is my horror hero (Horror hero should totally be a game for Wii where you get to use the wand as like a chainsaw or butcher knife or other classic murder weapon of choice to brutally off your victims...just for the record)


1. Pineapple. Im sorry people its just nasty.

2. Stupid people. They make me violent

3. Bad writers who think they can write, and do

4. Imagined Yaoi relationships. I mean if that's how it was in the actual story/show, but don't create it where it doesn't exist to fulfill your own fantasies. it makes it twenty times harder for me to find the pairings I want.

6. Cucumbers...also grossness

7. Egomaniacs. Its ok to be self confident, I walk the line every day, just don't cross it.

8. People who judge without a license

9. Hurting myself...although it seems to be the only way I ever get hurt.

10. The color yellow...its the color of evil. Pineapple is proof...Spongebob doesn't help its case any, the sun was invented by Lucifer himself.

11. The fact that Lionheartless appears to be missing. I suggest a manhunt. Writing that good should not be left unfinished.

12. Math. The devil speaks in math. In fact I think thats how he spoke the sun into existence. YellowHot=Evil ball of death.

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