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Hi there everybody ...

Disclaimer: I don't owe any of MegamanX's characters ..they all belong to Capcom

I don't want to repeat that in every chapter , so what?

Any way I'm Madness Queen, a new young talent around here, (Young maybe. But talented I'm not so sure...!)

Any way I'm 21 years old girl,I've a crush on someone but I ain't telling (not any more

Madness Queen is now in college and very busy and have a Fanart account ( my home page =P if u checked it out lettme now what u think =3)

Let see, you heard of Zero fangirl? ever seen one? If you're still looking , I present the living example of Zero fan girl, really I'm mad about Zero...

My fav. game is Megaman X, my fav. character ever to exist the one and only Zero, and I love any pair with Zero in the other side of it, for example: Zero/Iris, Zero/Layer, Zero/Ciel, Zero/Zero O.o...Zero/anything

and I love anima, like Yugi and others but still MMX ROCKS!!

I'm mad, this profile must be weird, so don't complain just yet!

Ummm...what else? oh yeah ,English is not my mother language so be gentle on me, 'k?

I know you people look for stuff like that so here .My hobbies: reading (anything I can get my hand on staring with milk boxes ...), drawing, TV,cooking, PS, ..all I can think of right now.

you've any other questions ,personal message me, I'll up date this thing evey once in a while but till then ,bye bye.

oh not bye bye yet, a special Thanks to Moondalian who convinced me to make the account , R.B.aXcess who encourage me to post my first Fic ever, Trunks Goddess my fav girl on Fanfiction and Trineum my lost twin I love you all =3

yeah bye bye now.

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