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Cinderella's Fantasy

that's me! well, ok, my name isn't really cinderella's fantasy, but that's who i am on my real name is aile. it means ''wing'' in french. :) tho i'm not full french. just a quarter. i'm a two quarters american. then asian. but i prefer to be classify as asian. :) my birthday is october 29th. buy me a cake on that day :P i go to a school called c.j. jorgensen. i like to write, and if you know me, you would know i have an extreme passion for it. like, if you ever go thru my room, it's filled with paper that have stories written on it. :D

i'm mostly going to write anime romances. first of all, why? cuz i love anime. haven't watch in awhile, but i still love it. plus, anything japanese is like so cool in my opinion. :) there is so many animes that have touched my heart that i love too death. (full moon wo sagashite) , anime is one of things i can really relate to. why romance? i'm one of those girls who always want to fall in love. i just love to imagine myself, one day, getting married to my prince charmin. yknow? but love is not really my thing in real life. nothing goes my way, that's how it is in many people's lives. so, i just like writing all thes fairy-tale romances just for how i would imagine myself in love, or something. but, i will write other types cuz sometimes i think romances really suck (i don't like watching them in real life or reading them; it usually ruins a movie or book for me) anime isn't the best thing in the world. , i want to challenge myself.

i like to listen to songs as to inspire me. my fan-fics might have some relation to some songs, then. i prefer to listen to love songs for my inspiration. just cuz. (tho i prefer listening to really up-beat songs.) i like to write song-fics, too. but i think i found this rule somewhere (don't remember if i actually saw it or i am dreaming) saying you can't. there's nothing wrong with that tho, it's just when you write a story with a song, that's your inspiration, it's better for the people who are reading it to know the lyrics so they can understand you. so i suggest you listen to the song so you can actually relate to the story if i do any like that in the future.

wells that's all i'm going to say myself. :) good-bye thanks reading my profile . you rock my socks! xD

p.s. the way i write on my profile is not my typing style on stories in real life. i have pretty good grammar, but not that good cuz i'm pract still a kid. but don't think i'm just a lil 10 year old. cuz i ain't. you may think i suck at writing, but nobody's perfect. the more i write, the more i improve, so i'm going to still keep writin' even if i suck. i had a profile on here before, so i know how everything works (even if i didn't, i would still know cuz i'm cool like that xD jk.) , i have written some fan-fics before. they were kinda popular, having more than 100 comments (prob not a lot to you, but to me, it is) lots of views. i comment back to everyones review/comment, no matter what. idk why tho, i just do. so feel freee to ask any q'z you want or just say whats up. i don't really mind. message me any time. i will reply back no matter what. you may criticize as much you want, but please keep it within reason. don't bash. don't hate. don't flame. that's all i ask. :)

lifetime unchanged:
this is a story i had up before. i love this for some reason. it's inspired by a tvb show called revolving doors of vegerance (sp?). it's one of my favorite tvb shows, after war and beauty. if you watched the show, you might get how the show inspired me. there's only four chapters up so far. so please read & review. ill return the favor if you do. :)

that's stroy is going to be on hiatus/deleted until i feel in the mood to write that. maybe during winter break? well idk.

i have a limit on how much i write per chapter. 1k is the min. cuz i don't want a chapter to be too short that you don't really care bout it. 3.5k-4k is the max. that is prob short, but i don't want to write something so long that it gets draggy boring. , i'm too lazy to type a lot. xD i seriously can't think of a lot of action in just one chapter.

october 11th-
i wonder how long it has been since i been on like more than a few months. wow. anyways, starting all anew, i guess. so yeah. this story lifetime unchaged is still going to be on here, but i'm not going to update and i'll probably work on it every once when i have spare time or when i'm in the mood. so anyways, i think i'm going to write a one-shot to start everything because i can actually finish one-shots. so probably expect one by later today or sometime this week, mostly likely tomorrow. :)

add. i accept everyone, unless you remind of micheal jackson or some rapist. xD jk. ill talk to you, pic comment, comment, everythin. :)

Lifetime Unchanged reviews
“Don’t blame her. Don’t speak those apathetic words anymore,” Misty whispered. Misty’s lifetime changed. And who does she blame? Her, the girl that ruined her life in a way. All she wants now is to forget about the truth and get her lifetime unchanged.
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,534 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/13/2007 - Published: 6/15/2007