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Author has written 1 story for Tenchi Muyo, and Inuyasha.

And up goes Tomorrow is Another Day! This story is a repost from my account over on AFF - I really don't see it going anywhere objectionable to FF.

This story is my first fanfic, I do my own beta-ing, and write only when I'm motivated to and around the demands of Real Life and other entertainments. Usually anime, gaming, reading other fanfics, chatting, web-surfing, etc. comes first. Writing is really a last mode of entertainment, but I have had this great idea running around in my head for this story for over 2 years.

Updates after I catch up to AFF will be sporadic due to above mentioned priorities, random levels of motivation and just the overbearing degree of perfectionist that is me when I DO get motivated.

Stick with me, Ryoko and Inuyasha will NOT let me leave this story.


-Extra Snippet-

Warnings - Foul Language


Enter Inuyasha from stage left. He walks up behind a female figure sitting at a desk.

“Hey Wench!”

Author-chan turns around from watching a great episode of Fairytail. She smiles at him even though he's frowning and his stance is annoyed.

“Hey Inuyasha! I haven't seen you in a while. What's up?”

Inuyasha stiffens his posture.

“I'll tell you 'what's up'! You take entirely too long to write this story! You realize we've been stuck in the same day for over two years while you dink around!! Two fucking years WENCH!!!”

Author-chan frowns at Inuyasha but he continues.

“Now you are gonna stop screwing off with this 'real life' bullshit. I swear you are worse than Kagome and her 'tests' that were always getting in the way of finding the jewel shards. I don't care about your 'career', your 'classes', or your 'sanity time'. I wanna get to the next fucking day already so get to fucking work you lazy wench.”

“But Inu-chan... I've been so busy. I got yelled at yet again 'cause I wasn't studying enough, I haven't got my drivers license yet, I have to do my laundry, I want to get REALLY drunk tonight and my manga updated today!

Inuyasha does a facepalm. He opens his mouth to start pestering her again when another female voice pipes in.

“Hey! I heard you were getting D-runk tonight! Am I invited!?”

Ryoko floats down with a large bottle to wrap an arm around Author-chan. Inuyasha facepalms again.

“Hells YES! What's in the bottle?”

“Just your favorite. Malibu rum...”

“What!!! Awesome! Lets start drinking!”

Author-chan reaches for the bottle but Ryoko pulls it just out of reach. Orange eyes meet emerald and Author-chan frowns as Ryoko grins.

“Sorry hunnie, you only get the drinkie after you write another chappie...”

Author-chan crosses her arms and pouts.

“No fair! You guys are teaming up on me... You big Meanies!”

Author-chan runs out of the room.

“Great job Ryoko... now she's not even at the computer! How are we gonna get another chapter now?”

Ryoko humphs.

“Well that just shows you don't know how I operate.”

“And what exactly is your plan?"

Ryoko grins.

“She took the bottle when she left!”

“What! Now we'll never get her back in here to write! How are we gonna get through the day now?”

“Yeah, but she left the computer on... And we both know that she's gonna drink that whole bottle by herself.”


“So we are both there. We know what's happening better than she does. She's always changing things and making us seem silly. We can write it down as it REALLY happens!”

Ryoko is still grinning and as he catches on to the idea, Inuyasha joins in.
Author-chan walks back in while the two are standing there grinning at either other.

"I forgot to turn the computer off..."

She notices them.

"Get a room!"

The two start as they are shaken out of their gloating visions of how they were going to write the "real story". They look at the now locked computer and share one sentiment.


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