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I guess I don't have all that much to say. But I hope to be a writer someday and I think this will be a good start. I welcome all reviews whether they are compliments or flames. Either way they help me to improve as a writer. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, most anime, video games, etc. So over time, I might have at least 5 stories for each section, please enjoy. Oh and by the way, I'm a heterosexual teenage male in real life, and though I don't have a problem with homosexuality, I won't have yaoi or yuri in my stories. If two guys or two girls seem very very close, they're just friends. I've had questions about that :/

I fused some of the chapters together on Berlitz >:3

Gah! I never wanted to do this, but I have so many story ideas buzzing around in my head that I need to type them down so I don't forget them:

Stories that will appear in the future:

Pokemon Toxic Purple: (Kanto Story) When a boy sets out on his pokemon adventure, he catches the pokemon he always wanted. But what will happen when the pokemon is "marked" and can't evolve? Join him as he sets out to find the answer to all his problems while stopping Team Rocket along the way.

Pokemon Bronze: (Johto Story) When a poor kid who lives a town away from the "Starter Town" is unable to get a starter pokemon, he takes matters into his own hands and catches a pokemon no one believes in. Can he defy the odds and become the greatest pokemon master the world has ever seen? Especially when someone is intent on watching him fail and harness the power of the Legendary Dogs?

Pokemon: The Great Divide: When a kid is a constantly tormented at school and at home, he turns to the television for comfort while his favorite show, "Pokemon" is on, he soon finds that the Pokemon World is far from imaginary. But what happens when his cruel older brother finds out about this sanctuary?

(Digimon, Don't have story title yet): When an evil digimon is stopped by the guardian of the Digital World, he is reborn, given his memories and is given a choice: Either start life anew with his new human partner, or go back to his evil plan for domination.

Avatar: The First Windbender: Years after Avatar Aang's death, the Spiritbending ability is passed down from avatar after avatar. But when one avatar's spirit is not pure enough, he is corrupted and rather than destroyed, his spirit is twisted. Discovering how much of a threat the current avatar might be, the past lives remove his avatar abilities and pass it on to one who is worthy. Can the new avatar stop the insane new dictator? Especially when the past lives failed to remove his deadliest ability? (Hint, it's not Spiritbending, and it's called The First Windbender for a reason :3)

Stories I Might Do:

Ben 10: DNA Splice: During a battle for the Plumbers, Ben's Omnitrix face splits in half. But rather than break down like everyone expects, he's given the ability to fuse the better qualities of his aliens, stronger than ever he takes down his enemies one by one. But with a power like this so near him, can Kevin resist absorbing the newfound abilities and returning to his life as a thug?

Stupidity of a Pokemon Ranger: Spinoff of Stupidity of a Pokemon Trainer focusing on the Pokemon Ranger games.

Stupidity of a Pokemon Dungeon Explorer: (Mouthful isn't it? xD) Spinoff of Stupidity of a Pokemon Trainer focusing on the Mystery Dungeon games.

(That's all I can remember right now, despite my best efforts to write down all my story ideas before I forgot... I forgot. But trust me everyone, these descriptions do not do the ideas in my heads justice. Right now, I'm sort of blah so I'm not writing for a while until I get my bearings. I hope you all are looking forward to these stories like I am! )

Favorite Pokemon of Each Type (Counting Legendary as a type):

Bug: Shedinja (Especially with Shadow Ball)

Dark: Tyranitar (My least favorite type so this was no contest :/)

Dragon: Gabite (Gible: Too much mouth; Garchomp: Too much fin, some may argue that they allow it to fly, but I say, it's a dragon, give it wings!)

Electric: Rotom

Fighting: Hitmontop

Fire: Camerupt

Flying: Gliscor

Ghost: Rotom Spin Form

Grass: Breloom (My favorite pokemon type so it was hard)

Ground: Marowak (My favorite pokemon! >3)

Ice: Froslass

Normal: Aipom and Ambipom (Monkeys rule! I was born on the Year of the Monkey so they're my brothers/sisters :3)

Poison: Croagunk (Croagunk rules! Right under Marowak)

Psychic: Slowking (No idea why xD)

Rock: Cranidos and Rampardos (Sucky type, no contest :P)

Steel: Aggron and Lucario

Water: Politoed (Soooo many water types @_@ But I decided that Politoed sorta matches my personality >:3)

Legendary: Giritina Origin Form and Shaymin Sky Form

Before Platinum Legendary: Groudon

Favorite Kanto Game: Leafgreen

Favorite Johto Game: Heartgold

Favorite Hoenn Game: Emerald

Favorite Sinnoh Game: Platinum

The reason why I did this was to let you all know, the main character will never catch any of my favorite pokemon or their pre-evolutions. This is so I can gain a greater appreciation for the other pokemon. I will try my hardest not to stray from this, so the companions will never have them either. Though on Berlitz, I'm afraid it's inevitable for five on my list.

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