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Yeah, anyway, Guten Morgen to all you people I don't know. I am HockeyFreak, also known as Nyxe by some of my closer friends. Among my interests are marching band (yes, I'm a band geek and proud of it), books (anything to do with fantasy or sports), videogames (specifically Gamecube, but I'll take DS anytime), and Not like that wasn't obvious or anything. I also spend what spare time I have practicing with my band, Bible of the: 502, with whom I play piano and occasionally the soundboards. We are currently in the process of recording a demo CD and sending it to a plethera of companies who might give us a shot at a contract. Yay!

I haven't exactly posted anything yet, but I have a logical reason: I can't get any of my ideas off the ground. I do, in fact, have concepts and plots and OCs and all that wonderful paraphenalia (sp?) that gives fanfics their esscence, but I don't have a clue as to how to set things in motion. I'll figure something out though...Oh yeah, speaking of fanfics...

My policy on posting is as follows: I post one chapter at a time, and I don't post the next one until I get a certain amount of reviews that say 'Keep Going', 'I Like It', or something to that effect. There isn't any point in me continuing to post if nobody bothers to read it.

Now that that's said and done, here are some of my fandoms and favorite brain-drainers, in no particular order:

Books (Comics, graphic novels, and written literature): Harry Potter Series, Ender Wiggin Series, Redwall Series, The Princess Bride, Hellsing, Gravitation, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Fruits Basket, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, Warriors Series, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, .hack

TV (Cartoons, movies, or and otherwise): Monty Python (all movies and episodes), Pirates of the Caribbean, The Princess Bride, Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Saw II, Beetlejuice/Beatlegeuse, Harry Potter Series, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Invader Zim, Dogma, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new and old versions), Fairly Odd Parents, The Lion King, The Incredibles, The Ring, Ju-on, Seven Japanese Horror Stories, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Dirty Jobs, Matilda, X-Men Evolution, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teen Titans, Batman (all), Spiderman II

Videogames (All consoles and genres): Geist, Final Fantasy, Tales of Symphonia, The Mario Bros. Series (except for Smash Bros.), Pokemon, .hack

If I think of anything else, I'll put it down for you to see.

If you care to see it, here are the fursonas (for lack of a better word) that my friends and I have adopted as our own.

Nyxe (that's me!) - Ring-tailed lemur
Aki - GOD (or maybe a cat...)
Hari - Red Fox
Momo - White Rabbit

Antsy/Tony - Czechslovakian Wolfdog
Grant - Red Panda
Brock - Wolverine (the animal, stupid, not the mutant)
Ashers -
Shawn -
Krissy -

Ah, now for quotes from me and my friends...all the appropriate ones anyway. Heheheh...

"C'mon, let's go. They're makin' out." - Me

"Yeah, because we all know I have a no-ass." - Aki

"A priest gettup? How pathetic." "Says the man in a red zoot suit." - Alucard and Me, respectively


"What is this manner of faggotry?" - Aki

"So, coming out of the closet, are we?" - Brenna

"I have magical beings coming to me in my dreams and telling me I shouldn't exist. How do you think I feel?" - Krissy

"Yeah, well your mom's...kneecap..." - Me

"Man, my water bottle's a BEAST!" - Brenna


"Dude, you a whole new species of dumbass." - Shawn

"Aki, he's got six feet of tongue. Do you have any idea what that could DO?" - Me

"Hari, you're supposed to be a fox, not a demented frog." - Me

"Hey look, it's an Ooga Booga." - Me

Love to all the people who bothered to get to know me. As for the rest of you...well, you'll find out soon enough.

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