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Author has written 14 stories for Maximum Ride, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Higurashi/Umineko series, and Undertale.


Jan 1, 2015: Hey guys. You may have noticed that I haven't updated in a while. There is a very good reason for this. About 3 weeks ago, my laptop(which contained the rough draft of the next chapter of Kishi no Kakera), broke down. The power jack, which had been faulty for quite some time, finally quit working altogether, precluding me from accessing anything. This, understandably, has made posting the next chapter difficult. On top of that, I don't have much money to repair it, so it may be some time. Luckily, my friend gave me his old laptop to use until mine is fixed, so hopefully I can re-write the chapter, although without my notes I'm running off memory. Kishi no Kakera hasn't been forgotten, but it may take some time to be updated, and will likely be irregular.

Feb 1, 2015: Yeah, I need my notes or I can't post, there's just too much to keep straight, and even with my notes i sometimes write myself into a corner(damn you Ibaraki), so it's on hiatus, though NOT dead.

Nov 4, 2015: Found Undertale and the muse hit me hard! Expect quite a few undertale stories.

March 14, 2016: This is mostly regarding Kishi no Kakera, and is mostly just an affirmation that I DO intend to return and finish it. As stated above, my old laptop was, and is, broken, and my funds are rather low, as I live paycheck to paycheck. As for now, Undertale fics have captured my creative energies, so that's where I'm focused at the moment.

Stuff about me:

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Country: Canada

Attitude: Even tempered, willing to forgive personal wrongs easily, but slow to forgive wrongs against others. Always gentle, even when angry(unless threatened). Pragmatic, but a little lazy.

Hobbies: Video games, D&D, Watching anime, writing Fan-fiction =D.

Other: Some of you may have noticed that most of my OC's use swords, katanas, and the like. That is because I myself am an aspiring swordsman, and actually own a bokken. They're my favorite weapon type, which is why most of my characters use them.

Story stats:

Kishi no Kakera: Plan to update once a week at least, sorry if I fail. Revised to a month, as writing this is more difficult than I initially assumed. Again revised, attempting to hold to a rigid schedual kills my inspiration, and also my computer is broken. This fic revolves around an OC named Ryan Aminiko, who, after perishing in his own world, is saved by Oyashiro, and given a second chance at life, in Hinamizawa. He is also tasked with protecting Rika from the tragic Fate that binds her. This is a multi-arc fic, and mostly follows Ryan's POV, although there are some switches to other POV's when appropriate. Some arcs will also run parallel to the original arcs, but never exactly the same.

Meta arcs:

Meta arcs are basically a further subdivision of the story. While arcs are individual worlds, Meta Arcs are multi world groupings. At the end of each Meta Arc, you can expect a bigger than usual revelation or decision. The Meta Arcs have no standardized length, they can be a single arc, or a string of them. They will be updated as new arcs are released.

Meta Arc 1: Introduction to Tragedy: Contains the Higekishokuchi-hen, Sankudeshijon-hen, Nejimagarutouei-hen, and Hosshinkishi-hen arcs.

Meta Arc 2: Empowerment and Aversion: Contains the Tokaisenso-hen arc. not yet complete.

Meta Arc 3: Discovery and Disassociation: Not Yet Written

Meta Arc 4: Recovery and Return: Not Yet Written

Arc Translations:

Higekishokuchi: Introduction to Tragedy

Sankudeshijon: Terrible Choice

Nejimagarutouei: Twisted Reflection

Hosshinkishi Awakening of the Knight

Tokaisenso: Hidden War

Upcoming fics:

Endless December: Rika has defeated Fate, and is now living peacefully with her friends in the perfect world...so so she thinks. Hanyuu gives her a disturbing warning about a new Fate, destined to occur on the eve of the first snowfall. A new battle...is about to begin. This will be another long fic, with two arcs planned as of June 24,2012. I'm withholding this for now, as the later plot is still in flux, and i want to make sure it's perfect before I post it, plus I don't want to write two major stories at once. 4 chapters have been written as of now.

Still planned as of March 2013, but still withheld until Kishi no Kakera finishes, as several elements may be used in one or the other.

Untitled: Really more of an idea that a full fledged story right now. A story that follows Rika from the very first world (Hinamizawa Prime) on her journey through the Sea of Kakera and the countless worlds she encounters, chronicling her change from an idealistic and innocent young girl to the hardened cynical Rika we all know and love.

A World Apart: A Naruto Fanfiction. What would happen if someone with both knowledge of science and of the Naruto-verse ended up in there. A young man does just that, and his choices will affect nearly the entirety of the Elemental Nations.

The White Knight: A Sword Art Online Fanfiction: A playful hacker decides to mess with the launch of a new VMMO, Sword Art Online, by disconnecting players randomly. He only finds out the truth after accidentally killed 50 people, including his best friend. In remorse, and desperate for revenge, he takes his friends copy of the game and delves into the deadly game, with two purposes. Protect the innocent...and find and kill Akihiko Kayaba.

Favorite Quote:

HOW DO I EAT YOU!?(Asuna, Sword Art Online Abridged)

Favorite Characters

Max(Maximum Ride):NO SNIDE COMMENTS! She was through so much, yet still had that insane desire to live. That's admirable. She also is willing to do anything to save her flock.

Fang(Maximum Ride): Weird for a guy(No jokes please), but he's pretty cool. I'd say only Max tops him.

Nudge(Maximum Ride):So talkative, yet I imagine fun to be around. See "Family" for a(NudgeOC)fanfic, although as of now it's in a state of semi-permanent stasis.

Zidane(FF9):Selflessness combined with a mischievious streak, the perfect combination. If his personality wasn't taken it would most certainly be a OC in a fic of mine.

Namine/Roxas(Kingdom Hearts):Seriosly, these two break my heart every time I play the game. Everything they go through, and they end up stuck inside Sora and Kairi. Totally not fair.

Rika Furude(Higurashi): A very deep, emotional character. When I was watching the anime, I was in the depths of depression, and so I related to her dark side. That's probably the reason I love this character.

Battler(Umineko) Honestly, this guy is like me, in how I absolutely cannot stand people who act smug and superior. With the witches acting the way they did, I'd be pissed and would oppose them too. He's also concerned about and wants to think the best of his friends and family, an admirable trat and one that I subscribe to as well.

Rena Ryuugu(Higurashi): She's a nice person, and she really reminds me of a certain girl who I grew up with, who I may or may not have had a crush on. She is a caring and exciting person to be around, and as such, is one of my favorite characters.

Kirito(Sword Art Online): A strong-hearted person who nonetheless has his own issues, most notably that he loses himself in battle. Nevertheless, I like his character, he's almost an idealized version of what I'd like to be.

Yue(Sword Art Online): Moe level = Over 9000. Also, willing to sacrifice herself to save those she loves, a trait I find admirable so long as it is not done senselessly.

Suguha(Sword Art Online): Poor girl, she can't be with the person she loves, because he loves another. Nevertheless, she pushes him forward, despite the pain it causes her. Such loyalty is awesome.

Sans(Undertale): A BADASS scientist, with overwhelming power, and he recognizes the power you hold, the power to LOAD. Yet he's still an approachable, likable guy despite this. Toby made an awesome character. I love writing FriskxSans friendship and adoptive brother stories.

Hated Characters

Jeb(Maximum Ride):Even though he was helping the flock the entire time, he's still a bad guy in my books.

Dylan(Maximum Ride): Max belongs with Fang, enough said.

Miyo Takano(Higurashi): She had a rough childhood, but she is still a bitch. That said...I'm starting to soften towards her...seeing as I can almost understand her...almost.

Okonogi(Higurashi): Pure, unadulterated, jerkass.

Irie(Higurashi): He almost doesn't belong, but he does have a dark side, and really, he could have avoided a lot of the problems Rika faced if only he'd GET UP OFF HIS LAZY &!$*ING BUTT AND DO SOMETHING!

Akahiko Kayaba(Sword Art Online): So he wanted to see that castle in the sky since childhood, right? What exactly about that needed to hold 10,000 people hostage and kill thousands of them through his deadly game? He is a murderer, plain and simple, and his attempted rationallization at the ending of the game only made me hate him more.

Story Codes:

On hold: Not being updated, but I will revisit them as inspiration and confidence strike.

No code:The story is either being actively updated, or is complete/a one-shot.

For old fans who might be wondering what happened to some of my older stories, they have been removed. Quite frankly, I was a little embarrassed of them, since they were kinda bad, rambling, and missing a plot of any kind. Sorry, but they aren't coming back. Furthermore, one of my incomplete stories, 'Family', just barely survived the chopping block, seeing as I still have a nostolgic fondness for the story, despite it's poor quality. I may go back and re-write it, possibly as an original story.

Regarding Family:

I recently(as of March 2014) went back and re-read this, to see if it was salvageable. And...wow. Just...wow.

My skills have progressed to the point that I'm frankly embarrassed about this. I remember my original plan for this involved a multitude of crossovers into other fandoms, and focusing on an organization called the 'Children of Destiny' but now I realize that it was a bad idea. The story as it stands now doesn't even incorporate Maximum Ride's characters properly, merely serving as a stage for my OC's. I may eventually take this story's basic premise and rewrite it, but if I do, it will be original fiction. If I do...perhaps I'll leave a link here. As it stands now...the story is dead.

Story Prompts:

If you like writing but are stumped for ideas, check here. These are story ideas that I've had, but don't really have have the inspiration to write myself. If you do pick up a prompt, PM me so I can read it.

Of Monsters and PSI: Undertale/Earthbound Crossover.

After defeating Giygas, Ness and his friends return to the present...but Ness is torn from the Phase Distorter in transit. He awakens in a strange underground cavern, and is immediatly attacked by a strange flower creature.

Reqs: Frisk is a part of the underground, and has experienced multiple resets. Genocide route has not been fully completed, though up to and including killing Sans is possible. Ness has to lose much of his power in the form of being reduced to Level 5 or lower. Ness kills a 'boss', ideally Toriel or Papyrus, before being confronted by Frisk. Ness revives the monster with PSI Healing y, before losing consciousness from using too advanced PSI.

Meanwhile, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, back in the original time, attempt to adapt the Phase Distorter to use PSI power to run, and accidentally blow it up, releasing a massive pulse of energy and creating a race of beings made up entirely of PSI. They become known as 'Monsters', and are attacked with the intent to exterminate them. Paula, Jeff, and Poo manage to convince them to instead seal them, using their own power and the power of the 8 Santuaries, below Giant's Step. Onett eventually becomes known as Ebott.

Frisk can learn PSI through the use of DETERMINATION, or DT-PSI, the result of the pulse of energy from the destruction of the Phase Distorter. It is actually very similar to PSI, only it's additionally able to alter the Space-Time Continuum when present in large quantities, as well as distorting non-DT PSI. However, its properties make it very difficult to use offensively, though very effective at healing and altering the status of targets.

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