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OMG! Four years have passed since I began with the stories. I have to tell you, writing was a way of escape from the crazy and often scary world that I was living in. It was the only thing that gave me solace, knowing that although the people closest to me were bad eggs, I could still do something that mattered to me and if it made your day it was a plus. If not, no one's holding a gun to your friggin' head, so I can't even start to understand why you'd want to read something you had every intention of slandering.

Anyways, a big THANK YOU for those of you who stayed faithful and hoping that eventually I will come back and finish what I started. And a giant middle-finger for those who just want to give people shit because they think they are the best.

So, in short, I will be re-editing both series OSOC and Scheming. Didn't really like the way things were worded. A little warning, I will try to be more gritty and maybe a little vulgar, so if it's too much, please say so, I will try to cut back on that. Also, I will be re-vamping my OC, Keichiro Hakuryuu, a lot of previous folks were complaining that she was a Mary-Sue or whatever. But if you look closely, she's just part of the action, not really the centre of attention, it's not like I'm making her perfect at everything. It's not like I make every guy want her. I do pair her with different guys, but she's my character and frankly I don't really need to defend my want to create a different character to add into the scenario, besides, there aren't that many girls to go around.

All righty then, I will be posting shortly...hopefully _


I know I promised to complete the OSOC and Scheming fics, but things aren't going as smoothly as I'd hoped. Hope y'all understand. But what I CAN guarantee is that they will be completed when things die down on my side of the world and hopefully I will be able to continue with my stories as planned. So, again, sorry about the hiatus but will be returning soon.

I must apologize to everyone that has read 'Of Songs and Confessions' and 'Scheming', updates will be postponed due to personal reasons. I promise to complete both works as soon as possible. Part V of 'Scheming' and Part X of 'OSOC' will be completed before they are put on hold. Again, I apologize to you all. Thank you for your support and reviews, couldn't have asked for more. THANKS!!

I'm not really sure what to say...but first of all, thanks for the support, hope you liked what i wrote I'm a very big SasuNaru fan, actually anything involving those two is just great -grins- I try to stick to their personality as best as I can, although I have to make a few alterations, just to make it seem plausible. Same with the other characters, I try not to go over the edge with their charateristics, cause then it won't be them, it'll be a whole new person and that just ruins the story.


This is for the upcoming Harry Potter fics that I will be posting (hopefully ;, but I won't forget the Naruto ones!!) There is, yet again, and OC for the HP fics, and you can find her bio after Keichiro's _

I know I promised that I would tell you guys who Keichiro is, and here is her bio :

Keichiro Hakuryuu is a Konoha shinobi, she went to the same Academy as Naruto and the gang, except she's a year younger than everyone else, that's due to the fact that she was bumped up a year, ending up studying in the same grade as Naruto, but not in the same class. She's related to the Uchihas and the Hyuugas, forming the three oldest clans in all of Konoha. She's directly related to the Uchihas, since her mother and Sasuke's mother were sisters. Her kekkai genkai is the Ryuugan, also called Dragon's Eye, allows the user to see into the past, present and future. Unlike the Sharingan and the Byakugan, which can be activated at will by the user, the Ryuugan will allow glimpses in to the past or future without warning. Although the Ryuugan can be willfully activated, per se to defeat a powerful enemy, this activation comes with a price. It is still unknown what the sacrifice is, as the only known person to willingly activate their kekkai genkai is Keichiro's grandfather, who is deceased.

She's a little taller than the girls, but the difference isn't that obvious until later years. At the beginning, she tends to wear a peaked cap, where she tucks all of her dark purplish hair into, leaving only the bangs that frame her face visible. When she lets her hair down, it reaches her butt, creating quite an uproar when Sakura and Ino find another girl with hair that rivalled their own.

During her genin years, Keichiro wears a sleeveless dark blue jacket with a lavender purple sleeveless high collar shirt and beige shorts. Both her arms are bandaged up to her shoulders, hiding dragon tattoos that swirl around her arms. Two dark purple claw markings run from the middle of her left cheek to her jawline. The Imperial Dragon Jutsu and Lone Dragon Flame Jutsu are her Special Techniques. She's very agile and graceful when fighting and she has a wide knowledge in the uses of medicinal herbs.

Her grandmother owns a shop in the village, selling herbs and medicine to the villagers. On her free time, she would tend to the shop, and at times she would also tend to the patients and boil their medicine for them. Both parents were low class nins, even her younger brother was suffering through the classes at the Ninja Academy. Despite their low rank, both adults were ambitious and power hungry. They worked hard to corrupt the younger sibling and even offered to split the spoils of their treasure if he could succeed in killing Keichiro. Fortunately for her, the brother accidentally revealed himself before he could launch his attack, which resulted in a fight between siblings. As a means to protect their investment, both father and mother rescued the boy and fled the village, but not before declaring that the Ryuugan power will become theirs and that they will kill Keichiro if it is necessary to gain it. Hearing this, the betrayal was hard to comprehend, but eventually, Keichiro has emancipated herself and considers herself an orphan and her grandmother her guardian since birth.

The time between the Uchiha massacre and the brutal murder of the youngest Hakuryuu didn't span very far. In fact, it could be said that the timing was just right. So it was in these times that Keichiro started to hang around her older cousin a lot more than usual. Although they often visited each other when they were younger, back then it was a time when both children needed someone to lean on and understand what they were really feeling.

Keichiro's a friendly person, shy at first, but once she gets to know the person, she warms up to them rather quickly. At times lacking confidence, she feels the need to get recognition on what she has achieved and has a tendency to overcomplicate things, yet her two teammates have long since gotten used to this part of her. Like her older cousin, Keichiro is very intelligent and a fast learner. Nonetheless, she is never afraid to ask questions and believes that there is always something new to learn. Although preferring to spend time alone, Keichiro never turns down an invitation to spend time with her nakama.

Her two teammates are the Jasdebo twins, from the Jasdebo clan who train their children by injecting poison into their body at a young age, so that they will be immune to any kind of poison when fighting. Kou and Jun look identical, save for the eye color, Kou's eyes are green, while Jun's eye color is blue...not much of a difference, but once you get to know them, you can figure out who's who.

As we enter into Shippuden era, Keichiro's style has changed. Although her hair is not as long as Hinata's or Ino's, she has let her hair grow after it was burnt off by Sasuke in a fight. It now sits a little bit past her ribcage and it is usually kept in a sideways French braid. She wears her hitae-atai around her neck, instead of a belt. She has kept her high collared purple shirt, but it now zips down to the side and it is cropped short right under her bust. Keichiro wears a mesh shirt underneath the purple one, but it only reaches her belly button. She has opted for black shorts and mini-skirt that has lost the front. She carries her pouch on her back and two short katanas behind her back. The usual bandages that cover her arms are still in use and she even covers her knees with them.

Well, I totally revisited her background and personality, I hope that this makes her more acceptable. I know I don't see her as a 'perfect' being anymore. She's got her rough spots, I just haven't written them in stone yet. Hope you guys will like the changes I made _

Thanks again for visiting

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