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why WithoutHerEmo?

There was someone very dear to me that would not date me that I have always been with and that trusted me with everything. And that person broke my heart and happened to be emo. There you go. WithoutHerEmo. But... I am no longer.

how did you join FanFic?

I have a friend named Michiru, and she showed this website to me and I became...Fanfic addictied.

who is MeyugaKoji?

Stop asking me and go ask yourself.

who is Michiru?

Cannot give you a answer.

who is Sasori?

Once again, go ask yourself.

what is your real name and age?

What is your real name and age?

Random Stuff

Friends or best friends

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About Me:

I Don't Enjoy People Who Waste My Time..

I'm Scene, I'm 5''6, I'm Mixed, I'm Quiet, Gentle, Rude, Blunt.

I Write Yaoi, Hentai, Yuri And Just Recently Abusive FanFictions..

I Tend To Stay By Myself, And I Go By Alessa Or Jo. Remember That... I Am Female And I Enjoy My Girlfriend And Boyfriend's Prescene..

I DO Believe In God And I Am Christian. So Do Not Bother Me With Any Atheist Shit..

If You Wish To Know More: Here Is My FaceBook

At this moment:

Missing Meyuga...

Hoping For Questions At FormSpring.


Listening To Crystal Kay- Motherland

Playing BioShock

Glad someone gives a damn about me.

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