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"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It''s...a helicopter. Darn, really had me going there. But hay, what else can I say about myself? Not much, just your average horse back ridding, bunny raising, North Texas State Fair and Rodeo Queen for 2007- college student. My stories are much more interesting. Maybe that's why I write them.

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Some of my favorite quotes:

From Pirates of the Caribbean:

Jack Sparrow: Problems arose, ensued, and were overcome.

Jack Sparrow: Up is down? That's just maddeningly unhelpful. Why are these things never clear?

Will Turner: I said to myself, think like Jack.

Jack Sparrow: And this is what you've arrived at? It's like you don't know me at all, mate.

Jack Sparrow: I got a jar of dirt, I got a jar of dirt, and guess what's inside it!

And of course...


"Angles and ministers of grace, defend us." - Hamlet.

Alan Frog: We blew it man, we lost it!

Edgar Frog: Shut up!

Alan Frog: We unraveled in the face of the enemy!

Edgar Frog: It's not our fault, they pulled a mind scramble on us. They opened their eyes and talked!

- The Lost Boys

A King may move a man, a father may claim a son. But remember that even when those who move you be kings or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God you cannot say "But I was told by others to do thus" or that "Virtue was not convinient at the time." This will not suffice. Remember that.

- King Baldwin IV, Kingdom of Heaven

Doug Madsen: You're the sheriff, why don't you go out there?
Charley: I'm the sheriff of a town of 500 people. I got my qualification from a course on the internet. For my arms training, they just told me to play Doom!

-Wild Hogs

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