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I need ideas for stories everybody! -edit... i now have a list of 76 unused story ideas. other ideas and requests still welcome!- (i will do anything but incest stories -possibly incest... I am actually not AS against it.-, and stories about things i dont know, for obvious reasons) im on a little writing kick right now, so ask me to write you a story! o, and leave me reviews! (flames or not, i dont care!) i love reviews!!! bye!! Oh, and I know I have promised to write certain things and am lagging behind on them, but I will get to them I'm sure. Read Mission to the Sound if you like the yaoi thing. Alot of people liked it...


Lee: Me with SAKURA?! -good guy pose- I WILL MAKE YOU PROUD GAI-SENSEI!!! -flood of tears-

Naruto: That aside... wait a minute, did she say 76? OH MY GOD THE HORROR!!!

KCN: Actually, the number continues to grow. keep it up, and I will make it pure torture! HELL I SAY!!!!

-Screams from everyone-

Shikamaru: Wait, don't you torture us anyway?

KCN: -Hits Ino over the head, knocks her out-

Shikamaru: Wait, why did you hit Ino?

KCN: -shrugs- I don't know. Felt like it I guess. Besides, I could never hurt you Shika-poo!!

Shikamaru: Aghhhh I hate that name! don't call me that!!!

KCN: Teehee, I will call him that more often. -glomps Shika plushie- It's Ok, I have plushies of everyone, don't feel left out...

Ino: -wakes up- What the hell man? I ought KILL YOU!!!

Sakura: -Holds Ino back- Not yet, dear. It's not the right time just yet.

KCN: Wait, WHAT? What do you mean not yet? Are you plotting against me? WHO WANTS TO GO INTO THE CAGE?

Everyone is quiet, not wanting to be subject to the torture of the cage.

KCN: That's better. Now, I haven't chosen the pairings yet, but I'm sure they will mostly be NEJITEN!!!

Neji and Tenten: -in unison- Foo' say wha?

Kcn: -laughs- You guys are so meant for each other, and so easy to write about!! -ducks out of the way of flying shuriken from Tenten-

Neji: -blushing slightly-That is so not true...

Kcn: Of course it is!!!!! Who agrees? -glares at group.

-Everyone raises hand in fear-

Kcn: Ok, I'm done with you guys. Read and review!!! I will love you all!!! -turns to everyone- Tell them how great it is to review my stories!

Everyone: -fake brightness- REVIEW!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!

On to bigger and better things now...

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