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Just random blurbs of stupidity...
Mostly about Lyon, who will NEVER be the same again...
L = Lyon, K = Knoll, E = Eirika, Eph = Ephraim M = The Demon King’s Mom F = The Demon King RMD = Rabid Mauthe Doog RK = Random Kid

Lyon and Eirika, Take II
L: Eirika...I never had the courage to tell you, but... I've always... thought you were a MAN!

Lyon and Eirika, Take III
L: Eirika... I never had the courage to tell you, but... I've always... loved you...
L dies
E: NOES!!!
-L pops head up-
L: BOO! Did I fool you or what? Neeeeeheeeeheeehee!
-Laughs happily and slightly deliriously from blood loss until E slaps him-

Eph: Woot! I wear tights! ~ 3
L: WAYYY to much information!!
Eph: At least I don't wear a skirt!
L: IT'S NOT A SKIRT, IT'S A LONG TUNIC: ( It's a tradition for mages to wear them. Back when it was started, it was to keep over-excited young mages from rushing out into battle and getting killed... -Rambles on-
Eph: -Yawn- It's okay, Lyon, you look good in a dress. XD
L: ...Guess what me and your sister did last night : )
Eph: THAT'S DIRTY POOL!! -Makes angry noises-

E: Lyon, do you wear pants?
L: Yeees... let's not get this conversation started again. =(
E: Sighs I know you do, I already checked. I was hoping you'd get the hint and NOT wear any... =)
L: -Clutches robes to self- Whadya mean, you've 'checked?!' : (

-E, L, and K are in a room. L is wearing a shirt that says 'Be Happy' E is wearing a smiley face, and K is wearing all black... as usual.-
L: OMG, Eirika, let's sing 'Happy happy joy joy!' 'Tis Knoll's favorite song, isn't it, cousin?" XD
K: ...
L: That's what I thought!! XD
E: -Squeals happily- XD
-E and L put their arms around K, close their eyes, and scream off-tunely-
K: ...
-E and L push the corners of K's mouth up to make him look happy-
E & L: Haaaaaaaaaappy hApPy Joooy jooy!! Happy happy joy joy!! XD
L: There, wasn't that fun, Knoll?!
K: ...I see dead people.
L: LOL! That explains a lot. XD

Fomortiis: Deep down inside, I love little children and rainbow-colored monkeys!
Lyon: I OBJECT!!
Eirika: PONY!! And if you like those things, you aren't Formotiss, you're Micheal Jackson!! .
Lyon: ...Are health bars some kind of protein stick? .
Eirika: No, Lyon! Health bars represent HP=3
Lyon: HP... doesn't that stand for 'health points?'
Ephraim: No, it stands for 'hippopotamus phospherance!' ~

But Valter has a DRAGON!
People with pet dragons are ALLOWED to be insane.

Huzzah for Lyon's fictional pants!!

Yayz for my fav. tragic little mage!!

The only other possible explanation for a gothic Lyon would have to be he was trying to pick up Eirika...

L: I'm a bad boy, I need to be SPANKED. XD
E: Um, no. = (
E -leaves-
L: .

'Attempt number 2'

L: I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I CHECK YOU OUT?! XD
Eph: R U hittin' on my sista : (

...Not that either of those things would ever happen.

Mauthe doogs are fu-luffy! ...Until they kill you. A lot of things are like that, dragons, tigers, possessed Lyon, etc, etc.

L + Dark Stone =
E: O_o -Backs away-

E: You’re not to blame, Lyon!
L: I was hoping you’d say that! I bet the Demon King five bucks you would=3

Eph: Fo shizzle, dawg. 1337 $93@k.
L: Err… is that German?

L: Eirika… I… I’ve always… I’m sorry. Forget what I was saying. I could never be like Ephraim…
E: What makes you think I’d WANT to marry someone like my brother? Are you callin’ me INCEST: (
L: No, that’s not what I… D’OH! . Hits head against wall repeatedly

E: I’m bored.
L: -Sighs- Me too.
E: Oh! Oh! I know what we can do!! I’ll now go in our room and make myself nekkid. Next move is up to you. =)
L: …Will your brother approve?
E: Nope. =)
L: -Grins evilly- Then let’s do it! XD

-E & L are having the aforementioned ‘special moment’ when Eph rushed into their room and jumps on top of the covers.-
L: . Yes, you’re bothering us!! Get out!!
Eph: Whoa, it’s COLD in here! Whatcha doin’, anyway?
L: Uh…
E: Oh never mind, Ephraim. They don’t teach things like this to mentally retarded people, so you wouldn’t understand what we’re doing.
Eph: Ooh! Is it a game?! Can I play=)
L: Ah Jesus NO=(
E: -Screams- GET OUT!! OUUUT: (
Eph: You’re just jealous ‘cuz I’m S-M-R-T and you ain’t. -Leaves-
-L & E pity Tana-

E: Why don't you go play hide-and-go-impale-yourself?!
Eph: Oooh, how do you play =)

-An hour later-
E: BROTHER!! Why are you trying to stab yourself with a weasel?!

Random Villager: I think the Sacred Stones are really just fossilized pieces of dinosaur poop!

Eph learns about the Sacred Stones…
Eph: …I still don’t get it, Father MacGregor. Are they some kind of illegal drug=(

Fire Emblem, Pokemon Style!!
-Eph uses Headbutt! It’s not very effective!-
Eph: Owzie! My head!!

E: Nice way to lose your few remaining brain cells, bro.
-Lyon uses Sweet Kiss on Eirika!-
E: Dang it, Lyon, you’re supposed to attack the demon, not me : (
-Eir uses Double Slap on Lyon!!-
-Fomortiis uses Splash for 1,000,000 damage!-
L, E, and Eph: FUDGE!!
…Except they didn’t say fudge…

L: Work work work hic work work work hic work work…
E: Please ignore him. He’s a workaholic. He’s, like, completely addicted to it.
-L falls over, completely wasted, and paws the air like a cat-
L: Eirika! Puh-leaz rub my belly! -Purrs- =3

-E does, than puts a sticker on his forehead that says ‘Please do not feed the kitty homework.’-

Gorgon: -Heart-
L: Ah! No! I’m not into monsters! Or girls who aren’t Eirika=(
Gorgon: -Heart- -Inches closer-
L: P-please… don’t hurt meee!! -Runs-

MacG: Okay, students, now communicate using the duck language!
E: Quack?
L: Quack!
E: Quack.
L: QuAcK.
Eph: Oooh, I didn’t know you guys smoked it, too! Where are they selling it=3
E: -Punches Eph-

Random Kid: Hi!!!
L: …Uh. Hello.
RK: ARE YOU A NECROMANCER?! Isn’t that a black bird like a crow that perches on people’s necks and screams “Man, Sir! Man, Sir!” until they go crazy and shoot themselves?!
L: Err… no comment.

-E is sleeping in bed with L when she wakes up-
L: I’m not a zombie!
E: REDEAD! REDEAD! OMG, OMG, there’s a redead in my bed! OMG!! Lyon is dead and in my bed so naturally he must be a REDEAD!!
L: I’m not dead!
E: -Stabs-
L: Urk!
E: No, Erk is from the FE game before this one. He’s cute, has purple hair, kinda like… OMG Lyon you’re bleeding! I guess you weren’t a zombie… whoooops. I’ll go get a healer. XD

L: Eirika! We must help that poor puppy!!
Rabid Mauthe Doog: GRRRRRR.
L: Doesn’t he look cuddly? Come here, boy! That’s a gooood doggy!
E: Um, Lyon… he’s evil.
L: Don’t be ridiculous! He’s just misunderstood!
RMD: -Bites-
E: Told you so. =)

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