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Well -

I suck at writing -

I like to read -

I wish to be an artist -

I hate a lot -

I like to rant -

I think I have anger management problems -

I have a sexual identity crisis -

I am rather pissy -

I only care about my education -

I tend to dwell on things -

I am always looking at the future -

Stupid people piss me off -

Homophobic people piss me off to the point where I want to slap them -

My name is Lizz and I'm 16.5 (yes damn proud of it) -

On search Ask A Ninja...this is my favorite part... seriously

Question: As a professional fantasy writer I would like to know, what fantasies do ninja's enjoy?

Answer: How did you make a profession out of imagining you can write? That's a pretty sweet gig. I'm going to become a fantasy billionaire. Hey you have to give me that car. I'm pretending it's mine