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Author has written 19 stories for Discworld, Misc. Books, Tin Man, Aaron Stone, Sky High, Supernatural, and Avengers.

Hello, there, fellow fanfictioners! I haven't written and/or done anything with this profile for about... 5 years. It's painfully outdated, but I think I might just dredge it up from the depths to avoid making another profile entirely. It sort of hurts me to see the crap that I've written before, but... oh well. I think I may eradicate some of it, because damn, it was bad. Really, really bad. Like, I am sad that it's electronic because I can't burn it bad. I think it was a point of pride not to make any sense in them.

A little about me. I'm currently finishing up high school - I have returned to the writing of fanfiction as a much needed stress relief (I realized I MAY need this sometime after I started making full page, elaborate drawings over the number of days until I get my admission decisions.) Anyway, I don't have time for books... or movies... or manga... or life in general right now. As a matter of fact, I only have time to do this because I've worked myself to death today and am ignoring my homework. Yeah. So, I watch a lot of TV. By a lot, I mean an episode of Psych daily with my brother and the newest episode of Once Upon A Time with my friends, and Doctor Who when I'm doing laundry or on the bike. Yay, life. I also watch Supernatural in clips that I can find on Youtube, because there's no way I could rent it without having to explain to my mother, who would be quietly horrified and wonder where she went wrong (at night, without really telling me.) My college years? Currently all planed out for me.

EDIT: Oh. My. God. Supernatural is on Netflix. My life? Made. Or gone entirely. Not really sure. But that doesn't matter. Who needs life when SUPERNATURAL IS ON NETFLIX?

I like whump fanfiction. It's a guilty pleasure, and I have no idea where it came from. It's probably the backlash of being pacifist. As a matter of fact, I think shippings and whump are my main reason for reading/writing fanfics, which makes me a terrible person, but it's okay. I have a best friend who teases me all the time about it. Aaaaand... that's probably not even the tip of the iceberg, but hey. I'm doing this because my brain is fried.

Brace yourself for BAD writing, young and old! Weee!

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