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A bio...ok, well--I'm a sign carver from Ontario Canada. I'm of Dutch heritage, but can't speak it, alas. I love old buildings and critters. Married to a patient man, (luvya Greg) one awesome son who is in university biology and will one day save the planet. I collect old forged things, just cuz I think they're cool and I could never make them. I've had grey hair since my twenties...(I blame my husband, lol) Grew up Catholic, not so much now. Wish there was magic, but resigned to live without it. I have a thing for acorns. Love Pearl Jam and Nirvana, and Matt Good. Radiohead. Learning to like red wine, but not there yet. ( I got as close as zinfandel, does that count?) When I grow up I wanna be a sculptor.

I've come to the conclusion that I like the characters of Supernatural more than the show itself. Once I discovered this amazing phenomenon called Fanfic, I was hooked. Now I can direct their travels, instead of lamenting their situation on television. I may go mad with power, bahaha

These stories I wrote are unabashedly Dean-centic. All were written quite some time ago. I one-finger peck-typed them in wordpad. (not a Tech Goddess here) Most of the stories are in an order as part of an unofficial series that started with What Goes Around, Comes Around. They can be read as stand-alones though. They will have a few additional characters, some of whom will pop up in several stories. Here and there I've veered into AU territory, but not jarringly so. I generally ignore the Angels/ God/ Heaven/ Hell theme of the show; I find hauntings and the evils of the living to be a richer playground.

Seeya, Mal

Last note regarding my choice of subject matter in writing... You probably all know by now that I'm a Dean fan. But there are certain consistencies with my stories, and I don't want to disappoint anyone.

1. No slash. No Wincest. Hey, if others want to write it and there are readers for it, knock yourselves out. Just not my thing. I like characters to act within the parameters of who they were designed to be by their original creators.

2. No graphic sex. It may happen, but you won't get a play by play here.

3. Some bad language. A fair bit of blasphemy.

4. There will always be DeanHurt. I don't know why I find that such a guilty pleasure. Maybe I need a shrink... But I take comfort that apparently, within the vast realm of fanfic, I am not alone in having this vice. (!) (!!!)

5. And I like hopeful endings.

Thanks for reading, and your kind comments! Cheers, Mal.

Hey...most people who've read me before will know this, but I studiously avoid reading other people's work while I'm in writing mode. I am always paranoid that I will absorb someone else's great ideas or styles, and I find myself too easily discouraged after reading other good fics. (confidence can be a shaky house of cards.) I know many of you are excellent writers yourselves and I'd love to return the favour, but just not at the moment. Please forgive me.

I won't keep houseplants as my little prisoners.

Dear Supernatural. Please stop making Dean Winchester look like such a classless oaf. He's not an idiot. He knows how to eat in public.

freaking bring back my Uncle Bobby! dafuq!!!!!

Oh, and I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this, but my character (Doc) David Bowman looks something like a cross between Richard Gere and Sam Elliott. Half clueless, half wise and 100% capable. Can't cook an egg but stitches better than the Royal school of needlework. And he may be befuddled by life, but he's a lion when called into service. I hope I see him again, because I miss him.

I Have to apologize for the oddball formatting of my first story, "What Comes Around, Goes Around". I was new at fanfic, or any writing for that matter, and I just put it down as it streamed out of my mind. I know the punctuation can be jarring, (when there were moments of halted speech, or pauses afterward, I'd indicate it be a bunch of dashes). and one of these days I'll go back and fix that. That aspect improved as I wrote more. It's still not perfect, novel-style paragraphs, but this is after all, a different format, with the chapters being updated online as soon as they were gelled by this writer. Maybe someday I'll re-do them all properly, but I doubt it. I just don't have the attention span for this anymore. I don't think I've ever actually read through one of my stories after it was fully complete. Don't know why.

Oh yeah, and the Justice story--I made up the locale, but I do now realize that Louisiana has parishes, not counties. I really should change that.

It's May 2015. Yeah, I'm still here, kicking around. Just too many distractions to write.

Thanks to you all, new readers and old. I like watching the read counts and favouriting. Yer the best.

I've added the old images for some of these stories from when I had them on the Supernaturalville site. That site is gone now, which is a shame because it was a very supportive and quality site for writers. At any rate, I apparently only saved half of the story pics, and the originals are long gone on dead computers. So I guess I'm shitoutaluck.

I nearly had a heart attack after a week of flat-lining in the readership on this site, I'm (not very) prepared for the eventuality that my written efforts will no longer be relevant, since the stories I wrote are already approaching their tenth anniversary. (Holy!!) But such a brutally abrupt abandonment was, frankly, a bit painful and puzzling. Thank god for the internet in another way...I searched and discovered that other writers were baffled by the sudden deadening of stats. And I was relieved to learn that it seems to be a systemic problem with So..not just me, ha ha.

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