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I am a hardcore Grey's fan. I've never felt this way about a show before - nothing even remotely close. I love the characters, the writing, the stories - everything. Even when Grey's is at its worst (Hello? End of Season 3), the quality of the show is still far above most of what's available on TV these days. It's the only show that I watch on a weekly basis...and then I rewatch over and over, paying particular attention to scenes, writing, etc. I study the scripts. I download the music on iTunes. Everything. I am an addict, but this is an addiction I have no intention of stopping.

In my 3D life, I am an elementary school teacher. For now. I may leave teaching to try something new someday, but I'm undecided. Somedays I love my job, others I'm ready to give it up. I've always loved to write, though. Even when I was a little girl, I kept notebooks full of ideas and stories. You could probably say that my fanfic writing started early when I wrote about the trials and tribulations of Barbie. :-) I'm married to an incredibly Grey's tolerant law student who not only discusses Grey's with me ad nauseum, but he even edits my fics. If that's not love, I don't know what is. He clearly wouldn't watch the show without my interest in it, but I think it gives him lots of nice guy cred when he talks with other law students (girls mostly) about the episodes or when we go out with other couples where the guys are all secretly Grey's watchers with their girlfriends/wives.

I ship MerDer. They're really the only couple I care about. I don't care if any of the other couples make it. Don't get me wrong, I care about all of the characters, think they're generally awesome individuals in their own ways, and want to see things work out well for them. But I could care less about their romantic outcomes. It's MerDer all the way or nothing as far as I'm concerned. Which brings me to my fics...

The first fic I wrote was a canon fix-it fic that picked up after the end of Season 3 when Shonda burned it all down. I have a warm place in my heart for this fic because it was my first. The title is Nothing Else Matters, and it is based off of a song by Aqualung.

Once I was able to wrap that up, I started working on my second fic - Gravity. This started out as a small idea and just kept growing and growing. It deals with a lot of the big issues between MerDer, and I had a lot more creative license with it because the story arc broke away from the stuff that happened on the show. I was able to introduce new characters and all sorts of other things, and I'm crazy proud of how it finished up. It was undeniably the best overall writing experience I've ever had, and I'm happy with where I left my favorite couple.

I'm currently working on Many the Miles, a slightly AU fic that alters the circumstances of how Meredith and Derek originally meet. Rather than picking each other up in a bar, they meet online, allowing them to form more of an emotional bond before sex even becomes a factor. The idea for this originated from a contest at another board, and originally it was just a one-shot. Some people thought it had legs, though, so I've kept it going. I'm enjoying this fic so far. It's fun to revisit the flirtiness of season one without having to deviate from the nuances of their personalities. I would describe this fic as AU for people that don't like AU (and I am definitely one of those people). They're still the characters we've grown to love on the show, so if you've liked my other stories and want to give this one a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's still a work in progress, and I try to get at least a couple updates up each month.

In my other Grey's Anatomy exploits, I have a LiveJournal page where I often ramble or speculate about the show, and I occasionally offer pictoral episode recaps that you may want to check out. The link is above.

I have to say that I love getting reviews as much as I love the creative process of writing. It's very helpful for me as a writer to know what my readers are thinking, and feedback is greatly appreciated. So if you are reading my fics and were interested enough to read my bio, too, please drop me a line every once in a while - PM or Review. I'll even write you back! ;-)

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