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Artwork! The cover for my story is a painting I did myself. You can find more of my artwork on the link below:

A note regarding Gildy's Enchantments... Although after first starting the story there was a lag between the first couple chapters, I intend to continue the pace of a new chapter as often as I can, so keep an eye out for them. :)

Hello! I was enticed to this site by my good friend Tiamat, who told me snippets of stories she had already written here and told me this was the only place I could read them. She did a very good job at piquing my interest as well as writing them of course! This is the first time I have ever thought of or turned my imagination to fanfiction for more than a post-reading or viewing hour.

At first the idea of writing fanfiction wasn't really appealing. I'd already started on a couple novel projects of my own, and with help accepted that if I wanted to finish them in a way I'd be happy with and stir the depths of thought and emotions I aim to--I would need much more practice.

It was reassuring to hear that so many successful authors started practicing with fanfiction, or with publishing not-quite-successful books or articles on the way to best-seller. I am here both to enjoy the creative endeavors of others, and to work on my own skills. Someday I fully intend to publish my own original series, but not until my writing has come closer to the level I'm aiming for.

So then! Please, truly, DO leave me reviews. I don't care how old you are, if you've ever written anything, or ever intend to. Even if all you say is you like it--or hate it. Although I'd like to know why, I need to see what my readers' responses are like to my story! The one thing I ask is that you be honest, tactful, and talk of only what you know about--even if its only your personal reaction to the story. Or just share conjecture. Please don't get excited over typos, its hard not to be offended by someone who cares more about misplaced letters than the thought and time that goes into the story and its presentation!

If you liked it but don't know what to say, here's a few prompts: Did you laugh? Did you feel annoyed with a character? Did you feel anything at all? Are you wondering what is going to happen with some part of the story? Does something seem to be missing? Are you confused? Do the characters have a presence? There's a lot you can say with even one sentence, that I'd like to hear--don't hesitate!!

Thank you :)


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