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I no longer write fanfiction for ANY series other than my own. Yes, I consider it fanfiction if it doesn't follow along the main plot line. This is because I'm working on the ENTWINED project with another person- so in a way we are each others biggest fans. For more information, not that I think anyone will read this, visit my account on fiction press here:

Also, as we get more popular I MAY use this website to upload AU and other unrelated work- since it is all still fanwork after all. For my sanity, I'm copying and pasting the profile from fictionpress into this profile spot, in hopes I'll catch some attention.

Wow... It's been a long time since I've updated this. Well. It's about time I get down to business then.

So far, I've only gotten a small amount of attention here and I'm not surprised. I've grown a lot as a writer, and really being a hormonal/needy teenage girl is not conducive to decent work. I'll be the first to admit that I'm still a bit 'hormonal' when it comes to the things I write about but I'm more realistic in my goals.

I've got 200+ pages of a novel written out, and it's taken less than a year to do that. I've entered into a partnership with someone who is producing the same story as a graphic novel. And to top it all off that novel is part of a series that is two or three volumes long, and those volumes are part of an umbrella series that actually includes four distinct story lines. That's plans for four different series, with at least two books with approximately 300 pages each. Not to mention all of our own side projects.

In short, I've become an adult and am looking to seriously kick off my writing career. That being said, I would like to garner some feedback where ever I can get it. I've gotten one or two scathing reviews off of this site and I'm hoping I'll retrieve a few more.

The series is called Entwined. Maybe you've heard of it, but it's likely you haven't. It's a difficult field I've chosen to break into, and with an even more difficult topic- homosexuality. The first on our list of projects is called Panacea. In here I'm going to include a list of all our works in progress to hopefully motivate me into working consistently and I'm also going to begin uploading Panacea chapters here once ever week (on Mondays). I'd like to get to the point where I can update more stories and more frequently but there is no guarantee that will ever come to pass. So, without further ado- I present to you the ideas and joint works of the Coterie team.



Caelen is part shapeshifter but his dual heritage becomes a curse when he learns his unstable body is slowly deteriorating. Life seems pretty miserable and pointless. With no faith in himself and no faith in others he’s very much sunken into pitiful state. After hitting his lowest point, landing in the streets with nowhere to be, he manages to catch the attention of a stranger. Will Sairys' compassion and cheerful attitude be enough to break through the barriers Caelen manage to erect around himself?

Status: Finished and being combed and edited for publication consideration. Will currently be the only story updated.


Alain is an immortal who lost most of his powers while trying to save the man he loved over two millennia ago. Time has passed slowly for the dispirited man and he lives, now, in a small town as an artist… with Zachariah; the man who took him in back not even hours after his failed rescue attempt. Alain developed himself to fit around the other man literally and figuratively. His quiet routine is disturbed one day when he has to deal with his most difficult customer yet, Grael, none other than the man he thought he had failed to save all those centuries ago, as impossible as it seemed. Will Alain get past his bitterness and stop blaming Grael for losing his powers? Will he use this second chance and leave his current partner to pursue the love he thought he had lost several lifetimes ago?

Status: Rough draft finished.


James is a blood-thirsty vampire who doesn't care much about anything or anybody else except himself. During a leisurely stroll after one of his hunts he runs into a cocky and very agitated red head, Fafnir. The encounter is anything but peaceful and escalates into a fight. Surprisingly both manage to survive though Fafnir is left barely holding on to his consciousness and the redhead swears revenge. Will he be able to pay James back for all the pain and suffering or will they get past their animosity and become something other than enemies?

Status: Rough draft finished.


Cyan works nine to five, sometimes longer, and still barely manages to keep a roof over his head. Thankfully for him he has one benefit that most don’t. He's an incubus, which means intangible energy is a healthy part of his diet. When he meets a handsome brunette, Naelyan, who seems to not only have unusual energy signature but some abilities of his own, Cyan's interest is piqued. Their acquaintance gets off to a rocky start and Naelyan is reluctant to return Cyan’s advances. Before it gets a chance to flourish, the shaky friendship is tested, by another man insistent on breaking them apart.

Status: Rough draft 1/2 finished.

Others by Coterie:

All's fair-

no working summary yet

Status: Rough draft finished.


no working summary yet

Status: Rough draft finished.


Time. Endless, unchanging, ample amounts of time. Kaine has it, all of it, he doesn't die, he doesn't age, and he has a vast store of immeasurable power. His biggest problem? He can't use that power for himself. He's a djinn, more commonly known as a genie. Three wishes, unquestioning servitude, the whole nine yards. He hates it. He didn't think it could get much worse... until he met Daven. A raunchy, careless, and rather sadistic Master who makes Kaine's life just that much more miserable. Can Kaine trick his heartless Master into letting him go back to his mindless task of serving others? Or will he be stuck for the rest of eternity as the plaything for a man he hates.

Changing Time-

Vincent hasn’t had much luck in love. Out of desperation he turns to a dating website and his fortunes seem to have change. His first blind date is tall, rich, and very handsome; fresh out of his dreams. Things go smoothly at first but with each thing he learns about ‘Solas Seere’, he realizes that this successful businessman is just a façade for something far more dangerous. Vince runs from what started out as a promising prospect only to discover that he’s unwittingly caught the attention of someone who isn’t even human. Outrunning a demon won’t be easy but Vincent has no choice- he either has to fight for his life or let this devil seal his fate.

Status: Rough draft finished.

Shape of Deceit-

Lin Adams is a 19-year-old college student with a secret. As a child he was diagnosed with a very strange, very rare condition. Strong emotions, like fear or anger, will cause his human body to mutate into those of animals. Attempting to keep this ailment hidden has made him anti-social, keeping people away with a chilly unapproachable attitude. As if a new semester wasn’t complicated enough Lin winds up with more attention than he’s had in years. He finds himself not only with a new pet but also strangers vying for his attention. Christina, an exotic looking student teacher, makes his school life that much harder; while Deon, a mysterious man who seems to only be found hiding naked in the bushes, slowly works his way into the young man’s life. Is it just coincidence that things have suddenly started falling apart or is there deeper ploy… one that might force Lin to reveal the secret that he has been working so hard to hide all this time?

Status: Rough draft finished.

Never Letting Go-

At first glance Lord Julian Hayes has everything; ample money, a large mansion, and servants who cater to his every whim. However, a socially condemned preference for other men leaves the young lord desiring the one thing he can’t have- love. To fill the growing void in his life Julian squanders his riches on slaves. A blind eye to the practice allows for the young man to satisfy his urges using the strong labor-toned bodies of his ever-changing possessions. It works, for a time, until he purchases an exotic slave by the name of Yanai. The proud stranger blatantly refuses to bend to his master's will and Julian finds himself drawn to the rare, unshakable spirit that his newest captive possesses. Lord Hayes finds himself torn and he realizes that, as easy as it is to possess his slaves’ bodies, winning the heart of a man he holds prisoner is a far more difficult task.

Status: Rough draft finished.

... and few other stories that we don't have names for yet!

Panacea: Highschool AU
Sairys is one of the most popular seniors at his school. Caelen is an anti-social pretty boy with a knack for drawing bad attention. Each of these young men are slowly realizing they want more from each other than friendship.
Misc. Books - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,482 - Published: 10/9/2011 - Complete