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About me:

Alias: Trades6
Gender: Male
Age: In University (you can already guess)

Hello readers of FF. My name is Trades46 and firstly I want to thank-you for taking your time to read my profile.

I'm a on-off writer of fanfics who enjoys both games and anime to a equal degree. Above all, I'm a huge car fanatic. You will see me once in awhile writing stories (short and long) here and there. I'm very traditional (or I see myself as such) and avid reader of history. Lots of my military based stories would take notes or references to such, and while it my offend some individuals (I apologize in advance) I have little interest in changing my style.

As a writer, I continue to strive to write in a better form as I progress through my works. I will write in the best my ability as a token of promise.

True story:

When I was planning to make an account in the December 2012, FF bounced my request claiming that my email was already registered.

I thought someone accidentally used my email for their own account. I clicked forget password and resetting the account using email.

After logging in, I took a look at my username and activity.

Then I remembered I had created this account in the summer of 2007...

...just to favorite one particular story. You know who you are.

I had forgotten about this account for 5 years...

Time flies quick when you aren't paying attention.

Current projects (active):

Secrets from the Abyss: Altruist Wonders - In development

I officially begun my work on my Kantai Collection fanfic. Based off originally a Japanese MMD short (which I interpreted myself due to having no knowledge of Japanese) which I found highly intriguing. Eventually the idea spun off into a full-fledged story.

After 5 years of combat, the Japanese navy is at a standoff with the Abyssal fleet. Morale and supplies of the Japanese military are now at an all-time low. Following the story of Asuka Shiba, Asashio and Task Force 77 as they slowly unravel a secret that may very well be the stepping stones for the end of the Abyssal Japan war.

Secrets from the Abyss: Maizuru tales - Publishing on & off

I wouldn't say this is a prolonged work, but more of a on the spur moment decision. I received a PM saying my Secrets from the Abyss work is a bit too militaristic & morality ambiguous as I bring my historical background of WWII into play.

This is mostly to quell that intention of me being a hardline military bloodthirsty author who likes to see Ship Girls/Kanmasu get slaughtered. It is also an attempt at trying to do a light-hearted comedic work, which I used to have a weakness at doing.

The setting, timeline and characters are borrowed straight from the SftA to save time. There is however more drama & lolz to fit the atmosphere.

Completed projects (or inactive):

765th Squadron: Completed

This idea actually came up quite a while ago when I was playing AC non-stop and before I even started writing Silverhawk Aces.

Then I discovered the Idolm@ster variants fighters...It also doesn't help that I'm a HUGE Chihaya fan.

I wasn't able to get them off my head for a couple of days, then after reading a fanfic in the x-over section where Lt. Hagiwara was mind stared to instantly piece together this little composition.

Under the Grace of the moon: Completed

A test of what my writing would be like in a racing series. Also this doubles as a response fic to StormRex Lancer's own particular story.

Note that I don't even know StormRex Lancer's OC(s) nor story, so I'll just keep this as a 'what-if' scenario.

Plus, I find myself writing about 765's Silver Queen...

Silverhawk Aces: On-hold (Through Revision considered)

This is my first ever fanfic I posted onto the website with the encouragement of my sister.

This series focuses on the Dariusburst game released by Taito in 2009 on the PSP. (I played G-Darius, the previous installment) Due to the lack of information of the game in English however, there could be some errors when compared to the original plot. I apologize to those who played the game or can understand Japanese in advance.
However, the Silverhawk design is just too cool for me not to make connections between it and another favorite air combat series, Namco-Bandai 'Ace Combat'. I'm trying to give a AC style of plot delivery using the Dariusburst story as a base.

The back-story is covered in the prologue section.

As this is my first series I have enough courage to post, please leave comments and remarks. I have little experience in writing these things, but it's a habit I started thanks to my secondary school's 'Writer's Guild'.

Secrets from the Abyss: Origins - Completed

Due to the nature of Kantai Collection of not having an established canon, it is difficult to plaster a whole lot of world details on the already long Secrets from the Abyss. Then the idea of creating a prologue like spin-off occurred to me and I decided to do this.

The plot follows an alternative history where the Japanese Empire have brought down the Allied forces in the Pacific war in a 5 year war, ending in 1940 with the surrender of the Allied Forces. With the homeland & the Greater East Asian Empire secured, the story now follows the Veteran rear-admiral Fujioka Sekimoto and his pupil in-training Lt. Commander Asuka Shiba as they enjoy the brief moment of peace before encountering a greater enemy than anyone every faced before.

Completed as of November 17, 2014. The main story, Secret from the Abyss: Altruist Wonders will be slowly published over time.

Other notes:

Yes, there are a couple of series I know so well I often quote them in everyday use. Honorable mentions go to Ace Combat, Gears of War (courtesy of my sister), and several quotes from Command & Conquer. I love Fire emblem, Battlestations Pacific (which interestingly brought me to the Kancolle fandom) and some other games too.

Idolmaster has a more diverse cast, but Love Live School Idol Project has a stronger cast & overall better story. I'm not hopeful nor interested in Cinderella Girls; Namco you sold out on 765 Pro...

Anime & Cars dictate my life; I also wish I took history as my major

I'm ok with Vocaloids, but sorry Miku fans...I hate her.
I despise her obnoxiously annoying voice. Her character design is nice...but that voice...ugh.
I don't understand why anyone can like that ear-rattling voice. I just don't...

Thanks for reading!


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