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!UPDATE! New for 11-22-16: Greetings and salutations from Denver, CO.

Okay, my projects stalled. Mostly because I've realized that I've written myself into a corner, having no patience for world-building. That's okay though, for I can learn from this mistake and make a better product. Really, world-building is the best tool to use when writing stories so that the readers don't be confused as to why this or that happened.

Yeah, I've been reading Chunin Exam Day again. Seeing how the building was done, how the explanations worked, have been a major help towards my own world-builds.


HHHEEEYYY! I've been busy with work and writing what I can of late. Progress is slow but it is getting done, as I had to punch through a meet-and-greet clothing descriptor section that took way too damn long to do. There is a reason I don't do them, and now I remember why. It was . . . agony. So, I have roughly fifty thousand words of fic written (three chapters for one, two for the other) that are fairly original as far as plot goes while utilizing characters from premade series.

My newest beef: nothing drives me nuts more than people who want canon personalities in fanfiction. Uh, no. It doesn't work that way. All fanfictions, unless they plagiarize canon, are AU and thus personalities are different due to the changed circumstances. I'm sorry if this makes you mad, hurts your feelings or whatever but I really don't care. If you want CANON, go read/watch it. I write primarily crossovers, and thus because circumstances are wildly different from canon the personalities are changed.

Well, that and some I just don't like I.E. Kishimoto's Naruto. Really, if we acted like him in the real world we'd be sent in for a psyche evaluation for delusions of grandeur and mental retardation. It's a cruel, crude way of saying it yes but it is the truth. Therefore my writing style reflects this as I tend to make him a little more cynical and jaded while showing that he has a heart of gold. Most authors I see do this too, since that awful personality in canon is just too . . . well, stupid to stick with.

All right, enough rambling. Back to work so that I might get something out this year. Maybe.


There should be a rule about age limits for authors. Some of us can write clean gen fics, after all.

What brought this on is a story that I have since thrown off of my favorites list is probably going to be scrapped because it was being written by a high-schooler. Really, if you're going to bother trying to write anything either A.) write it all out before posting anything or B.) wait until your education is finished to whatever level you wanted to take it before even starting. I'm getting sick and tired of all of these kiddies suddenly figuring out the real world sucks and pulling dick moves 'cause they 'don't have the time'.


I know that this is a hobby. I use it to escape reality frequently since, well . . . the real world blows. Unlike these damn kids though, I'm forever kicking plots around to sell them to you readers. My writing style has changed since 2001 when I started. Sometimes, I write stuff that later on makes me wonder just what I was doing. That's why until I get a fic upwards of ninety percent done I'm not posting anything anywhere. I want you all to have the best product you can for your entertainment, instead of hitting a wall because I made something far more complicated than it needed to be or 'I don't have the time'.

I'm just tired of these lame excuses.


Yes, I'm still alive. You may have noticed that my favorites has shrunk significantly. This is due to me being fed up waiting for updates, only to get one years later and the author in question simply bails out of a fandom. I can understand that, really. I get that real life takes precedence over this wonderful hobby, oh how I know this. I even get that most of the fics I just deleted from my favorites list don't have an author anymore due to any number of reasons.

It was just time for some housekeeping.

So, announcement time: I've been puttering around several fic ideas, trying to find one that sticks. I've recently taken a shine to RWBY, which reminds me of Kingdom Hearts being a CGI web-anime instead of hand-drawn. It . . . well, it touched me in ways I hadn't felt since the first time I laid my eyes on the Tenchi OVAs (where I got my . . . less than stellar start in fanfiction). I've got two confirmed ideas (ten thousand words plus already, EACH) with two more that I'm kicking the logistics around to see if I can make them work and be believable. They are all crossovers, as the ending of Volume Three . . . it hurt. Pyrrha was one of my favorite characters (not just 'cause she was hot) and trying to stick to canon there . . . I would never be able to do it justice.

Maybe, just maybe, there'll be something new from me here on FFNET. My rant down below? Yeah, the Admins are up to their old tricks in ignoring everything again. I found a . . . piece . . . that is approaching four hundred chapters and has yet to cross the one hundred thousand word count. And it's not a drabble piece either. So, yeah, if the Admins can and will gleefully ignore that, then I can post something kinda off the wall and not have much in the way of worries.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Okay, I have seen the genre "Reading Of . . ." gaining popularity, even though it is essentially MSTing a fic. Any story I post -anywhere, really- will have this same notice that I'm putting here. NO, my stories MAY NOT be part of the "Reading Of . . ." genre. Half the time they are done . . . very much lacking something, like proper spelling. It's kinda nice to see a fic within a fic though. I'm just not wanting my babies messed with.


Thanks a million Admins for screwing this place up so bad that a long-time user such as myself leaves.

So, I can now be found on AO3, archiveofourown.org

You don't have to sign up to read, just like here. I recommend that my fans go there. I am also under the same pen name, only with underscores instead of spaces. Look for Jim_Ohki.

Also, I have started the process of getting some Invitations so that those that wish to join don't have to wait on the list. Until I get them however, I recommend using the Waiting List as it's a tad faster right now.

Sites my works can be found on:

archiveofourown.org - Invitation required to post, but is open to all to read

hpfanficarchive.com - Fairly self explanatory

adultfanfiction.net - Meh, I might send something over here but as AO3 let's me post NC-17 stuff not likely

Well, there you have it folks. Places I can be found, which have pretty good selections. I am encouraging the old-time authors such as myself to migrate over to AO3 as they allow everything and you can kill anonymous reviews completely unlike this . . . site. Let the kids and yaoi lovers have this place I say.

UPDATE TO MY DECISION TO LEAVE FFNET: There is an author, gitar002, that is posting a stolen story in the Stargate SG-1 Crossover section. The piece in question is https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10741412/1/Harry-Potter-Journey-Through-The-Ages. Many people have reported this theft yet the Admins ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Since this is the case, all authors should be aware that their works are OPEN FOR THEFT, even if everybody reviews it ten thousand times saying it's stolen and/or it's reported as such. This is why I bailed on this place. SAVE YOURSELVES the trouble and migrate to somewhere else. I have invites I can give out to AO3, simply email my Gmail account from HPFanFic Archive.

(Driver) Jim Ohki, heading off to greener pastures.

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