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Hey, kids.

Well, a bit about myself: I like reading and writing, obviously. I enjoy writing fanfiction for Pirates of the Caribbean...sort of (see below), Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter, and a few other things here and there. I deeply enjoy Broadway musicals and video games. I'm a 19 year old college student who lives in Oklahoma. That's pretty much my life right now.

I also really enjoy talking to people. A lot. I'm almost always online, and I love to talk to people who read my stories and learn about their writing projects as well. If for any reason you'd like to contact me, whether to ask me a question about a story or just to talk, please email me or find me on any of these IM handles:

AIM: RumTumTugger777

Yahoo!: bohemian_empress753

Google Talk: pirate.princess1989

Windows Live: chicken_noodle_jolly_rancher

Feel free to send me a message anytime! I love hearing from people.

It seems that some people have a list of their favorite actors and stuff. Here are mine.


Johnny Depp
Adam Pascal
Jude Law
Jack Davenport
Daniel Radcliffe
Alan Rickman
Orlando Bloom
Anthony Rapp
Ralph Fiennes


Idina Menzel
Kate Winslet
Natalie Portman
Eden Espinosa
Dawn French
Meryl Streep
Susan Egan
Paige O'Hara
Vivian Leigh

My favorite authors include J. K. Rowling, Gaston Leroux, Margaret Mitchell, Gregory Maguire, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, and J. R. R. Tolkien.


When you review my fics, I'd like to say now, do your worst. As a writer, I grow through my public's criticism, because it would be foolish of me to take offense to a bad review and lose readers over it. A writer's purpose is to give entertainment to the masses, and to not write to their liking would defeat my purpose. So, if you like it, please tell me. If you don't, please tell me. In the words of the Human Torch and Gollum's secret love child, "Flame on, precious."

Ardenna Ouvrard's Pirates Stories

As much as I ADORE the sequels (Dead Man's Chest and At Worlds End), I WILL NOT recognize the events that took place in them in my fanfiction. This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the events that took place in these movies. It just means that I prefer to take the relationships set up in Curse of the Black Pearl and pen my own ideas from there. This means in my stories:

YES, Will Turner is anatomically complete, heart included.

YES, James Norrington is still COMMODORE, and very much alive. He's one of my favorite characters and although he's not currently in any of my stories, if he does make an appearance, it'll be under these circumstances.

NO, Lord Cutler Beckett will not appear in my stories. As much as I love Lord Beckett, it wouldn't make much sense to have him in my fics. Unless of course, I write a flash back for the incident where he brands Jack with his 'P'.

NO, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner are NOT, and NEVER WILL BE married in my stories. I prefer to write Will as a bachelor, and Elizabeth not at all. Which brings us to...

NO, Elizabeth Swann will not be appearing in my stories for long. It's nothing against Keira Knightley, I just don't like the character of Elizabeth. To me, Elizabeth's personality isn't realistic, as it changes constantly through out the series. So, if I do write her in, she'll only be mentioned either running off or dying or something and I'll only use her when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

YES, Anamaria will make the occaisional appearance.

NO, Jack owes NOTHING to Davy Jones and because of this, when Davy Jones is mentioned, it's just in the supernatural context. Translation: If someone says they're going to send a person to Davy Jones' locker, its just a threat that they're going to bust a musket in their bum. Now, if I were a good enough writer I'd put him under my list of compromises, but I don't want to embarrass myself trying to write as such a remarkable villian as Davy Jones.

NO, Tia Dalma does not have a subplot about her. She's just the lady who gave Jack his compass.


I'm going to keep just a few snippets of the canon set by the sequels. Here's a list of those.

Jack's compass does point to what he want's most. He did get it from Tia Dalma. He will use it as such.

Captain Teague is still Jack's daddy and he is keeper of the Pirate code. But the only reason our heroes would visit Shipwreck Cove is to pay Captain Teague a friendly visit.

Hector Barbossa will most likely not appear, but I would like very much to write a story with him in it, so I'm listing him here just in case. We'll just pretend that Tia Dalma brought him back too, you know, just because.


FORMERLY 'MALICIOUS TEARS.' As some of you may or may not already know, my pen name used to be IceCubesJunkie several years ago and I wrote a second-person fic called 'Secrets and Seduction.' Well, I was flipping through a hard copy of it and came to a was pure crap. So I says to myself, "Polish it up. Give it a new title and rewrite it, revamp the plot lines a bit. Make it shiny." So that's what I did. So if for some reason it seems like I stole it, I kind of did. I stole it off myself.


This one-shot was based on a true experience of mine. I kind of kissed a Jack Sparrow impersonator at the Medieval Faire in Norman, Oklahoma...and after BOTH experiences, Kate decided that it was a story I needed to share with the world, but from her point of view. The title is really more for my own means rather than for the story, and if you knew the whole story you'd understand why. Anyway, it really doesn't fall in with the As the World Falls down timeline for those reasons exactly. It's canon in my little fic world, and at the same time, not. Heh.


I think I've made it clear that I'll continue this story regardless of the outcome of Deathly Hallows. I should probably post an AU tag on it or something...

DON'T LOSE HOPE! I do plan to finish this story!


I didn't mean to write this story, it just creeped up on me during a bout of insomnia. I never really cared much for the Snape/Lily thing until then, when I was re-reading 'The Prince's Tale' (As it's the only part of DH I actually LIKE) and I thought, "Hey. Wouldn't it be funny if...?" So here it is. Title comes from the song from the Broadway musical "A Chorus Line", the song I just happened to be listening to when I first read 'The Prince's Tale'. Soooo...yeah. Snape/Lilyness.


This is my Phantom of the Opera fanfic. I'll have it uploaded shortly. This is a fic that came to me, as Christine would say, from an Angel of Severe Disappointment in the Movie. I've been working on it since I saw the Broadway musical, and have decided to base it off that medium. I adore the book, but it's been literally YEARS since I read it and it would be silly to base it off that.


This is a Batman story I've been wanting to write for a while...I've completed one chapter thus far, and I plan to have it published before Christmas of 2008. It'll focus on Harley Quinn and the Joker, and the problems they have. This will be a VERY dark fic, one that definitely won't be for small impressionable minds.


Yes, be afraid...Ardenna's attempting a Star Wars fic. I'm going to be trying my hand at the whole 'What happened to Obi-Wan between the two trilogies?' genre. This one's going to take some work, so it'll be a while before it's published.


June 02, 2008--Because I don't say this enough, I'm days away from publishing the next chapter of As The World Falls Down. I've sent off more than three quarters of the story off for beta testing/editing. Remain optimistic, folks. It's coming.

April 11, 2008--I'm days, if not HOURS, away from publishing my Pirates of the Caribbean one-shot, A Touch of Destiny. A description is above, if you think it might interest you. This fic kind of took priority over my life and I had to drop everything to write it...remain optimistic! I'll have more updates soon!

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