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Japanese Name- Miwa Hikari

Age- 14

Live- Nashville, TN

Want to live- Japan, Canada, Minnisota, France, England, Arizona(but only if i could take some certan people with me)

Blood type- O positive

Animal- Wolf or cat. Or maybe fox.

Zodiac- Rooster

Favorite animal- cat, dog, cow, chicken, fox, jellyfish, just about all animals

Least favorite animals- ducks(don't ask why. i don't know.) EXCEPT SASUKE!!!!!(again, don't ask)

Favorite authors- christopher moore, j. k. rolling, jane austin, tamora peirce, brian jacques, stephen king, my friends cough cough, shakspeare, ect.

Favorite musicals- wicked, oklahoma, les miz, hairspray, phantom of the opera, chicago, avenue Q

Favorite nonanime tv shows- bones, invader zim, grey's anatomy, buffy the vampire slayer, scooby doo!

Favorite songs- yura yura, if you were gay, breathe(2am), anything by avril lavigne, i hate, animal i have become, boom boom boom boom, face down, all of my favorite musical songs, and on and on and on...

Favorite movie- anything miyazaki, pride and pred, love actually, secret of nyhm

Favorite anime- don't even get me started ~pulls out 10 foot list~ well...

Favorte quotes-

"Life's short, eat desert first"

"People who stick their noses into other peoples bussiness should hit thier heads against a block of tofu and die!"

"To protect the world from devistation, to unite all peoples within out nation, to denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above..."

"Sometimes we build walls, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down"

If these things apply to then you are a OzHead: By TheThroppSistersandCompany

When your English teacher told you to think of a simile for green you automatically squeel "Elphie" (hasn't happened yet, but i so would)

You own a witch hat (yeah, several)

You display various witch items around your room (um, yeah)

Before you relpy to anything you think 'what would Elphaba say' (saddly, i've done that once)

Everyone who knows you knows who everyone in wicked is, (Elphaba, Galinda, etc.) (yep, except the ones who leave when i start talking about it)

You send various people the Wicked script over email or you print it out (no, i don't have the script, but i did do that with the lyrics)

You introduce you self as I am the other (insert position) (insert name) I am beautifully tragic. (i'm so trying that)

You read the novel just to see what it had to say, but were disapointed when music didn't play as you fliped the page. (yes, but i just put on the music while reading it)

You plan to be in Wicked, and if you get there and find that your just not good enough then you think that you can move those darn sets. (oh, totally. can't wait till i have the chance!)

You are for some strange reason mad about the Wicked movie (YES! they're going to totally corrupt it! it's going to be so bad. crys in corner)

If you say Kristen, Joel, Leo, Stephanie, Eden etc. everyone knows who your talking about and that you don't mean that guy who sits next to you in math. (only some)

You can relate almost anything to Wicked, even if it is distant (sadly yes)

You find yourself singing I am not that Girl, when you feel that your just not that girl. (all the time!)

You can sing Defying Gravity even if you're off key and your voice squeeks (the whole thing!)

You have lost your voice singing Defying Gravity (yes several times)

When someone someone says defy gravity you politly correct them it is DefyING Gravity.(yes! and then they look at me funny.)

You told that girl that you would make her Pop-u-lar but then she was like "Freak"(no, but my friends say it to me all the time)

You think that Shrek was Elphaba's long lost brother (WHAT!!!!! NO WAY! if someone said that, i would totally drop kick them)

You debate every year that the school's play should be Wicked, and then when they say they can't do that you fight for Wizard of Oz. (yes, but they never can. but it was wizard of oz year befor last. i was galenda!!!!!)

You now hate Dorthy (yes, stupid airhead)

You call the mean rich people, Galinda and Fiyero's (hehe, no but i so am now)

While looking for collage's the first one on your list was Shiz(oh if only)

You beg for your choir teacher to let you preform "Dear Old Shiz" because after all it is a four piece song (well, we did popular instead)

You started pointing and screaming at the TV when the paper in Men in Black says ...defies gravtiy... (it does!!! zomg i'm so watching it again now)

You went to see the Pink Panther just because Kristen Cheosworth was in it (she is!?!?! oh, i have to see that)

You downloded the wallpaper on wickedthemusical.com it is currently your wallpaper (well, mine changes alot, but i have all of them and it is wicked alot)

When studying the Salam Witch Trials you can't stop feeling sorry for Elphaba and then for Galinda and Nessarose (yes. so sad)

You have randomly written a long letter to someone explaining how Elphaba and Nessarose got their names (no, but i always wonderd that)

You spend hours thinking about what ever happened to the Witch of the South (YES!! all the time)

You find it hard to see Idina, Stephine, Eden etc. without the green make up (sometimes)

When you get in a fight with some of your peers you scream, "Life is painless when your brainless!" (no, but that is such a great insult)

The only thing thing on your Christmas list was, just go to Wickedthemusical.com and click on mirchandise (no, it was that and anime stuff ;3)

For the commutiny theater you tried out for The Wizard of Oz, for the part of The Wicked Witch even though they only casted the part for adults (your a teenager) (no, they haven't done wizard of oz in forever. but i so would)

Everytime you see a goat you think, I wonder if the goat could have talked once like Dr. Dillimond (sadly, once or twice, i have)

The background on your computer is the Wicked, Defy Gravity scene. (not right now, but it was like last month)

Your ringtone is a Wicked song (no, my mom won't let me bye ringtones. but if i could, oh yes)

You spend hours thinking about how Elphaba is jeolous of everyone and the color of jeolously is GREEN!!! (yes, but green is also the color of learning, and she was kinda smart too...this goes on in my mind for hours)

Your laughing at this because you know that it is true! (on the floor)

If you have ever wanted to play Glinda or Elphaba in Wicked, copy and paste this into your profile!(zomg, both!)

c( uu)
Copy the bunny onto your profile to help him achieve world domination. Come join the dark side. (We have cookies)

98 percent of teenagers do or have tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile please.

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