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Who I Am
An Essay by: Buffy Summers
Introduction to Psychology
Professor Walsh

When I was given this assignment, I cringed. We were told at the beginning of the term that our final grade would depend on how well we studied and got to know our subject. I had hopes that my subject would be a child or a classmate or a friend. I never thought that I would have to study myself. I am a child, a classmate and a friend. But I am also a lover, a fighter and a young woman afraid of getting lost in such a large world.

I could have written about my childhood videotapes here but that would have meant me telling you who I let the camera see. From an early age, I learned how to hide behind a false smile and put on a show for whichever parent had the camera. I’m not an actress though and I can no longer pretend to be.

My parents are divorced and for a long time I laid all the blame on myself and never stopped to think that a kid can’t unmake a marriage. A child can’t undo love and if anything it should make it stronger. That took a long time for me to accept and I only mention it now because it helped make me who I am.

I suffered loss.

Out of that loss though I gained my life and I am eternally grateful for my life.

It took getting to know someone else. Someone I viewed as the bad guy, the lesser of beings and the only thing I ever hated to show me the truth. And in that truth he gave me the ability to see myself through his eyes. He lets me see who he sees and I am a wonder in his eyes.

When I am strong, I see pride in myself through him. When I am hurt, I see hope. When I am at my wit’s end, I see a light and when I am mad, I see love. He gave me his love and made me feel worthy. For the first time in my life, I feel like I deserve it. He makes me feel normal when I’m not and safe when I’m surrounded by Hell.

He makes me.

The answer to who I am is an ever unfolding mystery to me because every single day he introduces a new part of me. He shows me things that I never would have seen.

Who I am…is his creation and his love brought me to life.


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