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Why hello there! Welcome to my account on :)

If you only want to read about my stories and how they're going, scroll down past a few dividing lines until you reach the heading "Story Status", thanks!

I won't bother telling you much about myself though I will say that I'm female and currently 12 years old (hopefully my age doesn't put you off, I like to think that I'm still a good writer even for my age). I'm also aspiring to be an author someday so any criticism concerning my writing, plotting etc. is always welcomed. I know I'm not the best writer out there or on but that's why I'm here, so I appreciate any help or encouragement.

My main two fandoms that I write for are Supernatural and Death Note (Yes, I'm still hooked on that anime/ manga despite it ending yonks ago, I will love it forever!). So those are the two categories you can expect my stories to be from 99% of the time. I mostly write romance. In fact, even if the story isn't based solely on romance, it always somehow manages to sneak it's way in - I can't help it!

I suppose this leads me onto pairings. Ironically, I'm not actually a "Yaoi-fangirl" or someone who often ships gay pairings. I say this is ironic because my favourite couplings from my two main fandoms are male x male. Haha, I'm just weird like that. In other fandoms that I've been a part of, I've always shipped hetero relationships, in fact these are the only two yaoi relationships that I've ever written or read about. So yeah, obviously have nothing against it, but it's never been my cup of tea before. Damn Death Note converted me. Though really there aren't really many suitable females to ship the guys with in either show. Though truthfully their relationships are pretty intense and special, so maybe it has nothing to do with a lack of females (I totally sound like a Yaoi-fangirl in denial.) I've just realised that I've sort of left you in suspense on my two favourite pairings, so I've written my favourites below.

Favourite Pairings


Death Note

L x Raito (Light): Yeah, yeah unoriginal I know. But c'mon! There's a reason everyone loves them together, they're epic. Also I always refer to Light/ Raito as Raito when I write. I just find it easier, because sometimes calling him Light can get confusing not to mention MS Word always puts the stupid squiggly green grammar line underneath it - NO you stupid paperclip! It's meant to be a capital 'L'! That bugs me to death. But anyway, I'm still totally and utterly hung up on the Death Note anime/ manga. It makes me so sad yet so happy at the same time. I get stupidly emotional over it actually, it's really quite embarrassing. I honestly think I'll never get over it - it's like my 'Harry Potter' to so many people of today. Also I know they're not actually gay (...well they don't actual provide any proof for or against gayness...) but this is fanfiction.


Dean x Sam: Don't judge me! Also, NO I do not secretly have repressed sexual feelings for any of my siblings. It's just Sam and Dean have such a tense, hot and emotional bond - they seriously can't live without another and any romantic relationship they could have just seems like it's pale in comparison to what they already have. That or the writers would have to tone down theirs to make room for their love interest which would break my heart. Also, yes I'm fully aware they're not actually gay (Oh woe! Oh woe!) I just don't care. On the lines of "Eww it's incest!" I honestly don't care. Which kind of relates to my real life opinion - Hey! If you wanna sleep with your cousin or sister or whatever, I really don't care! It's you business not mine, and as long as you're not hurting anybody it doesn't bother me.

I just totally realised the two gay couples I support will never get together (sobs), well I guess that tells you why I'm here.

Other Pairings


Death Note

Raito x Misa:I'm iffy on this pairing to be truthful. Some days I quite like it, others I hate it. I just find it really difficult to see them together happily. I would probably be a bigger fan if there was more good fanfic on them too. Don't get me wrong, there is good fanfic, but most of them are really short one-shots.

Raito x Takada: I don't even know why I like them together seeing as I'm not too sweet on Takada. But nevertheless I do like the idea of them - perhaps in an AU fic? Maybe I should write one...

Mikami x Takada: Oh, c'mon! They could be spazzy Raito fangirls together and spend their days gushing about him. Besides they could turn to each other once they're both left heartbroken because Raito started an affair with L.

Raito x Matsuda: I kinda only had this idea a little while ago, and I'm now intrigued... it leads onto the idea of L x Matsuda too... Not really sure how I feel about it, but not totally against it. Also apparently I think Raito is a wh*re.


Sam x Jess: They were so cute together. It makes me sad that she died... Then again I'm too in love with Wincest - Sorry Jess!

Dean x Jo: They could've been kickass and adorable!

John x Mary: Not much to say, but they're cute together.

Cas x Meg: In that one episode (which I can't remember the name of) they were totally cannon! They were also pretty hot together... Besides the whole Angel x Demon thing is endlessly romantic and tragic - just think of all the possibilities. It's kind of like 'Romeo and Juliet', only better because this is Supernatural, Cas is adorable and Meg is a badass.

Dean x Cassie: I'm pretty meh about this pairing, but I added it here because I do like it - however the only real reason that I do is because of Ben. I love the Ben/ Dean son/ daddy relationship they have going on. It's so sweet and sad at the same time. I just don't feel like Dean and Cassie have that much chemistry to be honest.


Story Status:

All of my incomplete stories haven't been updated in a long time - I apologise for this. I've actually been very ill and hospitalised for the past year. However, I plan to get back into the swing of things and start completing my stories. Read below for individual story information.


Death Note

Currently I have no Death Note stories posted to this account. However I do have a oneshot story in the making and also a multichap story I plan to move here from an old account.


Let's Go Down in Flames: L x Raito; T rating; Romance/ Angst; Unwritten.

A story inspired by the song Down in Flames by Epicure. It will contain spoilers for the whole anime/ manga. A story exploring what happened between the 28th of October and the 5th of November: (Spoilers in the following sentences) The days between the defeat of the Yotsuba Kira and L's death. It will have made-up flashbacks to during Raito's memory-loss days with L. (End of spoilers) I hope to have this finished and posted within the next fortnight.


Wammy's Cafe: L x Raito; T rating; Romance/ Humour; Unwritten.

A story I barely begun on an old account, which I plan to move here. I've already revised the first chapter, but I wish to get a few more done before posting it here. It shouldn't be longer than a month before it's posted here however. It's an Alternate Universe story so there will be no spoilers, Death notes or shinigamis. It's basically a story about Raito working with his sister at a cafe called Wammy's Cafe and all the shenanigans and insanity that ensues. There will of course be appearances from L, along with Misa, Matsuda, Mogi and Watari; I won't spoil how those characters are involved though, you'll have to wait and see.



Currently I have two finished oneshots and two unfinished multichaptered stories on this account.


Winter Coffee: Dean x Sam; T rating; Romance; Complete.

A quick, short story and Sam and Dean. Not much of a plot, though there is one if you squint. Mostly it's just something cute and sweet that I wrote to amuse myself.

One Second: Dean x Sam; T rating; Romance; Complete.

A really short story that incorporates a lot of numbers and references to time when being told. Basically it was just a test of a strange little idea that popped into my head. Once again there isn't much of a plot, just something short and sweet.


It's Dark (I can't See): Dean x Sam; High T rating; Romance/ Angst; Incomplete.

A fairly short story that looks into the relationship of Sam and Dean and the guilt and confusion attributed to holding sexual feelings for a sibling. It will likely be only two chapters long. At this time, this story is basically on a mini hiatus - sorry! I do plan to get around to finishing it though.

Sunshine Gold and Honey Yellow: Dean x Sam; High T rating; Romance/ Angst (/Humour); Incomplete.

A two-chapter story (though there is potential that it could become a three or four-chapter story) that revolves around Sam, his feelings for Dean, their everday life and his residual feelings for Jessica; so naturally there's plenty of angst and humour. Almost a bit of a character study you could say along with a practice in building tension in a relationship. I've almost finished editing the final chapter, so hopefully it'll be up very soon.

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