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Today: March 28, 2012 (10:13AM HST)

Yeah. So I haven't been up to much lately in the past two years. However, my current fandom is Ace Attorney (; Times have changed a LOT.
A LOT a LOT. Seriously. This editing and account settings are different. Last time I remembered, avatars were 100x100? Now they're what? 150x150? 200x200?

I'm going to change my pen-name. It's now the cereal I've started eating. I rarely eat cereal. I mean, I do live in Hawaii, so food choices are in a way a bit more broad. To my friends, I'll probably always be 'shannalin' outside of Don't forget that :)

Note: I still LOVE Ace Attorney :) & I'm back into anime again! Hahaha. I missed it? I picked up where I left off -- PoT fanfics, Gintama anime, Naruto manga&anime. Oooh. Also, I'm college-bound! Well, I've applied and waiting! Is this how all those authors feel when they're in college? Hard to believe writing fanfiction in college ~ I can't imagine :)

Anyway! To me, that sounded a bit dramatic. On a better note, my fandom is Ace Attorney! Naturally, fanfiction is full of pairings. My favorite pairings (canon, non-canon, fanon, brother/sister, worker/co-worker)? (No yaoi. Friendship, yes; yaoi, no. I've been over that for a long time.) No particular order besides the game it's from (PW, AJ, AAI) and the first pair:

Klavier/Ema (Klema; My favorite, btw. This one definitely gets the top spot...)
Matt/Adrian (a bit strange this one...)
Kristoph/Dahlia (farfetched AJ/PW, I know. If Dahlia was alive somehow...then...yeah!)
Miles/Kay (I blame AAI! Hahaha, but seriously. Edgeworth is has a kind attitude towards girls.)
Lang/Shih-na (*spoiler* When Lang took the bullet to his leg for her... *sigh*)
Lang/Franziska (okay all you talented writers of AAI fandom, start working on a story!)

Okita Sougo/Kagura (what more do I need to say?!)
Hijikata/Mitsuba (soo cute. Mitsuba-dono!)
Katsura/Ikumatsu (ugh. I wish she would appear again!)
Kondo/Otae (Teehee! Gorilla Stalker~)
Gintoki/Sa-chan (HAHAHA. oh gosh. Gin would be like WTF. Me? I'd laugh if they became canon.)
Gin/Ketsuno Ana (Oh yeah ;p The weather girl.)
Gin/Tsukuyo (cute, esp. in 179)
If I think of other pairings, I will add them~

I LOVE humor/crack/just-for-fun stories, so I'm perfectly fine when it comes to OOC. Okay, maybe not; There IS a limit. No Mary-Sues and all that. Without that, I'm all good :)

Edgeworth: For my own personal victories…and for guilty verdicts… I used every dirty trick in the book. And so my win record remained spotless. But… A man appeared and stood fast against that selfish me. I fought him in my usual manner, and tasted my first defeat. I felt like I had lost everything because of that. And then… It was my turn to sit in the defendant's chair. And I was saved…by that person I called my "enemy"… I couldn't forgive myself for all that had happened. So I left the Prosecutor's Office. And I left that note… "Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth chooses death"…
Franziska von Karma: Hmph, as well you should have. A prosecutor who has shamed himself with defeat should crawl into a hole and die!
Edgeworth: …But that was not what happened. After I left the Prosecutor's Office, I finally came to realize something. And it was in that moment of clarity that everything began to change.
Franziska: Wh-What foolish nonsense…
Edgeworth: We prosecutors use anything we can to attack the defendant. But every time we did so... No matter how desperate the situation, instead of giving up like most people, that man would hold strong with his undying faith. And then, before I knew it… I began to trust in that man as well.
Franziska: Wh-What!? You trusted your enemy!?
Edgeworth: It doesn't matter how many underhanded tricks a person uses… The truth will always find a way to make itself known. The only thing we can do is to fight with the knowledge we hold and everything we have. Erasing the paradoxes one by one… It's never easy… We claw and scratch for every inch. But we will always eventually reach that one single truth. This I promise you.
Pearl Fey: The "truth"…
Edgeworth: Yes. That's the reason why prosecutors and defense lawyers exist. But I'm sure you knew that already, didn't you, Wright?
Phoenix: …
Edgeworth: That's why you couldn't forgive me; this man who went into hiding. Isn't that right? This man who only had his sights set on "victory", who ran away into the night…
Pearl: Ah! Is…Is Mr. Edgeworth right, Mr. Nick…!?
Phoenix: (You really let me down…) When you disappeared, I felt…betrayed. The reason I decided to become a lawyer to begin with…was because I believed in the things you said to me, all those years ago… And you…you betrayed your own words. That's why…one year ago, I made up my mind. I decided that the Miles Edgeworth I knew had died… At least, that's what I told myself.

(Edgeworth is one Steel Samurai closet-fan! This point becomes well-taken in AAI Case 5. Oh, Edgeworth xD)

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