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Hi! Welcome to my lovely profile!

The name's Jene'e. (pronounced Juh-nay)

I'm 20 and a sophomore in college.

I live in the fabulous state of Tennessee.

I have phases of obsession when it comes to music.

Right now its Jonas Brothers.

I'm pretty much in love with them and their music.

I'm aJoseph Adam Jonaskinda girl.

I love writing (but hey you already knew that).

I'm blunt without being rude, I dont candy-coat things.

I get way too excited over reviews.

I'm christian and I wear a purity ring.

I love to sing at the top of my lungs while blasting my ipod, hairbrush-microphone in hand...

I try not to care what others think.

I love to make people laugh, and laugh at myself.

I've been known to say a couple dumb things...

But I'm perfectly Imperfect.

I love the sound of rain at night.

I dream of a love story like in the movies.

I try to live life to the fullest.

I love all my readers and fans; you guys make me smile.

I love YOU for reading all of this nonsense about me.

My Weird Writing Habits

I cant write two stories at once, it just doesnt work for me that way.

I come up with most of my ideas through dreams

I think about my story lines almost every night when trying to get to sleep (it usually prevents me from sleeping!)

I'm obsessed with Author Notes, and I should probably use them less.

I'm the most appreciative person you will ever meet when it comes to reviews.

Sometime even I dont know whats going to happen in a chapter before I type it out

Some Pet Peeves:

WrItInG LyKe DiS

Saying your story sucks but to read it anyway (it only pushes readers away)

Cliches with no substance (cliche can be good, just put your own twist on it!)

Blackmail reviews (I wont update unless i get x amount of reviews)

Extreme OOC (I think ooc can be okay to a point, but the characters should be somewhat themselves)

Extreme Cursing ( Do you really think Miley would say the F word 70 times in a chapter? Situational cursing can be okay if limited.)

Author's notes within the text (explanations are for after and/or before the chapter, not during!)

Song-Title Story Titles (Unless its a songfic, I just dont like when someone writes a Jobro fic with one of their songs as a the title)

Relationships worth mentioning

Loe & Moe (HM)

Jiley but NOT Lake (HM)

Niley & Nilly (HM)

Loliver (HM)

Dasey (LWD)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

50 Songs for 50 Moments by nowheretorun reviews
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Funhouses with Joe reviews
Lilly Truscott is tired of taking backseat to Miley. What happens she gets trapped in a Funhouse with Joe Jonas? Can he help her learn who she is? Can she help Joe learn some things about himself also? When drama ensues can they keep it together? JoexLily
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