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Sorry to all anonymous reviewer who were wonderful. I'm tired of the troll I got on my tail (to that troll fuck off! Trolls like you are the reason some people kill themselves! You get sick pleasure in putting people down while everything you say is actually reflected on you. ) if you want to review your going to have to have an account. Maybe in the future I'll take it down but for now I'm sorry. I'll miss the reviewers who where actually nice or gave good criticism not the bullshit I'm getting for the troll.

This is a new update that, to those reading my stories need to read! Warning explicit language being used again.

My dog broke my last laptop, as some of you might have heard. I still have yet to access the documents on it and am waiting to go to my uncle's so he can help me with that and set things up on my new laptop. Updates have to wait till that time so I'm sorry. I promise you though that I will try to update as soon as I can! Especially Kiss of Death and The Case of Abuse. Both stories are very important for me, especially the other one. I also have another in process that I think will be posted when I have more completed out of it. I'm very happy with it and hope you all will like it, if you don't well I don't care.

To the reviewers who are reviewing without accounts. I've been considering blocking those reviews. Its not that all of them are bad! The opposite, I get so many positive reviews from you guys but I am tired. I am tired of getting the reviews from this same jack ass. Yes if you're reading this your a jackass. You bully people, you talk bad about them simply because they do something you don't like well guess what jack ass I don't care what the hell you think and I will happily delete all your reviews. My stories are my own, if I wish to abandon I will and I have reasons for that so fuck off!

I know its the same person because he's horrendous in his grammar and I know I have no were to speak on that subject but at least I try, this guys just - urg horrible. Trolls like you are people I wish could be identified and sent off the website.

I sadly think that all people who review should have an account or should have to sign in - in some way, to review. Sorry but that's my thoughts and I'm sticking to it.

I am considering joining another website, as well as continuing on this one. For those who wish to look it up there, I've just added my e-mail to the cue on Archives of our own. If you want to continue following me there as well, I'll try to tell you guys who I am!

This will contain explicit language!

This is to all of those who review my stories without an account, it's a privilege that you have, I can very easily take it away from you. I always appreciate reviews that are given to my stories and I read them all. What I don't like is when a guest reviewer goes and states that just because I quite a story means the rest of my stories will be crap. Listen if you want to say that have the guts to make an account and say it where we can reply back. I understand that you like a certain story but I appologise it won't be continued, it has been years since I wrote it and since then I've grown as a writer, at least I hope so. I cringe every time I look at that story.

Now then I know some people won't like this and I will be posting this on my next chapter update but let's get something strait. This is for amusement, we don't make money out of this stuff we write it because we write and we love the things we write about. Sometimes we fall out of love with certain things hell I have over a hundred unfinished documents on my computer! I wrote what I want to write and I have free will to say to all those trollers like that to take their reviews and shove them were the sun don't shine. I always accept criticism but not crap like the stuff certain people write.

So that this is understood most of my stories are Harry Potter is turned or born a girl stories. To those that dont like it well I don't care!!

Now for everything else, I was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1992. I am a very proud Canadian but still appreciate other countries. I started to write fanfictions a few years back, my favourite are Harry Potter, Naruto and Sailor Moon.

For my Harry Potter Fanfictions I tend to do my favourites, change of school and girl Harry. For my Sailor Moon Fanfictions I tend to have Serena running away or changed drastically. And for Naruto, well I like smart and powerful Narutos, also girl Naruto's. I like a few things in Naruto but I havn't writing many stories on this subject.

I am trying to do my best for my stories. I like giving different people chances to correct stories.

My stories: (New for May 11 2010)

A fiery year is complete and I must say I am proud, I love that story and it is one of the only ones that I found an ending for. Hopefully that now it is done I will look through all the chapters for that story and A Quidditch summer so that I could try and get all the grammar mistakes out. Well as best I can.

I have been working on the Guardian and have updated and I am now currently working on a new chapter for Lady Blackrose. Yes hopefully I will up date it soon.

A family bond is being tricky, nothing wants to stick in my head and even if I try to write it down it wont, hopefully I will be able to continue and finish it, you never know.

Blood and chocolate the one with the long chapter, well for that one not many reviews and I am still working on that damn third chapter.

Champions Training, I am seriously thinking of re-writing it, maybe with longer chapters and more of a summer but I am not sure. I have started and you never know I may do it.

A new me I really getting on my nerves as well, so I deleted it.

The night wind blows strong, It's gone I know but I did save it to my computer and hopefully one of this days it will be up again.

Times makes a difference well I have the two next chapters written but I am discouraged by the amount of reviews, tell you guys what, review ten more times and I will post a new chapter. Bribery yes I am bribing you!

New things about well things:

I have my very first forum up and please who ever reads this check it out and post your answer. Its simple really I just want to know why people dont like reading gender benders.

November 1!!! I love november it's after all my birthday month! BUt I'm also moving.

Anyway new things to tell you guys about. I am sort of stuck on Time makes a difference. What to do is unknown it's like I have writers block on that story. The Guardian part one is done, first year over and so I'll be moving to year two! I'm shocked at the amount of people reading and reviewing it. Thank you all who have.

My other stories will hopefully continue to be writen although Blood and Chocolate is giving me a hard time. Sigh it started to so well, I suppose that teaches me to only start a story when you have multiple chapters. Oh well. I'll work on them as best I can maybe sometime soon I'll find something to write about in that story.


If you guys want the chapter after the one I'm writing now for A life changing journey then vote! it's going pretty well I have about 40 something votes already its perfect! Also thanks for those who have voted it means what I write here isn't ignored.

Well hope you have a good day I won't school now!

You know people, I never notice how annoying my friend can be.

Merry Christmas! Oh and Happy New Year!

I hope everybody is going go. I am I'm on Christmas vacation and yesturday I was able to stay home. Apparently there was not many people at my school. Sucks to be the ones who were there. Giggle.

Anyway I am searching for a beta reaser for Past, present, Future. If I don't get one by this week my story will have to go on hold. Me sorry people but if you want to beta the story all you have to do is send me a message also it's for my spelling. Anyway hope you guys are doing good.

December 18 2010


Everybody! I found a beta so don't worry about Past Present Future!

January 14 2011 Rabbit year! Although I myself am a Monkey Rabbits are so cute and fluffy.

Exams are starting up next week, that means their might not be as many updates as you want because on Friday I am doing a math and brain exam. I'll have no choise but to study all week if I want to pass my grades and I really need to if I want to graduate this year. Ah Graduating, such a tense time in life, filled with last minute exams, friends, Coops, prom and more exams. Perfect more stress.

Well till next week people, and hint hint if you lot havn't noticed I almost always update some of my stories on Friday, especially Past, Pressent, Future; Dark Times and A life changing Journey. I'll try to update the others though.

May 13 2011 / 4:58 PM

Well people, I'm sad to say that I am in a pinch here. I'm having a hard time writing some chapters, while others I'm having a great time. That's why it's been so eregular with my story updates. Dark Times always seems to be getting updated though and I don't forsy it not being updated anytime soon. Still I'm also looking for a job so currently I have a little less time and once I do get a job way more time to not work on Chapters. Not only that but the school year is coming to an end, that means I'm graduating and moving on to College. I'm going for Interireur design at La Cite Collegial In Ottawa Ontario!!! I hope to do well during my three year program but I also hope to have fun.

Anyway I was thinking of just working on one story and then moving on to the others until I finish them but it's sort of hard when I can't concentrate or even think of any ideas for the chapters. Currently I'm an a role for Dark Times and so I will be continuing it. Let us hope that things get better.

Hey people, I'm currently working on the final battle for Dark Times, amazing hey! Still I'm having a hard time, battle scenarios were never my strong point. Oh well the rain outside is helping my writing though. If anybody has any ideas for me send a PM!!

August, such a horrible yet beautiful month all the same. My entire life will be changing this month and so will those who read my stories because by the end of the month I'll have less time to write. I'll be starting college this year so that means homework and two hour buss rides just to get to school. Horrible because that means if I have a class at seven, knowing my luck I will, then I have to wake up at Five just to get there on time. Well anyway. I'm trying to get as much writing as I can and I got new ideas forming on paper.

September 1

well as said before, I have begun school and now that I attend college I have no choice but to wake up early, much earlier then i expect. Not only that but some nights I have no choice but to go to bed earlier then I'm used to and even then my body is not used to it so it's hard. Anyway I'm lucky that I only have two days were I have to be to school at 8 AM but then I do have one day that I arrive back at home at 9 at night. It's not really fun and I'm supper tired afterwards. Hopefully things will get better.

Anyway, as those reading Dark Times has probably notice the story is coming to a fast end and will be finished in a week or two that means that I will be able to work harder on my other stories. I have plans for major re-writes in all my stories especially the ones I have already completed such as Quidditch Summer and Fiery Year because both are very badly written and I will probably try to work out the plot a little better.

Also I have been working on a new story. It's called Twin Dumbledores. I don't know if anybody is even interested in this idea but it's different and I hope that I will have more then five chapters before I start posting it. It has a few of my normal/favorite things such as Girl Harry (but he was born a girl and not made one), different school but still has Hogwarts in it. It takes place during the Fifth book or what would have been the fifth books because it is so going to change, longest book of the seven but I hated the ending, why oh why did Sirius have to die. Oh that rhymes!

Also I actually have plans for a Sailor Moon fic, this one is semy original I think and just came to me on the buss, let's hope its better then I think it will be and lets hope I can finish one because up to date I have had about five Sailor Moon fics and all have been taken down, willingly, by me so that I could work on making them better. Boy don't I have a few things to improve in my stories. Oh well. Hope you guys are all good and toon in every friday or saturday for an update, hopefully it will be done.

OH one more thing, The Guardians has NOT been stopped, I shall be starting to write the next book soon and hopefully will be posting in the coming months to come. I plead for your patients.

Second OH, I have been working on a new version of A Family Bound, the thing is it is drastically different then what is already up, like really drastic. I hope you guys like it as much as this one because all's hoping it goes well.


October 19th 2011

People of Fanfiction, that read my stories take note that updates for all stories will be iregular as of now on. As I have begun college my time to write and think about my stories has shortened especially with the amount of homework. I have tried but learned that I cannot do both. During the break of December I will try and update as much as possible! as I have almost completely Dark times (one chapter to go people) I will have more time to concentrate on the others and I hope to get ahead on Past, Present, future because it seems very populair. I have decided to re-read and re-write many of my stories but I hope to be able to add more as well. I have plans for two stories and the sequel to Guardian year 2. I hope to start that soon. Heres hoping that I update soon but no need to worry for Past Present Future I am trying to update for this friday!

December 1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sad to saw that until at least december 19th I won't be able to update a single story even if I wanted to. I'm afraid my prat of a brother decided to use up all our downloading and that means uploading gigs for himself. Now we will be penilized if we do anything. I give you my appologies as I had hopes of updating this week but it seems as though I cannot. Perhaps by the time that I will be able to to. I will have more then enough Chapters, maybe even one of the stories I have already written, restarted once more.

HOpe you guys are doing well, I'm hitting exams next week. My birthday just past so all is well.

Yours sincerly and with a heavy heart of sadness and a glare to my brother,



To all who read this profil and my stories I have terrible news, I, the person who never back ups their stuff has lost their USB Key and has probably no hopes of ever finding it again. So with that I have lost a major part of my stories includding the one I had been working on quite a bit, Unspeakable that had twenty pages for each chapter. I have also entered a sort of writers block for some reason and can't figure how to write the next Past Present Future chapter. I am trying to find the Key and to keep writing but its been hard especially with school and such. I am so sorry and I really am hoping to find that key.


Well ladies and gents, I have good news, my dearest friend found my USB key, but after that my laptop went to the wind, as in I first got the blue screen of death then after I rebooted it, I got a message. It went something that meant this. Please save all your information to a external hardrive because you need to go to the store and by a new one. It seems like my harddrive was caputse. Well the amazing news is I bought a new one, an Acer this time, although my Hp lasted me five years or a bit more, it has been a very loyal friend and I adored it till the end. Now I have a new baby and I plan on taking very good care of this one because for the first time I bought it.

Now for my stories, well um school is almost over and I have yet to get rid of the stupid block that is stoping me from writing Past Present Future, a story I wanted to finish soon because I love it and I want to finish the story. I'm already in the 50's for chapters which is really amazing for me. Well with exams taking over my life soon and final projets I will be bussy but hopefully I'll be able to get a head with everything and write, write, write.

Thanks for all those who wished me luck in finding my key, it worked great because I have it back with me!

10 / 5/ 2012

Well ladies and gents I am very proud of myself, just a few weeks ago I completed my first year of college. Horra for me! Now though I am concentrating on Past Present Future. As those who read this know, I plan on finishing it soon, I have already posted an update and I have tomorrow's chapter all typed up and ready to go. I'm currently working on CHapter 56 and the details of the remaining chapters, yes remaining as in the story is coming to an end people. I have decided that instead of prolonging it to an unresnable chapter number that I will finish it. I hope you all read and like the story. and I am so greatful to althose who have stuck by this story.

As for other stories:

Guardian and it's sequel(s).

Well it's simple, I'm currently working on rewriting the Guardian story and then I'll move on to Guardian year 2. I am so thankful I am as well because the moment I read chapter 1 of GUardian I was horrified by how horrible it was. It's getting better and I completed the rewrite of chapter 1 and doing chapter 2. It's going to take some time seing as I am working on finishing PPF but It will get there. I am mainly doing this so that I can find insperation for the rest of the story.

A Family Bound.

Well to tell you the truth, I have lost all inspriation for this story that's why instead of anbondoning it, I will be reworking it at a different angle. Some of the stuff inside it now might not even be there in the new story. I'm really sorry for this guys but it's the only thing I can do for the story.

Most, the same goes for the other stories, Re-write or complete deletion. Sorry people but it's the way it goes.

August 31 2012

Well people, in four days I begin school and I know you guys will be angry with me but that means that posting will not be happening very often. I am working on Guardians 3 for those who read that story and I am rather happy with the chapters I have at the moment. Still that doesn't mean very much considering I am rather disappointed in the amount of people who have been reading my newest addition to my stories. Twin Dumbledores. I have fallen in love with that story but it seems like its not really popular. Just to inform you that even if it isn't popular I will not be abondoning it. I love it to much that I will continue it and finish it.

Now as I was saying, things will be going even slower with school coming so fast but I do hope to update once and a while.

October 31 2012 /Halloween

Well ladies, gentlemen, ghost, monsters and magic folk I am updating my profile today. Thought today would be a good day to update so I am. As most of you know I have been in school since September, things are going well and although I am not updating as fast as most people would like, I have still been able to keep updating at least at some points during the months. sadly a few weeks ago I did lose my precious USB Key. But the good news was that most of my stories were not on that but on my dads mac so they were safe, some of the newer chapters I was writing were not so safe so I lost those. Most of those though came from Twin Dumbledore’s.

Now to talk about my newest stories:

I have the third installment of The Guardians going on now, I was happy to be able to start it up again and continue to write, even getting past the second chapter which was great bonus for me. It’s now up and I think at the fifth chapter. I am slowly but surely writing the sixth one or is it the seventh, right now. The story got a bit of a twist to it with Athena and everything but hope you guys like it.

Now the next story to speak about, Twin Dumbledore’s, this story has become my newest pride and joy, I love to write it and I have over fifteen chapters, I used to have twenty one chapters but they went bye, bye when I lost my USB key. (good news, I have a new one and its attached to my keys, so if i lose that I am in deep shit because I lose my keys as well.) Although this story has become my new pride, I do notice that there are not a lot of people interested in the story. I hope it improves over the course of the story because I thought it would be a different concept, never seen before in the sense that I put it, even though it was compilation of various already very used plots, such as girl harry, different school harry, adopted harry, runaway Harry, and so on. I have not been able to update it as much as I would like but it is still in the process of being written.

As for the last story I have been writing on, Its Blood and chocolate. I noticed that it was still getting a bit of attention from people and so I decided to re-write it. I am currently on the third chapter and posted an update as a fourth chapter for the story, later I will change that. Ive change a bit of the story in the fact that the Dursleys are not with the four teens. Different twist and hope it gets well received.

Those are the stories that are currently on Fanfiction but those are not the only ones I am working on at this present time. I have started to work on another story that I hope will hit off very well. It’s a rather different twist on the adoption/girl harry.

Well now that I have posted an updated I will wish you all safe trick or treating, or whatever celebration people have around the world and have a scary Halloween!!!!!

Well everybody a new Christmas vacation has arrived and that means I can concentrate more and more on my stories. My exams were brutal but I think I did rather well in them. For now though an update for all those loyal people who read this.

My curent piece of work is in the Guardian Series:

The Guardian year 3: I am proud to say that I am hard at work on that story, espcially today were I blew through two chapters. I have four chapters practically writen up and all they will need will be some prof-reading some correcting and hopefully a chapter will be posted this friday. I hope to have this story finished by Christmas Vacation end, at least writen up.

The next story I'm working on is the current re-write of Blood and Chocolate, along with A Quidditch summer. Complete re-writes are long to do but I'm hoping to get a hard work on it this vacation.

As many have already noticed the poll on my profile, its important to vote for your favorite stories so that it may be continued. Quite a few have also mentioned a Pre-quill to Past Present Future, I am currently trying to write it but its not going as well as I had wished.

Well Merry Christmas Everybody and hope you all have a happy new year!

Oh Boy its been a while!!!! Last time I posted on my wall it was Christmas time and I was on Christmas break now its summer time and I'm on Summer break! Well I have to appologice for not really updating much these past few months, I have been rather bussy with school and also have a sirious case of writes block. I hate it when I get that, but the good thing is, Twin Dumbledores is going rather smoothly. I have been writing a chapter and fixing up others. Also Guardian year three's next chapter is in the works.

Now for an update on all my stories:

A family Bond: I think it was one of the first stories that I posted on this site and its still not done, mostly because I am really not satisfied with it. I hurried it to much and changed to much. So I am rather sorry but it will continue to be incomplete until I have the time and patients to go through it all and re-write it and that is most likely going to take some time unless I put a set amount of days to work on it.

A life Changing Journey: Um I have had some interest in the story as of late and its there at the back of my mind, but once again a total re-write but I think I have begun that re-write already. WE shall see what will happen from there.

Blood and Chocolate: Um still love that title and the story plot, its actually still in my head, the plot that is. I might take pen to paper again with it. Maybe sometime soon.

Champions Training: What things really get out of hand sometimes, that story needs to be finished but to finish it once again a re-write must be done, the third for that story.

Lady Blackrose: Well I'll say it now its not got my attention anymore, hasn't had it for quite some time.

The Guardian year 3: Its in working progress, I might be able to cough up a chapter sooner rather then latter. Hopefully that is.

Time makes a Difference: Many things have been pointed out to me by a helpful reader who left a rather good review. This story is going to take a major re-writing to even think of being updated. Sorry guys.

Twin Dumbledore: its on the front I have to say, i love the story and find it rather different then what is out there.

One shots that lead to more: Lol It seems like this was a rather good idea to try out, seems like Unspeakable has been taking the front run with Power of a new generation in second and Of Prewett, Black and Potter is in third with Daycare HOgwarts in last. Sad because the last two are actually some of my favorites.

Well there we go an update for all to see, I know not the best news to hear but its news none the less!


Its been a long time since I've posted anything or even spoken to anybody on this website. You could say that my muse has been very fleeting lately and although I've started something new, I am still trying to continue the old.

Plenty of people have asked me if I will be continuing A family Bond or have begged me to update. The sad thing is, the story is rather old and I lost any idea of what I was doing with it. I understand it might be a disappointment to many out there but I will most likely never update that story again. Its also filled with way to many grammatical errors, well who am I kidding, all my stories are but especially my older ones. So for those who were looking forward to an update, and those following the story, I apologies, it was never my intention of not completing it but life goes on and we grow up and change.

As for the already completed stories that i have posted, I understand that they are filled with errors and as hard as it is to understand this people, i did do my best, I corrected as well as I could. If there is a beta out there that would be willing to do the work and correct it, then so be it but just so you know unless somebody does do it, I won't be touching a thing on them. Any of them.

There are stories that I do hope to continue. Guardians 3 is slipping away from my grasps as sad as I am to admit but I do hope to at least finish the third installment, maybe then my thoughts will come to light. Dumbledore Twins is a story dear to my heart, I actually love it in all honesty and do have chapters that I need to correct and post.

A new idea I am working on though is different then the things I've worked on in the past. It involves Dementors, and their kiss of Death as some call it. Hopefully I'll get ahead enough to post a few chapters soon! Here's hoping at least.

Just remember guys I've never stopped writing, I write every day actually and I enjoy writing. NO matter the negative feedbacks I've received I will always love my writings and be proud of them as they show the growth I've made over the years.

Here's hoping that you all will see new chapters or even new stories soon and see old stories end! Till next time.

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