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Hey, FFN-visiting people! ^_^ I'm 13, my real name is Jessa, and I'm a horse freak. My previous pen names were: Jessa R. Hacknei, Shalire Norwerita-Mereel, & Jaster or Heero's Girl: Jae. ^_~ I'm still the same person, though. ^_^ I think knights are pretty interesting, but I like futuristic stuff a lot as well. ^_^ I like horses, STAR WARS, cars, stuff like Tolkien's books, comedy, action, fantasy, some anime, and sci-fi. I enjoy writing, drawing, E-mailing, horseback riding, and reading. Hmmmm . . . *tries to think of something that might be interesting* Oh, I measured myself, and I'm exactly 160 cm high -- Trowa Barton's height (Gundam Wing char, for those of you who have no clue) . . . and I think he's the tallest of the five! LOLOLOLOL!! Now I feel a little better about being relatively short . . . ^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^ I ~LOVE~ Humvees & Caroselli Rodsters!! My overall nickname is Teek. Some of my friends have this obsession with calling me other things, though, like Mereel-san (I like!), Kido-san (which I resent, since I'm ~not~ a pessimist ^_^), Ichinjoji-san (it's OK), or Yuy-san (second fave only to Mereel-san). My favorite GW char is Heero Yuy (who is ~~~~~very~~~~~~ sugoi/kawaii/atsui and all that jazz {sorry -- I just ~had~ to say that}). ("...I like Prussian blue...") Duo is my second fave, followed by Quatre the cutie. I. Hate. Relena. She's the biggest flirt ever and reeeeeeally annoying (and I don't care for NE flames I get for saying that!!) ^_~ OK, call me a baka, but I made a New Year's Resolution, and here it is: To grow my hair out as long as Duo Maxwell's. *stands with Duo's cocky grin plastered all over her face as silence reigns* I've even got a profile piccie to go on, so . . . . . ~I~ created Mimi Maxwell, and all those other "Gundam Guys Meet the Digimon Girls" couples (w/some help from Labbie -- see Lab Creation's bio for a complete list ^_^). For some reason, I envision Duo in a cowboy hat . . . still haven't drawn it, tho. My absolute favorite Heero piccie is the one I filed "Heero-yellowshirt." ^_^ The first one I ever fully looked at. My first thought: "Finally, an OK-looking anime char who isn't blond!" (tho we just couldn't get away from the blue eyes). ^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^ Some of my friends (like Labbie in particular) call me Maxwell fan or Duo. Not Shinimegami -- yet. ^_^ I look most like Duo (if you're gonna compare . . .), and . . . well, let's just say I act a lot like him. I've really gotten into the "You stole my face!" line, and I was already saying "Oh, this is so not cool!" before I ever heard about GW. But I like Heero better. I have a complete archive of GW piccies (mostly Heero) and Digimon piccies (mostly Yama). I like drawing a lot, and do mostly Heero, Duo, Quatre, and Trowa piccies (Wufei is hard: I tried once and never tried again). As of late I;ve been altering the GW guys over to girls. The results have been Kaze "Windy" Higashihiroshima (for Duo) and Aozora "Sky" Shiroyama (for Quatre). I have a miscellaneous piccie filed "Trowa-Girl," and I like it. ^_^ The best piccie I've drawn of Heero I called "MyHeero." Don't laugh! It's Heero, and it's ~~MINE~~! So there. *looks around* Watashi ai Heero-chan!! *dashes over to Heero (who is still pointing that gun at her)*grabs him around the waist and hugs him ~~really~~ hard*Heero staggers a little bit*refuses to let go*Heero gives a despairing look and re-holsters his gun*he shakes his head*Heero: "Go away."*refuses to let go*shakes head vehemently*Heero: "Please. Go away."*nuh-unh*Heero reaches for his gun and whips it out*he accidentally hits me on the head*it knocks me into semi-unconsciousness*Heero: *blink* "Did I do that?"*Labbie nods sagely*TK blinks too*TK: "You killed her!"*Heero bites his lip and gently pulls my hands form his ankles (I've gone limp, see?)*Heero: "She better be alright, or I'll just haveta go with Relena and--"*comes to quite quickly* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! MY HEERO-CHAN!!!!!!! *relatches*Heero grins (odd, no?)*Heero: "I thought that would work."* Ya mean it? *last thing you see as this bio ends is Labbie and TK sitting in the corner shaking their heads as Jae squeezes the breath outta Heero*Duo gives a little "thumbs up"* ^_^ (((Now it's Relena's turn to cry . . .))) ^_^
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