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I'm Dori!

I'm 13!

My pen name is bestsingereva, and that's because I love to sing!!! Singing rocks, to all those out there who love it!!!!

If you love singing as much as I do, copy and paste this in your profile.

Yep. I have big dreams for the future, like becoming a singer/actor/writer, but let's not go into detail about that. =D!

My top ten favorite ships are:

1: Miley/Oliver. See, I like the kind where Oliver actually acts the way that he really would act. In a lot of fanfics, he acts nothing like the way he really is! So, come on, people, let's snap back into reality!!!

2: Ron/Hermione: Yeah, if you've read the 7th book (which practically everyone has =D) you'd know that this is an obvious pairing. Heck (WARNING: DO NOT READ NEXT SENTENCE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ HPDH), Ron and Hermione get married in the end!! Anyway, my favorite FanFics are when they're still teenage. Those are the best kind! Again, I like Ron to act the way that he really would in the book!!! Am I the only one who thinks that Oliver and Ron are strangely alike in their personalities?

If you think that Oliver Oken and Ron Weasley are strangely alike in their personalities, copy and paste this in your profile.

3: Lilly/Jackson: I've written some myself. A very good pairing. AGAIN, I like Jackson to act the way he really would in the TV Show. Though I actually haven't done a very good job of that, myself. Whatever!

4: Kelsi/Jason: Yes, I think that, though this is perhaps the least written/read HSM FanFiction pairing, I think it is one of the cutest. I, personally, like oneshots of this pairing, and I've written one called 'Discovered.' (See in my stories list).

5: Edwin/Lizzie: Yes, I only just started reading them today. They're actually quite good, when they're not overly gross in every way. I mean, c'mon, kids aren't going to...never mind, I'm embarressing myself.

6: Sharpay/Zeke: Now I'm having a hard time deciding whether Jelsi or Zekepay is least read on FanFiction, and I'm starting to lean toward Zekepay. It's a really great pairing. They had a little bit of Zekepay at the very end of HSM, but they didn't have any in HSM2, which sort of upsets me!!! But anyway, AGAIN, I like Sharpay and Zeke to act the way they really would in 'real life.'

7: Neville/Luna: I think this is an awesomely cute couple! I wanted to find out (WARNING: ANOTHER HPDH SPOILER) whether or not Neville married Luna in the epilogue of HPDH, but we never did. Well, great fanfic! Not too many of 'em though, for over 8,000 Harry Potter stories written.

8: Robby Ray/OC: I love these stories! I'm working on one, myself, but the next chapter is coming to me very slowly. I think it's really cool to pair up adults.

9: Albus Dumbledore/Minerva McGonagall: I know, I know, huge age difference, but it's really cool. Again, I'm working on one, but the next chapter is coming very slowly. Really cool, because in the books, you never really get to find out about McGonagall's past, so I like to add my own little OCs, and stuff.

LAST AND LEAST BUT STILL ON MY TOP TEN LIST: Ginny/Harry: Blah, blah, blah, typical couple. But still good.

Probably my three least favorite 'ships are #1: Draco/Ginny-How unrealistic is it? Get real, people! #2: Harry/Hermione: This wouldn't be so bad, if I weren't obsessed with Ron/Hermione! #3: Oliver/Lilly: Again, wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't obsessed with Miley/Oliver. But I still don't like this pairing.

I haven't written many stories, I've only been on FanFiction for a couple months, but I think it rocks!!!!

P.S. Sometimes I can in this mood where I suddenly feel like writing a oneshot. Perhaps I should call it oneshotitis. =D!!

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