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It's Elli here,

I'm kinda new here, I guess. I've read anough fanfiction from this site to know how the outter shell works, NOW I'M INFILTRATING THE BASE! ... Ahem Yea...

So, I'm a young writer, I have my own Original Storries, not just fanfiction. To tell ya the truth, I've never even written a fanfiction before... freaks out I know my own Originals are good enough to pass as a nice time filler, but I wanna try at a fanfiction... I've got a few ideas.. maybe they're even a bit diffrent fro every other fanfic! I can assure you now, that most f my fics will be songfics and one - three chapter reads.

I need some reasurement before I'll even concider trying anything more. I know you guys can help me! I prolly won't do anything beyond T ratings, I love that citrisy good-ness, I just can't let you all that far into my head; I love a nice spicey chapter once in a while; I'll asure you of that...

.xXSome things about myself.Xx.

Age: 17

Name: If I gave you my real name, I'd have to kill you...

Fave Color: Forest Green to be parshal

Fave Food: Fruit, all kinds... except tomatoes. They are the exeption, The God said, "Ha ha what now bitches!? I Just invented the VEGGUTE! (Veggy fruit)" he then laughed in our faces and walked away... to go .. smite some people...?

Religion: Wiccan/Pegan. I'm not a satanist, I just belive in the Earth and the Rule that you should never harm yourself or anyother being. I'll accept you for who you are, no matter what religion, just as long as you're, your self.

Music: Rock, Punk, Techno, Indie, Grunge, Metal/Hevy Metal (their the same rite?), The only kind of music I don't particularly like is Explicit Rap; the exploitation of Women and people's pain, sex, and death, is unacceptable to me when there are people so much worse off, and Country; I'm tired of hearing about your Chevy pick-up truck and that home-town girl. Don't get me wrong, if you like it fine, just don't force it on me.

Books: I like series books, it makes it so much more exiting to know theres another book out there. I'm a hopeless Romantic, but I love that good ol' Drama. The world doesn't turn without it, Goddess knows. I love dark books about self struggle and empowerment. Ex: Cut, Something as Simple as Snow, Gothic! Ten Original Dark Tails.

Anime: FlCl, Trinity Blood, Witch Hunter Robin, Inuyasha, Ouran, NaNa, Paranoia Agent, ect.

Fave Pairings: Sess/Kag, some Inu/Kag if it's good. I hate Kikiyo; Naota/Haruko, some Naota/Mamimi; Tamaki/Haru, Kyoya/Haru & Hikaru/Haru; Nana/Nobu, Nana/Yasu, Hatchi/Nobu.

Games: KH & KHII; Star Ocean: Till the End of Time; Harvest Moon, Sims Bustin' out; Ect.

Game Pairings: KH & KHII: Sora/Riku, Sora/Kiri, Axel/Roxas, Roxas/Namine; Star Ocean: Fayth/Albel. ALBEL IS THE SEX! He and Sess would get along fine, one merciless killer for another. Instead of a sword, Albel has a Gauntlet. Do you think Inuyasha would notice if they switched parts?


Ok, now you know a little about me. I hope to post some fanfiction soon!


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