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Author has written 7 stories for Bill, and EastEnders.

Hi everyone!

My name’s Hollie and I'm from London! I'm twenty and I attend the University of East London, studying Creative Writing. I hope to be a author or scriptwriter. in the future, so touch wood! As you can see from my writing, I love The Bill and also Eastenders though the Bill is the one I tend to write more of. I have been watching it for about six years now, off and on, but my favourite era was Paul Marquess’ which I know not everyone agrees on, but whatever. I used to like Hollyoaks as well before it became awful; I hope Paul Marquess can bring some life back into it now he has taken over.

I like to read and my favourite authors are Martina Cole – though I am going off her now; I'm finding her books too repetitive. I like JK Rowling and Stephen King as well as the true life stories, some of which are really inspirational.

My music tastes are Indie – Keane so to speak and I can't wait for their new album to come out this year! I’ll never forget going to see them at Wembley on 2006 and touching Tom Chaplin’s hand! Evanescence are fantastic too; some of their songs are really beautiful. I also like Aerosmith, ABBA, Martina McBride and Christina Aguilera.

I have a very disturbing taste of entertaining films – namely slasher and thrillers! Current favourites are the remake of Halloween – which I found as remakes go a lot better than the original film, The Sixth Sense, not a slasher, but still a brilliant thriller with a great twist and the end and Sorority Row – just your typical teenage slasher movie where nearly every girl gets killed.

Favourite TV actors are Natalie Robb and Alex Walkinshaw; in my opinion the two best Bill characters they ever had! It would have been so great if they had got together for longer than the short time that they were in the film – but if you've read any of my stories, you'll see I have brought that idea to life. Favourite film actors are Denzel Washington and Kathy Bates – fantastic performers!

Visit my YouTube account, and check out my Bill music videos and I've uploaded episodes from 2004/5 from episode 253 – 288

I have two trailers made for two of my stories so here are the links to them;

Footprints in the Sand -

Fallen Angel -

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The Bill: What If Andrea Survived? by Jadeycakes92 reviews
An explosion ripped through Sun Hill Police station on the 16th February 2005. Recently revealed undercover journalist, PC Andrea Dunbar is trapped. What would happen if she gets out alive? Will she achieve the justice she desires for her friend, PC Kerry Young's murder? And will she finally conquer love?
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The Truth Prevails by chickfly317 reviews
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The Sun Hill Hoilday by Lisa Maire reviews
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After a long day at work, Smithy’s stressed out. So he goes where he won’t be found, apart from by the one person he wants to find him. Smithy/Stevie. Borrows ‘Up On The Roof’ by The Drifters. My first attempt at a mushy fic! Please review!
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Happy Go Lucky by EmmyLovett reviews
How would you feel if as a teenager your older sister stole all the glory?Not good right? Then after you've broken free and forgotten about any such family existing for two years, she turns up again on the cover of a magazine. Full Summary inside.
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Huge spoiler for all you that live in Australia and New Zeland as I know your a year behind the Uk episodes, Summary: Andrea survives the blast but what happened to Gabriel.....
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Phoenix from the ashes by mrs-commodore reviews
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Mockingbird Don't Sing reviews
The Police of Sun Hill are stunned when they're called a disturbing scene: the skeletal remains of a baby have been found buried in the park. The search is on to find the mother, but the only clues they have are a set of rosary beads and a old cardigan...
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Now The Bill is over, I've decided to write this, and in each chapter, a character is - well, why don't you have a look and find out? You might even like to choose the next victim... Rated T for use of crude language. Enjoy, but please don't kill me. xxx
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