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Hey I'm Hannah. (Drr)

I'v just taken up writing..I have to say its one of my favorite things to do. it is very fun and i have been doing a lot lately..., it is growing on me i mostly write about Bella and Edward...and the Cullen's it's the funnest thing to write about and easiest because I know the most about them ;;


:May 17;;
between 13 and 15
Hair Colour
; Jet Black Hair Well It Used To Be Blond But I Died It In March;;
Eye Color
Sitting On
: Typing Up This [Drr;;Listing To Music;;
;;Teenagers; My Chem. Romance;
Favorite Band"My Chem.Romance/SilverStein etc;;
Favorite Animal
;; Extremely Thirsty (haha)Happy/Board;;
Favorite Drink
;;Ice Tea;;
Perfect Pizza;
Shoe's I'v Worn;
converse, hightops.
Movie I'v Seen In The Last Two Weeks;
The numer 23, Disterbia&Lady and the Tramp
Favortie Books; Twilight/Newmoon Eclispe ;By, Stephiene Meyre and Angles Triogy ;By, Laurne McDaniel
What I'm About To Do:
Go to sleep
Favorite Holidays; Easter/Christmas

WhiteChoc. Moca or Tea; WhiteChoc. Moca
Apple Or Plum;
My Bedtime;
Whenever I want
I want to write a book!

Choc. Peanutes Or Choc Almonds; Choc. Peanuts
Coke or Pepsi; Coke
Pizza Hut or DQ;
Twilight Or Angles Triogy;
Favorite Site; Drr;;Fanfiction//Myspace
Ever Stole Anything;
Yes, My sisters five bucks!
Gotten In trouble In the Last Week; Yes...
Ever been Beaten Up;;
No, But i'v been hit. By My Friend.
Number Of Piercings On My Ears;
Favorite Hair Colour; Jet Black
Favorite Hair Length;
Not too long, about right at your bustline.
Number Of Drugs I'v Had;
Number Of Things I Regret; To many to count/
Ever Shoplifted; Never

Would Your Prefer To Go On A Date In A Single Or Group; Depends...Mostly A Group.

A Little About Me/--Kinda Whats Happened In The last Month.;;i am single [and proud!! Um, well I go on the computer a lot, and write, I have recently changed my style, I have gone Scene, most people would call it Emo, Blahh I hate it when people call me that [ it angers me. anyways, I am bi
if i didn't tell you that before, oh and I am a vegaterian..yes, I don't eat meat! it sickens me.

thats about all I'm going to tell you..Enjoy my stories there is more to come!! i promise but i do need reviews people.

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The Volturi, namely Aro, Have come to Forks to see if Bella has been changed. When he sees that she hasn't, he kidnaps her and gives Edward a choice; Turn Bella while he hasn't feed in almost 3 weeks, or watch her suffer and die? **Story is Discontinued**
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