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I am never quite sure what to put in these things. So I guess I should just start at the beginning. I started writing fanfiction close to 8 year ago but stopped when I went to University four years ago. It's just off late that I started to get back into it and I'm amazed by all the wonderful authors that are now out there. Final Fantasy VII is my favourite place to lurk at the moment. And I'm a huge Cloud/Tifa fan, with the odd inkling for Tifa/Reno, Reno/ Yuffie and of course Zack /Tifa.

Update 05/07/07

The second chapter of Ten Ways to Kiss Your Lover, is up.The second chapter so far has been the hardest one to write (the other chapters are a lot easier so far!) Oh, I tihnk I forgot to say, but each of these chapters are stand alone stories. There may be a part two to Waiting.I'm really enjoying writing this one. I still have three chapters that I've undecided senarios so if anyone has any suggestions please drop me a line or leave a review :) I'm thinking about writing a bonus chapter but it won't be in the Cloti pairing. hehe

Here's a teaser of the other story I'm working on. I want to get three chapters properly drafted before I start posting it. All going well, I'll start to put it up by Monday.

A Year and a Day

Summary: After AC Tifa had decided it best to go to College and had left Cloud behind. Now one year later she's going to find out that Cloud isn't has easy to leave as she thought. And he's determined to win Tifa back, even with boyfriends named Biff.

I gaped. Suddenly all to aware of the draft running up my white lacy panties. And I decided I wasn't aware at all of how close his hand was to the hem of my skirt. My far too short skirt.

'Cloud,' I growled/shrieked, 'Put. Me. Down!'

I knew there would be a crowd of people looking (and hopefully not up my skirt) as Cloud slung me over his shoulder. The nearby twitters confirmed it and I couldn't help it as my face flushed red.

Cloud chucked, a low vibration I could feel in his chest.

'Relax Tifa. I'm not going to drop you.'

Oh yes. I was going to kill this man.

Ten ways to kiss your Lover.

All going well, I should start putting this up tonight. Cloti. Not all fluff but most of it will be with the odd bit of angst thrown in just for fun.

First Chapter. 10. Waiting.

Cloud watchs the weather, while he's not waiting for Tifa to come home.

If you have a few minutes to spare and want something good to read. Check out my favourite stories or Authors. There are some fantastic stories there and think it saves all the searching!

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