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Hey! I've finally decided to utilize this lovely bit of space above my stories.

I am obviously a cat-lover who enjoys reading, writing and drawing. I have hyper imagination and the grammar skills of a seventh grader. (No offense to seventh graders I'm probably worse.)I love anime and dream of the day I can visit Japan.

My common nicknames are: Kitty, Kit Kat Coley, or just Coley

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Sabriel, and Keys to the Kingdom

Favortite Animes: Yu Yu Hakusho, Yugioh, Pokemon, Digimon, Fruits Basket (FuruBa), Jing;King of Bandits...too many others to list

Best Movies Ever: All Miazaki films "Spirited Away" etc., All six Pokemon movies, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and anything else cartoony or fantasy.

My favorite kind of story is anything where bad things happen to good people (not dying). I enjoy when heroes have to perservere through trials and get back up again to move on stronger than they had been before. See I'm not mean just twisted.

I would love to make video games and write for a living. I would also just die if I could write my own manga (comic book.)

So now you know about me kinda of scary isn't it. I will leave you with some fun quotes I have found.

"The snack that smiles back, cauliflower!" ~My friend Muffin.

"We're the only ones here except for thoses people over there." ~Small girl at resturant.

"I need a salt lick." ~One of my very strange friends E-chan.

"I'm tired of sugar I don't want any candy." E-chan *Walks over grabs another mountain Dew*

"I thought you didn't want sugar." Neo Kitty

"I don't, this isn't chocolate sugar it's soda sugar." ~E-chan talking at fun party.

"Starts with an R and ends with an elena therefore it must be...Octopus!" ~Muffin at a basketball game.


Hey just thought I would add some more random quotes I have heard!

"Let us all be thankful that nuclear war was avoided or we all would have been cremated equal." (My awesome history teacher regarding the cold war and nuke bombs.)

"Falling is like flying untill you hit the ground." (nifty quote don't know source.)

"If he makes you cry he's not worth your tears, and when you find someone who is worth crying over he won't make you cry." (Great quote from my friends notebook.)


Hey, I finally updated again! Sorry it took so long! Anyways, I've set up a deviantart acount. Check out my drawings!

deviant site:

POE fanart:

I'll try to update sooner! Thank you for your patience with me.

I feel guilty for not doing anything for months. Bleh...anyways I am going to get back on track now. I am working on the next chapter of POE otherwise known as Harry Potter and The Prophecy of the Elements. I appreciate all the support I have recieved in writing.

I will leave with a new quote from muffin, "I'm one of those kids who gives us teenagers a good name!"

Ciao peeps ^_^

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